72nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence

Happy 72nd Anniversary, Indonesiaku

August 17.
That's when Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day.
After being colonized by Dutch for approximately 350 years, finally, Soekarno and Muhammad Hatta proclaimed our independence on August 17th, 1945.

This year is my 4th year celebrating our Independence Day in New York City.
You know well how different it feels to celebrate such auspicious day when you are away from home.

This year, we have the morning celebration at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in NYC.
Certainly, my family and I went there to attend the celebration.
Although early in the morning I have the kick-off breakfast for Making Strides against Breast Cancer at Marriott Marquis Hotel Times Square, but I managed to meet my mom and the kids before heading to the Consulate General.
We made it right on time, when the ceremony was about to begin.

The morning celebration is open to all Indonesians and friends of Indonesia who would love to attend.
Back home in Indonesia, we have the ceremony all across the country.
We usually have the flag-raising ceremony, including in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, but in NYC, as we are doing it inside the room, we have different protocol arrangement.

After solemnly celebrate the Independence Day, we continued the gathering with photo sessions and enjoying the refreshment.

with the big family of Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the UN and the Consul General

My mom, Obi, and I wore the red ensemble adorned with Tapis Lampung, the traditional hand-woven fabrics from my hometown Lampung. The traditional pattern of pucuk rebung is the one we chose. My mom and Obi wore dresses while I wore kebaya kutu baru as my top.  Kebaya is also one of our national dresses.

In red, beautifully adorned with Tapis Lampung.

We certainly have the traditional Nasi Kuning with all its condiments (read the RECIPE here :)) and some other Indonesian traditional munchies. 

I was so busy catching up with friends and colleagues, I didn't take really take picture of those yummy food. But most importantly, we all gathered with the same spirit to continue our fight for our country, wherever we are

 We all are grateful to have the independent Indonesia and amidst the fact that we have been independent for quite sometimes, we still have a lot of home works at home.
We will continue to strive for a better future. 
For a better Indonesia.

Dirgahayu Indonesia
My beloved homeland, always.


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