WW: Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2016

More pics from Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2016 
here in Central Park, NYC.

my uber cool team!

with the survivors :)

my scarf...fight like a girl!

the volunteers..thank you sooo much..

such a cute strider!

everyone walks for great reasons!

keep the faith and hopes up!

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Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping!


  1. Serba pink gitu ya, Mbak. Jadi berwarna. Hahah :D

    Btw Mbak, sayapnya unyuuuu :3

  2. Such a well planned walk it looks like. So much pink. :) A great cause for sure.

  3. Love to see that sea of pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! Looks like a great turnout indeed!

  4. wow lautan pink... you are all truly survivor! keep on sharing inspirational stories with us mbak...

  5. Wah, seru banget ya acaranya. Dan keren pisan. Wujud peduli pada Breast Cancer. So inspiring banget. Kalo di sini ada, pengen ikutan deh parade ber-pink2 begitu...

  6. super proud and happy to join! #finishthefight..

  7. What a great race to be a part of. Lovely pictures, thanks for linking up..

  8. It looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Semakin banyak yang peduli tentang kanker, semoga semakin bayak yang terhindar dari sakit ini


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