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Here we are... 
Enjoying lovely February with some snow and cold days. Winter is obviously still lingering, so better keep yourself warm.

snow is coming back..

NYC still enjoys some snowy days, although it is much warmer compared to January. And we have busy week as well, bidding farewell to some friends going back home to Indonesia for good as well as lunch gathering with those who stay.

not too cold and only snow shower..so we're good :)..

The kids also have some long weekend celebrating the Chinese New Year. 
This is the first time ever NYC observe the Chinese New Year at school. 
As for me, the UN continues its meeting as usual, so mommy comes to the office as always. 

But now, our weekly party is calling :). Time for another Wonderful Wednesday, everyone :).

It is our 88th "Oh My Heartsie Girls "Wonderful" Wednesday's Linky Party

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  1. I'm glad it didn't get too cold on you! A little snow is pretty. It's the ice I hate.

    We've had different days where the wind was super high. It somehow got so bad that our tornado sirens were going off. There was no storm. Ha

    1. Well, a little windy day is much better than the storm. Stay warm, Alissa :)

    2. eh di mah malah begitu...
      justru saya mah belum pernah ngerasain gimana rasanya cuaca bersalju.

      di follow blognya nih ya.

  2. Banyak banget co host nya... keren2 pula... hehe

    1. ternyata rameee yang mau ikutan..kalau mau gabung bilaaang yaaa :)

  3. Great shots of the snow! Thanks for hosting the fun party. Hope you have a nice week and a Happy Valentines Day!
    Julie xo

  4. How do they like our typical Indonesian cake, dadar gulung? You look great, indah. Pokok-e gak kalah tuh makanan Indonesia ama yang dari sono-sono-sono, hehe... Kecantikanmu juga gak kalah, Indonesian, gitu lho. Kalo pulang ke INA jangan lupa colek bunda, ya. Met menikmati dinginnya musim salju, hiiii....bbrrr...

  5. That yucky snow has hit us again. It's been snow free for most of our winter, but we got enough to cancel school today. Hurry up spring!

  6. looks very cold....

    we had snow but it was last month, none since..

    enjoy your day!

  7. Brrr aku sudah beku kalau saljunya seperti ini, pake AC aja suka nggak tahan biasanya hehe :D

  8. Saljunya enak banget itu... Semoga aku tahan jika sdh di sana hehehe

  9. mbak kalau habis kena salju gitu baju lgs di cuci atau gimana sih mbak? lembab gitu ya

  10. butuh kehangatan ya mbak kalau musim salju hehehe

  11. sepertinya sangat dingin sekali , itu spion nya sampek kaya gitu :O
    pass banget jika makan khas indonesia dengan bumbu yang hangat- hangat


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