Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

How is your summer?

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the sunny day.
After wearing my fleece jacket, again, last week, due to plunging temperature, NYC is now endowed with bursting sun.

As every members of my family are still observing Ramadhan, including my kids, we spend most of our time indoors during the hot, sunny days.

Bo et Obi have been reading and drawing a lot.
We have 2 new books from Diary of Wimpy Kids, while Obi is continuing her latest obsession on seals. How we need to protect them. 

She even made a little story book with colorful seals on every page.
Love to read it...as it's genuinely made by my 6-year-old daughter.

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  1. I love that drawing. Isaak is into that series of books as well. I need to get more books from my sister. We share books.


    1. Me, too, Alissa...Obi has more actually..and our house is full of them :)

  2. Panas juga ya Mbak. Cuaca di sini kadang panas menyengat kadang tiba-tiba mendung kemudian hujan. Susah ditebak banget. Pas panas, anak-anak juga kegerahan dan kepinginnya ngadem di kamar ber-AC. Pas panas apalagi di bulan Ramadan, anak-anak banyak merengeknya

  3. Kalo di tempatku masih sering hujan Mama Bo.
    Btw gambarnya lucu :)

  4. Disini kemarin seharian ujan..tadi siang panas banget...gambar obi lucuuuu..
    Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa buat mama boo dan keluarga

  5. linky party ini konsepnya seru juga ya mba. jadi ini tiap Rabu di setiap blog anggotanya atau gimana?

  6. Panas banget itu mam, belum bisa bayangin kalau puasaan disana. Di Kediri sih awal-awal puasa hawanya sejuk, pertengahan panas banget, sekarang lebih sering ujan

  7. Wow masih kecil sudah punya kepedulian yang tinggi sama habitat laut, gambarnya juga bagus. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa Mba Indah 🙏.

  8. Waw ada gambar underwater, Obi kereen

  9. Wah, Hari ini lagi panas banget nih. Tapi tetap semangat puasanya.. semoga puasa kita lancar sampai hari yang fitri nanti ya mamabo..
    eh btw, gambarnya cakep, kayak yang bikin :D

  10. hope Ramadhan isn't too cruel for kids, although I reckon it is :( It has been very hot here as well in Central Europe, with temps well above 30*C and close to 40 and over. Hell, in short

  11. Underwater scene is indeed breathtaking..

  12. Gambar Obi lucuk banget. Sama kaya Thifa suka gambar juga ����


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