Ikan Panggang Bumbu - Oven-baked Spicy Fish a la Indonesia

Does summer mean baking or grilling time for you?
Well,  it's almost fall now but for us, grilled food is always welcomed :)

I know it's sizzling hot out there but as the weather gets warmer and warmer, we see many people going out in the park and have BBQ parties.
How wonderful it smells! 

Sepertinya sudah lumayan lama saya tidak posting resep masakan Indonesia kesayangan keluarga di sini. 
Di NYC, seteleh udara semakin menghangat, banyak sekali orang-orang yang mengadakan pesta barbekyu di taman-taman publik maupun di halaman rumah mereka. Semerbak wangi aneka daging dan makanan yang mereka panggang!

My familly loves grilled chicken and fish as well. But sometimes we just don't have the luxury of setting up our grill in our petit yard, so I oftenly use my oven.

This time, I have this barbecue spicy fish recipe a la Indonesia for you. 
It will be best if you grill it but baking it in the oven will still bring its exquisite taste.
Let me introduce you to Ikan Panggang Bumbu - Oven-baked Spicy Fish a la Indonesia

Ready to try?


One whole fish - any fish you like but we usually love red snappers, swordfish or yellow tail.

Lime juice

For the spices (ground)
Onion - a half of medium one

Garlic - 3-4 cloves
Shallots - 1 medium
candlenuts - 3-4 pieces
Coriander - 1 teaspoonfull
Palm sugar - 1 big chunk or if you don't really fancy the bold, sweet flavor, you can reduce it to half.
Chili - if desired
Vegetable oil - one spoon

Basking sauce (all mixed):
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper
Sweet soy sauce
Lime juice 

How to cook:

First, clean the fish, make some deep cuts on both sides of the fish and rub it with lime juice.

Then we prepare the marinating sauce by grinding (you are free to use the food processor or the traditional mortar and like I do ;)) all the spices listed above. 

my traditional way of preparing the spicy sauce :)

Once all the spices are ground and well-mixed, add the vegetable oil on it. Rub it well and generously on both sides of the fish. Set it aside for a while, at least 30 minutes.

You can use your grill, griddle, grill pan or like me, the oven. Preheat it at 325 degree F. Makes sure you get the right grilling temperature and time.

As we have used palm sugar and sweet soy sauce, we use medium heat to cook it. It will take around 45 minutes to one hour to cook it. And every 20 minutes, I brush the basking sauce for extra flavor. I also bake it together with fresh red onion and big green chilies. 

ready to bake :)
And that's it, Indonesian barbecue spicy fish is ready :).
Super easy, right?


I hope you like ikan panggang bumbu - oven-baked spicy fish a la Indonesia and have a great time enjoying it with your family :)


  1. mengkonsumsi ikan saat ini menjadi pilihan karena gak begitu banyak kolesterolnya.. Apalagi pas sudah dibumbui dan dioven..hmm..tercium aroma wanghi bumbu2nya bikin laper..

  2. Sukaaaaa banget sama yang namanya ikan. Resep ini bisa dicoba pas liburan. Bisa merusak program diet nih Mbak Indah :D

    1. hehehe..maaf kalau ganggu program dietnyaa euuuy :)

  3. Enak banget ini mbak dimakan pakai nasi putih anget hihihi..

    :D :D

  4. My husband really loves fish. It is so healthy, so he's trying to eat more of it. I bet he'd love your recipe!

    1. just like my hubby as well..our favorite is with spicy sambal :)

  5. Wah kayaknya enak banget ini hehe

    xoxo, Kartika


  6. Mmmmm this looks so delicious, love looking at your recipes, they look ( and I bet taste) amazing!! Will definitely have to pin this for later as this is something I know my hubby would love too! Evija xx

  7. Aduhhh, enaknya mba Indah. Panas - panas sama nasi panas. Beuhhhh cakep. Btw aku jadi inget tadi aku ke Serang liat sate bandeng, ahhhh nyesel ngga beli, makin nyesel krn liat post ini hihihih.

  8. It sounds so delicious! I'm hungry right now.

  9. put more chilies ..it will be yuuum..

  10. Wohoooo...enak sekali. Apalgi ngelihatnya dipagi hari jam sarapan dan pastinya sukses bikin perutku krucuk2...

  11. Mbak Indahhh... aku jadi ngebayangin wanginya kayak apa...

  12. walaupun gak tinggal di Indonesia, tapi makanannya selalu khas Indonesia ya mba... :D

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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