WW: Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

 🧧Happy Chinese New Year 🧧

Gong Xi Fat Cai

May the Year of the Rat bring peace, joy and prosperity for all of us.

Many celebrated the Chinese New Year in Jakarta and like many other festivities, elaborated decorations were put on display. Mostly red and we have rats everywhere as well. Good things they are not real 😇

Here are a few snaps I took here and there during the week of Chinese New Year celebration in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cute mice are dominating as I said but red is also brightly displayed. 

The cute mice and the fortune cookies

lucky oranges
Giant tea pot..with flowing tea!
The colorful lanterns

I love them all..
the complete setting seen from above.. so fun!

And I wore my red kebaya with peacock embroidery (I don't have the rat version LOL) to celebrate this occasion. Too bad I didn't get any ang pao or niangao, famously know as kue keranjang in Indonesia.


So how'e the Chinese New Year celebration in your place?
Is is festive as well?
What do you like about this celebration?

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  1. The deserts + the mice are so cute! I totally love your outfit!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! While we don't celebrate it here, I have been really enjoying seeing all of my blogger friends who do celebrate post about it. Those little mice are too cute and definitely way better than the real things!

  3. luv sama handy craftnya, cakep-cakep pas banget buat lunar ya mba Indah, and you look so beautiful wore the red Kebaya, love it

  4. mbak indah pakai merah cantik sekali <3 btw itu cupcakenya kok gemes hehehe pesan di mana mbak kalau boleh tahu?

  5. selain ungu, warna merah juga cocok banget mba buat kamu, you look so gorgeous and fresh with that red outfit

  6. Seneng banget kalau liat lagi ada perayaan CNY ini kak..apalagi warna merah dimana mana .bajunya pun juga merah suka banget...

  7. Happy CNY too. Itu lokasinya di pacific place kan? Keren2 dekorasinya ya, terutama si giant teapot 😳

  8. Aku langsung salfok sama cupcakenya yang super gemesh btw itu dekorasinya keren banget yaampun

  9. Happy CNY mba Indah, dekorasi perayaan2 seperti ini memang selalu menggemaskan, tapi ya itu kadang terlalu rame jadi fotonya krg afdol :)

  10. Woow..
    So many colors yaa..
    Hehehe...i like it~

    And i just know that now is Rat Year.

  11. Happy Chinese New Year :)
    We have tons of Chinese people here who have their cheap shops, they usually go back to China for the holidays and close the shop as they don't trust our workers when they are not here themselves LOL

  12. Chinese new year identik sama merah jd kesannya meriah sekalia ya mbak.

  13. Those mices are so cute. And the red kebaya is so pretty. You look ravishing in it


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