Sate Padang - Padangnese Satay

Helo, everyone...
How's your Fall? cooler temperature is the perfect time for hot food, right :)

As culinary haven, Indonesia has endless offer when it comes to delicious food.
The perfect ingredients combined with distinct spices brings bold and rich flavor on every plate.
Just like one recipe that I am about to share with you.

Have you heard of this before?
Have you tried this one?

Back home, sate padang or the Padangnese satay, is quite famous. 
Originated from Padang in West Sumatera, this sate is different from the usual Indonesian satay you have in the restaurant or on your favorite street vendor. Made of beef or ox tongue,- yes, originally it was the tongue,- this grilled satay is marinated with different mixture of Indonesian traditional herbs and spices, with a very special sauce too.

Here in NYC, we are lucky to have on Padangnese Restaurant, Upi Jaya, which serves this menu. We also have some other Indonesian restaurant having sate padang on their menus. We even have the famous Singkuan family, who has been staying in NYC for generations and famously known for their exquisite sate padang. Even on the last Indonesian Street Festival, their booth was the one with the longest queue :).

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So, I tried to cook it myself and I guess I nailed it :).
Not as authentic but at least it tastes yuuum and I am using no MSG!
Let's give it a try.

First, let's get the ingredients.


2-3 lbs of Beef - the best, tender part, cut into cube. Or if you dare, try tongue :).
Sate skewers

Spices to grind:

3 Shallots
1 Onion
3 cloves of  Garlic
3-5 fresh chili *if you like it to be spicy
4 Candle nut
1 Cardamon
1 teaspoon Turmeric
1 teaspoon Coriander 
Salt and Pepperas needed
2 stalks of l emon grass
5-10 Lime leaves

1 piece of Ginger - bruised/pressed
2 Galangal, frozen or fresh - bruised-pressed

For the sauce:

Ground spice above
Rice flour
Beef broth

Ketupat or rice cake - I usually buy the instant, ready-to-cook one.
Fried onion - found in Asian groceries

some of the ingredients :)

How to cook:

There are 2 separate steps that we have to do here. Well, actually 3 if you want to cook the rice cake or lontong as well.

First, we will prepare the meat.
Put all the cube beef, mix the ground spice well, and add water. Cook it in medium stove until the beef is tender and well cooked, with the ground spices well mixed. Once it's done, put it aside until it's cool enough. Put the beef in bamboo skewer and grill it to your preferences. Best is not too well-done.
Ready to grill 
rick in sauce :)

Then we will prepare the special sauce or gravy.
This is the best part for me as I love it sooooo much :).
 Put the beef broth on a pot, add the ground spices and once it's boiling, put the rice flour little by little and stir it well until it gets thick. 
here's the gravy :)

Once it's done, put the grilled sate padang on a plate and pour the special sauce on top of it. 
You can eat it with ketupat or rice cake, or just like that!

it's ready yummy indeed :)

Bon appetit and I hope you enjoy sate Padang as much as we do :).

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  1. Dagingnya tebel banget, Mbaaaak. Jadi ngiler :p

  2. So yummy, it's my husband's fave! is there any instant ketupat (ready to cook one) in US? Whoaaa...

    Thanks for the recipe, mba.

  3. you made it yourself, mbak? kerennn.., aku ngiriii, gak bisa masak soalnya, huhuhu..

  4. Jadi ikutan ngiler melihat sate padang bikinan bak indah. Sate padang bikinan sendiri jauh lebih sehat karena lemaknya bisa dikurangi ya Mbak. Tuh Jadi beneran lapar ini :)

  5. Oh yum! I would love to try this. Sounds delish!

  6. Enak bgt mbaaa^^ klo bikin sendiri blum pernah. Ini lezat amat hihii, klo dsana kangen masakan Indonesia, lbih sering langsung bikin yaaa

  7. Potongan satenya gede banget, bikin kenyang. Jadi lapar liatnya :)

  8. saya suka sate padang, bumbunya itu, licin2 gimana gitu... tapi gak bisa kalo masak sendiri :)

  9. ngomongin sate padang.. aroma kuahnya ituloh.. gak bisa nunda... he2, hmmm yummi...

  10. wah, jadi ingat kampung halaman mbak :(. ingat sate padang ingat juga nasi padang

  11. Wuih keren masak sendiri. Aku belom pernah bikin. Takut gagal sih. Jadinya selalu beli. Keluargaku sukaaaa...

  12. It looks so savory and delicious! Definitely one that my husband and girls would gobble right up!

  13. I haven't tried it before. :( But I think this Sate Padang's sauce are similar to Sego Roomo's sauce. :D Sego Roomo is a culinary from Gresik. ^^

  14. it looks delish! and tastes yuuum too

  15. Seriuuus?? Dirimu bikin sendiri? Udahlah aku resign dari ibu RT aja deh. Aku merasa gagal hahahaaa... masa soal masak kalah telak terus sama bu diplomat.

  16. I haven't had it, but I want it. It looks so good!

  17. Wah puas nih kalo makan sate bikinan Mama Bo, ukurannya gede-gede. Sedaaaap!
    Aku belum pernah bikin sate sendiri, keliatannya kok susah, jadi beli langsung aja :D

  18. Waah sate padang kesukaan banget ini mah mba

  19. saya pernah nyoba sekali sate padang d warung kaki lima, tp sy kurang sreg sm bumbu kacangnya kental2 gmn gitu.
    next time coba bikin sendiri ahh...
    thanks 4 receipe

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  22. Klo di abang-abang dagingnya kecil-kecil, soalnya lagi mahal dagingnya euy.. hehe

  23. sate padang mah emang juara......
    kalau makan ama nasi, biasnaya suka kilaf..... jadi berasa mukbang

  24. Ini salah satu makanan kesukaanku mba Indah, selama tinggal di Bali saya sering membelinya di tempat jualan khusus sate Padang, dan bumbunya itu lho terasa banget. Rempah-rempahnya yang bikin ketagihan untuk makan sate ini.

  25. Aduh Maaakkk jadi lapar awak. :)) Aku belum pernah bikin sate padang sendiri. Taunya makan aja. >.< Suamiku dulu gak pernah makan sate padang, Mbak. Katanya gelik liat bumbunya kok kental banget gitu. Pas kupaksa makan sekali, ketagihan dia. Lomaaakkk, katanya haha. Sekarang dia jadi doyan sate padang. :D

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