WW: Pocono's Vintage Stuff and Antiques

Pocono's Vintage Stuff and Antiques are what we're exploring during Labor Day weekend.
We spend 2 nights at Lake Wallenpaupack, but we really enjoy our hunt to several antique shops dotting this area.
Look what we found here..

Do you like vintage stuff as well?

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday, feel free to click the link  and have fun checking the linkies 


  1. Kayaknya kalau boneka yang orang buat koleksi di rumah bakal serem juga. Saya penakut :D

  2. those antiques look interesting..

  3. I'm skipping this one week. I just have what seems like - many reviews to write, and I have to catch up with things from getting back from a trip.

    I heart the dolls! I have some original American Girl Dolls, a really old doll from my grandma (whom my Dad didn't even know). She died soon after she had him. Then I have 2 Daisy Kingdom Dolls from my Mom's cousin.

    I got all your stuff in the mail. Thank you! I was bragging to my husband about it all. I love the brownish scarf! My husband was like, "Oh coffee!" He also said, "She has good handwriting!"

    1. Happy to know you have them, Alissa...Hope you like it and coffee for your hubby :). Thanks for the compliments..I love old handwriting..

  4. I love browsing vintage shops. There are always so many fun treasures to be found.

  5. So serene! I hope we will get another chance this Fall.

  6. Aku tertarik sama gelas Ronald Mcdnya mam. Tapi juga suka semua vintage stuff nya :D XD

  7. Macem-macem ya Mama Bo. Ada barang pecah belahnya juga ya selain boneka dan baju. Naksir piring dan gelasnya :)


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