Along the Border - Mota'ain, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

I am still celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day this month.
So, allow me to post some pictures I have taken during my trips in my beloved homeland.
This time, let me take you the Eastern part of Nusa Tenggara, particularly along the border of Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Along the road in Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara

As I have shared in Wajah Indonesiaku: Perjalanan Menyusuri Daerah Terluar RI #1 (I wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia, hopefully I can share it in English one day), I was lucky to be able to explore the other parts of my country.

I am always amazed by the clear blue sky above my head.
Reminding me how blessed we are to live in this beautiful earth.
I can't help but sending my prayers and gratitude to my Rabb for all this breathtaking beauty.

I wrote the story about Tanjung Bastian, Atambua, NTT, before.
Its unique coast line and clear blue sky is such a refuge for me.

I wish this beautiful place will remain pristine and beautiful!

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky wherever you are


  1. lucky you to explore those pristine spot

  2. ahhh indah bangettt, semoga kapan2 bisa punya kesempatan ke sana jugaa..

  3. Indonesia is so beautiful. With every post you write about your beloved home, it makes me long for a trip there some day!

  4. Beautiful scenery next time I make a tourist destination

  5. not too many pristine and untouched places around the globe, sadly


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