WW: Gowes Wellington - Our Cycling Club

Gowes Wellington - Our Cycling Club

Wellington has a lot to offer indeed, including beautiful bike path all around the city.

My hubby and I have been joining Gowes Wellington

Gowes Wellington is a lovely group of people from the office who loves riding bicycle. We have been cycling around for about 3 times to go cycling with the group in Wellington. 

We usually assemble at Balanea Bay or Evans Bay and cycle around the area. We pass the Wellington Blown Away sign, Wellington City sign, Weta Cave,  as well as the airport and even further to Shelly and Scorching Bays.

It was fun indeed!

In our trip, we always have snacks, coffee break and of course the photo sessions!

Here are some of the photos we took along the way.

Evans Bay is a perfect place to assemble

Cheers from my hubby and I

a little break at Scorching bay

The Wellington Bay in the afternoon

Evans Bay Marina at sunset

Wellington City sign

Do you like cycling around as well? Where do you usually go around and is it alone or with the group like me as well?

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  1. Wah seru banget ternyata di Wellington juga ada genk gowes nih mbak, pastinya menyenangkan naik sepeda sembari menikmati pemandangan indah di Wellington yah mbaak

  2. The Wellington sign blowing away is really neat looking. Thank you for hosting Wonderful Wednesday.

  3. asyiiik banget ya Mbak, bisa gowes bareng Suami dan bisa dengan komunitas gowes juga ya disana.
    pemandangannya pun MasyaAllah indahnya :)

  4. Wah seru ada group gowes juga disana. Gowes memang nggak seru kalau nggak rame2. Thank for sharing exciting views.

  5. Suasananya sangat menyenangkan ya. Bahagia terus Mbak Indah dan keluarga. Kami yg tinggal di kampung merasa senang selalu bisa melihat suasana di luar negeri

  6. Aku bayangin goes dengan suasana yang kayak begitu, rasanya bukan sekedar olahraga deh tapi juga menentramkan hatiku, Mba. Suka banget sama pemandangannya

  7. Senangnya bisa rutin gowes bareng dan ada komunitasnya pula. Semangat sehat dan gowesnya makin jauh eksplor Wellington

  8. Wah, bener-bener menikmati suasana cerah ceria di Wellington ya, kak Indah.
    Cycling jadi lebih menyenangkan sekaligus melihat dan mengenal lingkungan Wellington dengan lebih baik.

  9. One of my top lists, visiting the capital city of NZ. It's a lot of fun cycling there, isn't it! The weather, the sea, and all good thing about Wellington. Aaaahhhhh so happy to see you there, Mbak.

  10. Seru juga ya bersepeda rombongan di Wellington apalagi sambil menikmati view di sana yang kelihatan indah dan bersih banget. Ku terpukau sama pemandangan Wellington Mbak. Kapan bisa jalan2 ke sana, hehe


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