WW: Michael Arenella's 13th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

Here comes Michael Arabella's 13th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

This is the second time my friends and I joined this lovely summer gathering with back-to-20s theme.
Always enjoyable!

This time, the Frakarsas are there :)

It was a lovely picnic with some of our friends and family as well

Enjoy some more photos I took during this party.

My Obi enjoys the day under the sun!

One of the talents! 

Fancy driving a Roll Royce? :)

Such a pretty table arrangement!

Peter Mintun, one of the pianists 

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the linky party :)


  1. Keren banget ini pasti acaranya. I adore your lovely family. Semakin hari liat Obi semakin besar dan cantik. Hugs!

  2. What a fun theme and your family looks so beautiful all dressed up for the event. Obi looks like such a little model in her single snap.

    1. Thank you sooo much Theresa..we were enjoying it so much! It was a great event..

  3. Looks like everyone had a fun time! I like the red piano. Wish I could have heard him play.

    1. Peter Mintun is fantastic, Sherry! Love his music..

  4. I love you and your daughter's hair! So pretty!

  5. I love your flapper outfit!!

    This looks like it was a wonderful day!

    - Lisa

  6. What nice fun photos I enjoyed those thanks for sharing such a lovely day :-)

    Have a jazzhandstastic day :-)

  7. WOW! Cantiknya Indah and keluarga! Love the photos.


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