Welcome to Miami, babe..

Back to #MyItchyFeet story for the #roadtrip this summer ;). 

After Orlando, we hit Miami and we're loving it.

It was 4 hours drive from Orlando and after a magical day in Disney Magic Kingdom the night before, we really took Miami nice and relax. 

Just chillin'.. Soaking in the pool, strolling at the beach and grabbing some yummy bites in the Marina. Saying hi to the Atlantic Ocean ;)

We stayed in Holiday Inn Ocean Front which is located in the MidBeach. It's a nice place with lovely pool the kids love.

It took around 20 minutes to go down town the Bay Marina and had some dinner there. We truly enjoyed Cuban food at Mambo Cafe at the Marina and Udi had Cuban steak while I savoured the oxtail and sipped my virgin Pina Colada. Supeeer yuuum indeed.

the Cuban steak

oxtail :)

the virgin one :)

That night we drove around the city with our car as well. Passing Little Havana et Little Haiti, the famous Calle Ocho. 

The next day, before hitting Key Largo, we visited the famous South Beach, had our brunch, strolled around the Art Deco district and took pictures here and there. 

one of the lovely Art Deco buildings in South Beach

We managed to play in the water but didn't really swim although pretty much tempted ;).

blue water...

It was scorching here, about 31 degree C, and even for us, Florida sun is a torture ;). Sun screen and lots of water help but we didn't spend too  much time under the direct sun.

Bo et Obi really enjoy the beach but we had Key Largo waiting. And we'll have pur snorkeling session and more beach down there.

One last stop in Miami was the Cuban Crafter ;).
We have a big fan of cigars here and this is the closest we got to the real Cuban cigars. The original Cuban rollers. And fresh rolled cigars.

the roller..

Rolled freshly in Miami :)

Be right back with more episodes of our roadtrip ;)


  1. Cakep bangeeet Miami :) Bo Obi seneng banget yaa diajak Papa Mama jalan2 ke Miami :)

    1. Cantikan Indonesia maaak...tapi Miami memang lumayan cantik juga :)

  2. The clean surf and good food looks wonderful there in Miami!

  3. such gorgeous photos and gorgeous sky everywhere

  4. I enjoyed Miami only from CSI Miami.... :)
    Penasaran pengen ke sana... semoga nanti bisa.

  5. In my mind, Miami: hot, sexy, beach, hispanic. Yup, just like your pictures. Have fun guys.

  6. That looks like fun! I love the bright colored building. That food looks so good! I would have loved to see the Cuban Crafter roll those cigars.

  7. wah mbak disana ada pejangga pantai yang ganteng gak? hehehe request dong fotoin pejangga pantai bisa gak?

  8. rasanya pengen nyebur melulu lihat airnya ^_^

  9. Langsung terngiang capt Horatio nya CSI Miami mak hehhehe.... keeen ya Miami.lautnya.biruuuu :)


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