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In Love with The Met Fifth Avenue

Fancy a visit to Museum?
Then New York City is the perfect destination for that!

As I have shared previously here, NYC has long been known as the home of top-notch and world-class Museum. Never, in my short 3.5 years living in the Big Apple, have I got disappointed with any visit to any museums. Never!

Last month, I shared how thrilling it was to visit the interactive museum of the Moving Image at Astoria.

Read: Museum of Moving Image, Astoria, NYC

And now, I think it's about time that I write my story on our visit to the Met. 
Yes, people.. THE MET.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum is indeed one of the shiny diamonds in the Museums' world. Established in 1870, rather recently compared to Musée du Louvre,- another favorite of mine!- which was founded in 1793, for example, The Met has gained popularity among Museums lovers and critics due to its extensive, rare collections.

Welcome to the Met Fifth Avenue

Well, who wouldn't be impressed with its grandeur and beaux-arts facades as well as the Great Hall of the Met Fifth Avenue, with the grand marble statue of Athena Parthenos (circa 170 BC!), the black quartize Spinx and terra Madonna and the Child. 

You are indeed set to be impressed since the first time you set your foot to this Museum.
at the Great Hall

Looking at the vast collection of beautiful and rare objects from thousands of years ago always intrigued me. I have to acquire more information about the meaning of those magnificent prepositions and art works and The Met, constantly known as the treasury of those valuable artifacts, is the place to quench my thirst on those knowledge. 
I always have that warm feeling when I found out that certain drawings depicted the respect to women's versatile roles in society. Or when a sculpture in specifically positioned in order to symbolize the workship of our Creator. Or how traditional shapes and luxurious materials were combined in a flamboyant gem-studded dagger for the use of the King.
See...Feels like the Met is my second home.
The library of endless knowledge and magnificent histories that took me to the journey of time, space, and civilization.
I am in love with the Met!

Some of the beautiful artworks we saw in at the Met..with my hubby and my kids

So, last week, our family just had a perfect afternoon at the Met Fifth Avenue!

I should have brought my kids way before that but there will always something along the way. But even after running around the museum's mile, the blocks surrounding this huge museum complex, for about 40 minutes just to get a parking spot (so public transport is way better in this case), this time we were determined to spend some quality time inside the Met.  It was a lovely weekend, although the weather was still a bit cold and rainy. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is definitely a marvelous place you should come and visit while in the Big Apple. It has three main branches: The Met Fifth Avenue (the biggest and the most visited one indeed); the Met Breuer (located at the Madison Avenue) ; and the Met Cloisters (located near Fort Tryon, at the rebuilt monastery in Bronx).

For this post, I will focus on The Met Fifth Avenue.

With over 5.000 years of arts from every corner of the globe, The Met Fifth Avenue is a world of its own.

It's good to prepare your visit by visiting its website and trying to see and get yourself familiar with the layout. Mind you, with around two - million - square-foot building and tens of thousands of art objects on displays, you have a lot to see!

From the Ancient World, like the classic antiquities of Egyptian as well as Greek and Roman Art, to the those depicting certain civilizations and cultures like the arts from various continents of Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceania, to the Islamic Art, weapons, arms and armors. Let alone the collection from the medieval Europe,- paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, armors, and so many more. I got super excited but I know I can never finish it in one go :).

Together with Bo et Obi and their petits pieds, we only managed to cover the Byzantine arts, Medieval Art, European sculpture and decorative arts, arms & armor (one of my fave!), Roman Era, et Egyptian Art plus the Temple of Dendur. 
It's not that bad at all, but perhaps it's only 20% of the Museum's vast and majestic collections.

Surely one visit is not enough, so we have promised ourselves to make another tour, even as we are enjoying those exhibits.

So, are you ready?
Let's have a leisure walk along those marvelous alleys showcasing incredible art works ,- some of them are one of its kind, and their enchanting history, through my photos here.
Believe me, it was only a few from my I-don't-know-how-many-pictures-I've-taken photos during our visit to the Museum. May I should do the post for every segment? 
Let me think about it :).
Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the photos.

The American Wing

The Tomb effigy of Elizabeth Boott Duveneck, 1891

Arms and Armours

The Temple of Dendur and the Egyptian Arts

Obi checking her audio guide for the Temple

Now you see why We ♥️ The Met!

We rent the audio guide during our visit for USD 6 and you can also use you phone to get the free one.
The suggested admissions (pay as you wish but please be generous :)) are USD 25 for adults, seniors USD 17, students USD 12 and children under 12 are free

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) Fifth Avenue
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028

Open 7 days a week
Sunday - Thursday, 10 am - 5.30 pm
Friday and Saturday, 10 am - 9 pm
Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Dec 25, January 1st and the first Monday in May
Galleries are cleared 15 minutes before closed and some galleries maybe closed for maintenance or constructions.
Visit for more information

Do you like museums as well?

What's your favorite part? How often do you go to museums with your loved ones?

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another week of fun we have here!

We had much better weather for sure, so it's time to officially welcome spring!

We went to the Met last weekend with the kids and as you know, the Met's collections are a lot and indeed mindblowing. Will surely come back with tons of photos, stories and more on that!

Welcome to the Met :)

Moreover, we had a quick trip to the factory outlet (having fun choosing spring collection) and stopped over at the Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY. 

Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY

Super beautiful!
Half frozen, half not, the Hessian Lake looks as pristine as ever.
We promise ourselves to go back here again for Spring picnic :)

the three of us at the lake...well, it was a bit cold but sunny indeed...

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