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How to Go to Sultanahmet Area from New Istanbul Airport

German Fountain at Sultanahmet Square
Hello, again.

My itchy feet is back and this time I would like to share some tips and trick to those who plan to visit or transit in Istanbul. I have written about cool places you can visit in Istanbul and shared some colourful snapshots taken during my last excursions in this city. Surely you can explore so many exotic and historical spots in this very city.

New Istanbul Airpost
Let me now share specifically about the new Istanbul airport and how to get around from here, especially to tourists' favorite, Sultanahmet area.
As you now, as of April 2019, the new Istanbul airport has been opened and operating. 
Claimed as the biggest airport in the world, covering more than 76 million square meters, it can accommodate 200 million visitors once all its facilities are fully operating.

I am so accustomed to the old airport and find it easy to travel around, especially down town to Sultanahmet area where most of the historical landmarks are located. But since the new airport has just opened and started operating, my last trip to Geneve with Turkish Airlines gave me the chance to enjoy this new airport. It is indeed huge and I like the fact that it has more facilities, shops and cafes inside. The masjid or the praying room is abundant and nicely arranged. They have more lounges, including Turkish Airlines, be it business class as well as for Star Alliancegood card members. All in all, I do enjoy the new airport.

And correct me if I'm wrong, I thought some of the Turkish souvenirs, particularly traditional food and beverages, are even cheaper compared to the prices for similar items in old airport. This is indeed something good for tourists like me who love shopping! 

The New Istanbul Airport is located in Tayakadin Mahallesi, Terminal Caddesi no. 1, 34283, Istanbul 

Now the question is how  I can reach Sultanahmet area and other parts of Istanbul from the new airport

Where do you want to go today?

As we traveled together with 3 other friends of mine, we had fun exploring this new airport. After getting off the plane (we walked quite far from the gate to the immigration check point) and passed the immigration check point (we used diplomatic passport is it was way short and faster than the others, we directly went out to the arrival hall. Here you can see some restaurants, banks and money changer counters as well as other facilities like bag drops. 

Many passengers heading to the same place

where you can get the ticket or Istanbul card
We asked one of the officials with 'ask me' vest about the transportation to the city and he told us about the bus service on the basement. The bus service is called Havaist. It has around 19 stops or destinations and Sultanahmet is stop number 16. This route will stop at 3 places, namely Pyalepasa, Eminonu (where the Spice Bazaar is located) and Sultanahmet.  We use Istanbul Card for this trip. You will have to pay TL (Turkish Lira) 6 for the card and the trip from the airport to Sultanahmet and vice versa is TL 18/trip.  So, in the beginning, you don't have Istanbul Card before, you will have to spend around TL 42 to go back and forth from the airport. That is quite costly but that's the cheapest choice we have at this moment. So make sure you have enough money in your Istanbul Card when you tap it on the bus.

Some other destinations
The trip took around 50 minutes. It was 8 AM in the morning so I suppose the trip will be longer once the traffic starts in Istanbul.
We stopped exactly at the Sultanahmet square, between Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.
Such a strategic place for tourists like us!
You wan get on the buss heading back to the airport from the same spot as well. they have the bus every 20 minutes and it is on time.

Peron 16 for Sultanahmet Area and Eminonu

So, that how to go to Sultanahmet Area from New Istanbul Airport.
I sincerely hope you can find this post useful.
Let me know if you might have some addition or updated information.

Happy shopping at Istanbul :)
Happy traveling and see you on the next post!

Istanbul in Colors - New Airport and Photo Album


I don't know exactly how many times I have visited Istanbul.
I kind of lost tracks of my visits and transits in this mesmerising city.
Historical architectures with elaborated designs, turquoise ceramics and delicious chicken adana kebab are only a few things that make me so fond of this city.  
The long history of this very city, dotted with intrigues, love stories and adventures, is truly an invaluable lesson. 
Not to mention the clear blue sky and plush green trees. 
Colourful, exotic spices, one-of-a-kind souvenirs and friendly people of Istanbul add more  I-heart-you feeling whenever I am around.

Morning at the Germain Fountain, next to the Blue Mosque
Since I travel quite frequently to Geneva and New York City for works, I have been using Turkish Airlines a lot.
I have to admit that the route as well as the ticket fare are friendly.
And that means I have to transit in Istanbul.
Well, happy to do so. 

a piece of history..

As I have the chance to see its many faces, I tried to see different part of the city.
I have been walking around Sultanahmet area for God knows how many times,  letting myself being timelessly absorbed to the glory of the past. 

Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Basilica CIstern and Topkapi Palace have been my favorite historical spots. 

Moving further, I have walked acress Galata Bridge and took a ferry ride on Bosporus, all done in different seasons of the year. Besides enjoying summer sale in Taksim Square as well as Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, I was lucky to reach Dolmabahce Palace and enjoyed the grandeur of Ataturk's palace. Mind-blowing intricate details and rich history never fail to amaze me.

Busy Istanbul. the city and Marmara sea..
This time, as we landed on the European side, the location of the new Istanbul airport, we got to see the city from the other side.
We took the bus from the airport, heading straight to the historical part of Istanbul, Sultanahmet Area.
We had a brief stop at Eminönu, right across the Spice Bazaar.
The glistening reflection of Marmara sea welcomed us merrily that morning, as ferries ad boats started their journey of the day.
A lovely summer morning indeed.

feels like stopping by and joining the walkers..
Speaking of the new Istanbul Airport, I have to say I am impressed!
It's huge!
It certainly looks modern and uses cutting-edge designs that pay attention to beautiful details here and there. I love to see the ceilings and how they are brilliantly reflected on the shiny floors. Not to mentions lines of world-brand shops and vintage collection Turkish items you can find in the airport. I guess I will definitely continue my adventures in the airport alone on the next visit. Oh, and the Turkish Airline lounge, as always, is a five-star one. I never miss my time to have a little break here enjoying my fresh orange juice, pide and lentil soup, while enjoying Andy Williams concert on the theatre. Heaven!

The new Istanbul airport..

Well, now..let me share more snaps taken with my iPhone while enjoying my transit in Istanbul. As colourful as ever, I wish you enjoy it even more than I do. 

You know, whenever I see all these wonderful craftmanships, I feel like taking them all home LOL. And I have to remind myself that I already got more than dozens of small bowls, sets of big ones and 2 table lamps. 

So, that's why I keep coming back to Istanbul.
Tell me which one is your favorite ... the food, the souvenirs, the architectures, or else!

Cheers and till the next adventure!

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Cheers from Geneva.. view from Salle des pas perdu, UN Office in Geneva..

Cheers from Geneva!

I am spending around a week in Geneva for Human Rights Council and flying through Istanbul again. As you can see on my previous post about the Blue Mosque, I got a chance to have a lovely transit in Istanbul. This time, we flew to the new Istanbul airport which is way bigger and much posher than the Ataturk one. And the weather is nice! Or rather hot indeed, reaching 35 degree C or around 90 degree Fahrenheit.

Geneva is enjoying its summer as well, with warm days coming this week and ahead.
Too bad, I am a bit under the weather. I guess all those travelings take a toll on me and I started feeling super tired. I have to admit that after my trip to New York City during Ramadhan followed by Lebaran Break and Surabaya, I only had a couple days or mostly a week before another trip. Well, I have to take a break a little bit I guess.

clear, hot day.
But for sure, my days in Geneva are always marvellous.
Feels like coming back to home again, meeting my dearest friends and family here.
But I guess, I will just meet them all here as we don't really have many breaks in this non-stop series of meetings. 
Wish me luck and stay healthy, people!

welcoming myself back to Geneva

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