Discovering Incredible WOW - World of WearableArt Award 2022

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

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I have been wanting to share my experience of watching WOW - World of WearableArt Award here in Wellington, New Zealand. It's certainly one of the unique experience I have while living in Aotearoa. Before that, I have encountered the information of WOW since I first landed in Christchurch, New Zealand. Apparently, this event is world-wide famous and undoubtedly, too good to miss

After some pause due to COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most - sought and favorite events the this coolest little capital is back. And it's back with a big bang! 

WOW has been famous for its one-of-a-kind, edgy and memorable show. Clever combination of out-of-this-world fashion designs, non-stop live music, stunning stage and theatric laser show certainly made WOW get its reputation as one of the world-class performance. I have to say it's a perfect combination between Cirque du soleil, live music and non-stop parade of creativity! Too bad we cannot take any photos or videos during the show, we can only do that just a little before and after!

Here's my ticket...

We have bought the ticket since the beginning of the year and we got quite a bargain for the award night. We came to the venue, the TSB Arena, quite early. There was a line up to get the ticket checked and enter the show. It was in September and I have to say the weather was quite chilly as we are in the middle of winter. Yet, that doesn't stop me and Stella, my dear colleague from the Embassy, to come and dress specially for the ocassion! I was wearing my cape-kebaya adorned with embroideries in blue, red, and white, from my favorite boutique, Batik Chic.

Long story short, after arrivingin TSB Arena and lining up for the entrance, we managed to be inside the hall and stroll around before entering the venue. We grabbed the program book, got some souvenirs, brought drinks and munchies, then headed inside the venue. It was impressive! And our seat is not too far away. Only a couple of rows behind the VVIPs tables. We even saw PM Jacinda Ardern and her husband that night. We happened to buy the ticket for the award show. 

What makes it special is that show, we will have the announcement of all the winners.
Estere, Sharn Te Pou and the creative teman behind this show made the night even more special with their original songs, compositions and dances. And surprise, surprise... PM Jacinda was taking the walk on the stage wearing one of the original designs from Aotearoa New Zealand. Cool!

some of the moments taken in WOW 2022, before and after the show.

Moreover, in 2019, the WOW show before COVID - 19 pandemic, the winner for is from Indonesia, Rinaldy Yunardi. He managed to win the Supreme WOW Award, for his design, Lady Warrior, showing his extraordinanry expertise in transforming fragile, organic materials, into such an amazing and beautiful design. 

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

Do you want to see how wonderful it was? 
Check these photos I took as they showcased this amazing design in the venue. I was lucky to see them right before the show. Get closer to see some details of his exquisite designs.

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

The Lady Warrior by Rinaldy Yunardi, the Supreme WOW Award 2022 winner

This year, Monica Ivena from Indonesia also joined the competition but she didn't win.
All in all, I really had so much fun watching this show. I pretty much vowed to go back again next year for the next one. Dame Suzie Moncrieff, the creator of WOW, certainly has established an amazing platform that showcase amazing melange of fashion, art, music, cutting-edge technology, and more.

So, what do you think of WOW 2022? 
For sure I will wait for WOW 2023 and make sure I won't miss it!

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