Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection

The light went out.
The cue music was in.
The models walked graciously, wrapped in beautiful works of  talented Indonesian designers.
Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection has just began.


It was a long line outside.
People, dressed impeccably cute and particular. 
Cool NYC breeze didn't stop the people to dress in beautiful thin layers or minis.
For sure, everyone enjoys one's freedom in wardrobe department the week.
We arrived fashionably late, thanks to the never-ending meetings I had.
But with the help of our dearest EO and PR agency, my mom and I managed to sneak in and sit in our designated seats.

So, long story short, I was sitting there on the front row with my mom next to me. 
Big flower bouquets were ready.
The room was packed indeed, with fashion industry reps, media, bloggers, influencers, and more.
Happy to see that Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection has attracted the attention of many and being an Indonesian myself, I am swelling with pride!
That day,  Thursday, September 7th 2017,  at the Gallery at the Dream Downtown, fashion world once again witnessed the beauty and immense creativities of 5 Indonesian Designers.

getting ready...

And how I love them all!
Those intricate designs, inspired by the rich and colorful cultures and traditional values of our homeland, genially combined with arts, and even science, make the show a unique and surely unforgettable one.
Laces, fringes, beads, jewels, textures, colors, feathers, leathers, in Batik, tenun, prints, dresses, pants, tops, jackets and even amazing headpieces were presented that night!

I won't tell you more.
I will these pictures (and video soon) for you to enjoy!

 Dian Pelangi

Bright colors, various textures, and geometric cuttings mixed with beads and turban-style hijab dominated her collection.

Vivi Zubaedi

I love the eclectic mixture of various ikat, songket, endek and rangrang Bali and many Indonesian traditional fabrics Vivi used for her Abaya-stlye dresses. 
Makkah, Medinah, Jannah, with Bhineka Tunggal Ika, boldly written on some of her dresses truly express her love to Allah SWT the Almighty and he beloved country, Indonesia.

Barli Asmara

Catherine Njoo

Batik Prada, Indonesian temples, Catherine Njoo's Legong, is a brilliant showcase how traditional works of arts are the perfect match for elegant, modern looks. 
And those breathtaking headpiece by G. Liem left me speechless! 
As I quoted from her IG account @g.liem "the world's first robotically0enhanced headpiece..."  that surely wowed you!

Melia Wijaya

What can I say..
Sawunggaling, on of the most famous folklores in Surabaya, Indonesia, is the inspiration behind Malia Wijaya's works. The story of Sawung  or the rooster and Galing, the peacock, creates Melia's edgy look with original touch of cock feathers, beads, jewels, lace and embroidery.

as well as 
           Doris Dorothea for the bags  and Grace Liem for the amazing head pieces.

I have to say Grace Liem's masterpiece with that robotically-enhanced  head piece is really stunning! It truly wowed the audience when the light went out and the finale piece of Catherine Njoo's Legong was showcased with the model wearing this intricate art-and-science head piece lit up while the petals were open. Love it!

the incredible head piece by Grace Liem

And all the models' make-up are provided by Wardah. Mba Carolina Septerita, Wardah's senior make-up, with her amazing touch and her wonderful team, has once again successfully bring the beauty of those walking on the runway for Indonesian Diversity. 
And for sure, the incredible team of Indonesia Fashion Gallery (IFG) and those I know who have been working really hard to make this event a dream come true!

So what do you think?
Which one is your favorite?

As I said on my previous 'teaser' post, put on your best smile, favorite dresses, stilettos and get ready to feel the vibe!

See you on the next story for the Trunk Show.

For more photos, check out Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection - Photo Gallery
Will be back!

 Indonesian Diversity for NYFW First Stage


  1. Yang warna hitam, batik Prada itu cakeup banget!

  2. Look at all those collection! I can imagine how great it was to be there

  3. Such a fun show! It's so hard to pick a favorite. They are all so gorgeous in their own unique ways.

    1. Can't agree more, Theresa...It was great to see all those collections..

  4. So many fun things to see. I love the outfit on the far right of the first grouping of 3 - tryptic.

  5. Always love what's Vivi Zubedi did. But this time she made a colourfull one, it's surprised me! Wow. Never think that she will make some dresses with many color like that. But i like, still. Love her taste.

    1. She's lovely indeed! Love the colors for sure.. my fave is the green and blue one

  6. aku suka barli asmara, simpel modelnya

  7. Jujur aku iri sama orang2 yang busa tampil dengan karya apapun.di ajang intermasional kaya gini <3

    Btw baju putih kaya krbaya modern Catherine Njoo itu keren banget

    1. Luar biasa memang karya-karya mereka mba.. bangga liatnyaaa

  8. Aku kagum dengan karya Vivi Zubaedi. Permainan warna dan kombinasi motif etnik Indonesia nya apik sekali.

  9. aku suka yg buatan vivi zubaedi dan barli asmara kayaknya


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