Throwback Tuesday: Catching Clouds at Nendaz, CH

"Qu'est-ce que c'est, maman?"
What's that, Ma?
Bo, my almost 4-year-old-son (at that time) asked me.

He just heard Alphorn, the famous traditional long trumpet played by a grop of men on top of Nendaz Terrace, overlooking the Bernese, Valais, and Vaud Alps afar.
"Do you like it, Bo? That's Alphorn, Bo and we will hear more soon." I smiled to him and walked around the terrace while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Mashallah... my Rabb is a maestro indeed.

Welcome to Nendaz, Sion, Switzerland.

My Throwback Tuesday will take us to Nendaz, a beautiful city situated in canton Valais, Switzerland.

Nendaz, or also known as Les 4 Vallées, or the 4 valleys, is beautifully located in Sion, canton Valais, Switzerland 🇨🇭.

We drove around 2.5 hours from  Geneve to  Nendaz.
We wanted to see the International Alphorn Festival held that day, in a wonderful Seiss summer day. We were not pretty sure whether we could make it on time bu we went there anyway. It becomes sort of a habbit for us to drive around in Switzerland whenever we can. This country has  one of the most beautiful scenic views all over the country.
So while posted there, we took the liberty to explore it whenever time, weather and health permit.

So, long story short (after 2.5 hour drive filled with incredible view), we arrived and parked our car at the parking lot. We needed to go up and took the funiculaire or teleferique up to the top, where they held the Festival. On the way up, Bo really enjoyed the scenery, although he was a bit fidgety when the car stopped in the middle of the way.

Up there, the Festival has almost finished.

one man standing..

The International Alphorn Festival held in Nendaz is one of the biggest events celebrating the beauty of this traditional musical instrument in Switzerland. As My Switzerland website mentioned, there were approximately more than 100 players of all nationalities when they had this festival last summer. Rad, right.

Once the Festival was done, we strolled around to enjoy this beautiful spot.
We were blessed with clear blue sky and again, amazing vista.
Wherever we looked, we felt so peaceful.
And blessed.

Well, that's one of the beauties of traveling and exploring the nature, right.
You feel oh-so-relaxed while at the same time we're so grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy God's creation. 

Needless to say, Udi, Bo and I took pictures of this wonderful place.

That's my #ThrowbackTuesday at Nendaz, Switzerland.
What's your memory today?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).


  1. Indahnyaaaaaa. Aku lihat Alphorn pertama kali di tayangan Amazing Race. Lupa tantangannya apa, yang jelas berhubungan dengan itu. Luar biasa pemandangan di sana mbak huhuhuhu mupeng.

    1. iyaaa OmNduut..aku pun pengen balik lagi ke Swiss hehehehe

  2. Ahhh Mbak, Swiss itu negeri impian yang ingin banget aku kunjungi. Entah kapan bisa sampai negeri cantik ini, duhhhh mupeng beraaatt

    1. Semoga bisa ke sini suatu saat mbaaa..memang cantik bangeet :). Tapi Indonesia juga tidak kalah cantik

  3. I imagine there aren't too many places more beautiful than Switzerland. You took some really lovely photos!

  4. lovely to see and read your story of Switzerland. Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog last week. Happy travels.

  5. He was so little. I love that picture of him jumping. That boy had a lot of hair. So cute!


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