WW: Hello, New Zealand


Kia Ora!

Finally, our journey to Wellington, New Zealand started.

We took off from Jakarta, flying to Christchurch through Singapore with Singapore Airlines, one of my favorite airlines. 

After waiting for the approval from Border over Crossing authorities and teary eyes from our till-we-meet-again moments with dearest family and friends, we managed to board the flight on time to Singapore and had a brief transit there. 

with my mom, niece, and aunties... missing my brothers and sister - in - law here. Hugs & love!

with Pak Direktur and my division at the office.. will miss you all terribly!

Christchurch is our entry point to New Zealand, which hopefully will be our home for the next 4 years. We will have 7-day quarantine here and hopefully all is well.

Along the way, we have been mesmerized by amazing view from above. Here are some of the snaps we took.

such a breathtaking view...

Getting closer to Christchurch...

in the middle of somewhere...

as we landed...

Can't wait to explore more of the beauty of New Zealand and share it with you all here. Wish us, the Frakarsa, luck!

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  1. Hi Indah, wow what a great opportunity to live in New Zealand, I'm sure that you will gain a great knowledge of their culture quickly. Good luck for you and your family!! Blessings

    1. Thank you Karren... indeed we all are very excited about it

  2. Semoga selalu happy dan sehat selalu di tempat tinggal yang baru di Selandia Baru mbak Indah. Ditunggu tulisan yang menyenangkan di sana.

  3. Menunggu cerita-cerita berikutnya ttg New Zealand. Negeri yang mengundang rasa penasaran saya :)

  4. awwww, mbak Indah pindah ke NZ, great opportunity ya mbak, semoga di sana mbak indah dan keluarga happy dan sehat selalu yaaa <3

  5. Mbak Indaaaaah, selamat bertugas! Semoga betah dan lancar semuanya di New Zealand yaaah

    Bakalan merindukan kunjungan dadakan mbak Indah ke Bandung nih huhuhu

  6. Ya Allah, Mbak. Gimana rasanya tinggal di Selandia Baru? Ini salah satu tempat yang pengin banget aku kunjungi. Ditunggu tulisan-tulisan berikutnya tentang cerita kehidupan di sana, ya, Mbak.

  7. Waaawww New Zealand..
    Nggak sabar menanti cerita pengalaman tinggal di NZ dari Mbak Indah. Suasana negaranya, karakter penduduknya, kulinernya, dan pasar tradisionalnya jugaaa

  8. Selamat dengan petualangan barunya, kak Indah dan keluarga.
    Doa yang terbaik dan sukses selalu untuk kak Indah.

    Menikmati suasana baru di New Zealand.

  9. Selalu senang dan takjub membaca kisah dan pengalaman perjalanan, petualangan seru dari Mbak Insav. New Zealand, seperti negeri impian. Masya Allah indah dan memesona. Menanti cerita-cerita lainnya tentang New Zealand ya...

  10. Semoga mbak Indah dan keluarga selalu dalam keadaan sehat, selamat dan bahagia di negeri yang baru. mendapatkan sahabat, teman yang hangat.

  11. waaaa!!!! sukses selalu di tempat baru ya mbak Indah....sehat sehat sekeluarga, lancar lancar urusannya mbaa :love

  12. Menunggu kisah dan foto-foto selanjutnya di New Zealand ya Mama Bo. Already missing you now... Semoga sukses selalu bersama keluarga yaa... kiss kiss...

  13. Perjalanan yang menyenangkan ya mbak. Saya juga pengen banget bisa jalan ke New Zealand. Semoga ada kesempatan ya mbak.


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