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WW: Anniesa Hasibuan for NYFW Spring/Summer Collection 2017

Stunningly beautiful!

I was still awed by the amazing collection of Anniesa Hasibuan for NYFW Spring/Summer Collection 2017, beautifully showcased at the Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station, on September 12, 2016

Here are some of the snaps from that historical night :)

More complete stories are coming for sure. Photos are taken by me and @aldiphoto :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping :)

Sasikirana, Anniesa Hasibuan's Masterpice for New YorkCouture Fashion Week

Adalah seorang Anniesa Hasibuan..

Muda, cantik, menyenangkan dan penuh kreativitas..

Yang menggebrak panggung New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 dengan koleksi adi busana yang mengundang decak kagum dari mereka yang menonton pagelaran fashion tahunan yang dinanti-nanti warga New York ini.

I was so lucky to get a chance to meet this talented young lady. I regretfully missed her fantastic show during the New York Couture Fashion Week at the Crowne Plaza, but then it was all paid off as I joined the Trunk Show at the Consulate General of Indonesia in New York.

I was the MC of the show, so I got the opportunity to get up close to her and admire her work.

And I was speechless..

The moment I got to see her brilliant works I knew she indeed has magical hands.
Look at those gorgeous dresses...

Anniesa Hasibuan..

Under her label, Anniesa Fashion, this 28 year-old lovely lady brilliantly transformed the mytical world of queens, princess and royals into intricate, one-of-a-kind glamourous dresses. As Anniesa is wearing hijab, all these dresses are inspired for those wearing hijab as well. 

A beyond-this-world mixture of embroidery, lace, silk, Swarovsky crystals, premium fabrics and tons of creativity and imagination et voilaaa.... incredible dresses are ready for those who admire the couture collection.

Sasikirana is her special collection for New York Couture Fashion Week 2015.

Sasi means terang, or light
While Kirana means bulan, or the moon.

Sasikirana... Moonlight....

15 amazing dresses were displayed during the New York Couture Fashion Week. Gold and black dominated Sasikirana collection, with Prada fabric, the traditional materials from Java.

After seeing her works, no wonder she got the new nickname, Oscar de la Renta from Indonesia, given by Daniel Cole, one of the prominent lecturers at the New York University and Fashion Institute and Technology in New York City.

And I can't agree more.
I personally think Anniesa has much more potential in her next future.

Anniesa has stolen the audience' s attention during her show here in New York, as well as during London Fashion Week and Hello Indonesia at Trafalgar Square, London as well.

And again I am lucky to get a chance to know and meet her personally behind the stage ;).

all the best, Anniesaaaa :) 

Dan saya yakin Anniesa akan terus berkibar dengan berbagai karyanya yang luar biasa.

I just can't wait to welcome her back to NYC with more extravaganza works.

Keep up the briliant work, Anniesa.

Diana Couture at NYC Couture Fashion Week 2015

I have nothing else to say but such an incredible work!

Can't take my eyes off them..

Diana Couture at the NYC Couture Fashion Week 2015

the models with Diana's Couture collection
Inspired by Garuda, Indonesia's very own coat of arm, intricate, one-of-a-kind designs by Diana M. Putri truly steal the show..

And being there in the front row is awesomeee..

Check it out...

All photos are taken by me using iPhone 6 plus and edited with Snapseed...

Diana Couture
look at the details...

Diana Couture
isn't it incredible..

Diana Couture
another incredible design..

Diana Couture
even in black and white it looks fantastic..

Diana Couture
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Stick around for more details and photos from #CoutureFashionWeek #NYC #2015

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Couture Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week is hereeee ..
And so is the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 ;).

photo is taken from

I don't know about you, but I got so excited indeed.

I love to see those stylish pages from famous magazines and TV shows and living here in NYC, I am always intrigued to see them live.

photo is taken from

But you know NY Fashion Week tickets are not for sale. It's only by invitations.

Of course there are ways to get the tickets as suggested by the official website of it, but still it involves submitting your application to be the volunteer and 

But on the spin of the NY Fashion Week, we also have Couture Fashion Week.

Founded around 10 years ago, in 2015, by Andres Aquino, the Couture Fashion Week has become people's favorite for couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City.

foto is taken from

And this year, we also have Indonesian Designers coming and participating in the Couture Fashion Week here in New York City :).

For 2015 show, we will have Diana Couture, Anniesa Hasibuan, Shafira Collection, Vicky Shu, and special performance by Violist Tengku Ryo. Starting Friday, September 11, 2015, the shows are scheduled on Friday, 11 September 2015  at 6 pm for Diana Couture and  Saturday, September 12, 2015 for Shafira Collection, Anniesa Hasibuan feautring Tengky Ryo at 4 pm and Vicky Shu at 8 pm.

Check out the complete schedule at Couture Fashion Week website.

We will also have the #TrunkShow at the Indonesian Consulate General at the New York City on Sunday, 13 September 2015 .

Last year we had Dian Pelangi, Asri Welas, Barli Asmara and Zaskia Sungkar ;)

Asri Welas collection from last Fall...
photo is taken from

Check out my post on that here :)

I just can't wait :).
Get so excited to see the beautiful designs from Indonesian talented designers :)

Stick around for more details and I'll get back to you soooon :)

Stay fabulous, peopleeee :)

Open Trunk Show #4IndonesianDesigners in NYC #CoutureFashionWeek

What a busy week we have here...
It was the long weekend for the President's Day and we had New York Fashion Week as well during that time!

One of the shows that took place during the same time was Couture Fashion Week. 
And we were so proud to have #4IndonesianDesigners coming and participating in that fabulous event! Those great designers were Dian Pelangi, Zaskia Sungkar, Barli Asmara and Asri Welas.

It was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, NYC, but I couldn't come because I was out of town with the kids....

Luckily, I managed to come to their Open Trunk Show. Wuhuuuu....

from the House of Asri Welas...

The Open Trunk Show was held in the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in NYC. And the Open Trunk means Open Trunk literally :) we saw some collections while they also at the same time opened the trunk and sold some of those collections. How cool is that :)...

the open trunk...literally :)
The show began at 2 pm but I was at the venue with Bo et Obi at 1 pm. Yup...1 hour earlier and it gave me enough time to take picture here and there and picked some of the merchandises I love :) 

the room, before the guests arrived...
The theme of this show was from Lombok to New York. Three designers, namely Zaskia Sungkar, Barli Asmara and Dian Pelangi, or in short ZBD, had created fascinating designs using the colorful traditional fabrics from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

From Lombok with loveee....
Lombok has been widely famous for its intricate tenun or hand-woven cloth, featuring one-of-a-kind patterns and brilliant colors. It's always be my favorite, too! Produced with traditional looms, especially gedogon, those woven clothes will surely steal your attention :). Now you imagine when young and talented people like Dian, Barli and Zaski turn them into fashion masterpiece!

So, the journey of these 4 Indonesian Designers to New York has been a colorful one!

And, let's check out their corners during the Trunk Show as well as some sneak-peak behind the scene :). 

Let's start with Asri Welas ...
Without further do, let me introduce you to some of the house of Asri Welas' collections..

Asri Welas' designs...elegant kebaya indeed...

The purple Tapis from the House of Asri Welas..originally from Lampung, my homeland, and it became mine :)

Siger Lampung...the traditional headpiece from Lampung...

Kebaya...the Indonesian traditional top attire elegantly worn since ages ago..

And from Dian Pelangi Collection

Don't you just love the jacket :)

it's reeeeed...

The other two designers didn't really have more from their trunks :). Most of their collections were worn by the models and were ready to be shown.

So, before the show started, I managed to sneak up and take the liberty to take pictures
some of the models who were either getting ready for the show or simply waiting for the final touch :)

cheers....left is Zaskia Sungkar's design and right is Dian Pelangi Lombok collection...

the stunning red kebaya and red-and-gold-tapis from Asri Welas..sans the Siger, the headpiece :) touch for Barli Asmara's models :)

cheers....2 models of Asri Welas' collection and the one in the middle is Zaskia's :)

happy faces indeed L)
Then the show began...
It was briefly opened by the Consul General of Indonesia in NYC, Mr. Ghaffur Dharmaputra, followed by Sekar Jagad Dance, a traditional dance from Bali.

I was trying to secure my corner but it was just impossible...
We have so many photographers as well and audience wanted to take pictures, too. 
So we saved our little corner with my sweet Obi sitting on the floor :).

We also have some more guests arriving when the show started...including some from the local fashion institute :). They look like models themselves ...

And here are some of the photos taken during the show...

from the house of Asri Welas...

The grandeur designs inspired by the bride of Lampungnese ...

the models and Asri Welas, the designer...

Featuring Zaskia Sungkar's designs...

Then Barli Asmara...with his glimmering designs using tenun Lombok as well...

And finally, Dian Pelangi... with her signature creations filled with brilliant colors and amazing patterns from Tenun Lombok..

the designers with Mr. and Mrs. Dharmaputra...

Then of course, I wouldn't miss the chance to take selfie with those talented designers :)

With Barli Asmara et Rima, my dear friend...


wearing my new jacket and selfie with the designer, Dian Pelangi :)

lovely and beautiful Zaskia Sungkar :)

And buying some collections as well :)..

happy to get one orange jacket and one purple Tapis...yaaaay :)

All in was a great show and I was beyond proud to see those creative designers joining the Couture Fashion Week here in NYC. I bet NYC likes them, too. Don't you think?
Have you seen and enjoyed a fashion show before?