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WW: Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia
Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Hi everyone,

Wishing you all a great day wherever you are.

I was traveling to Lampung, my beloved homeland, together with my family last weekend. We had some urgent matters to handle and Alhamdulillah things were under control. We even managed to visit the ocean and the islands we love so much. This time, we visited Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung.

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia
beautiful sunset we have here..

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia
Ma Mija et me..

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia
Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Pulau Kelagian Besar, Lampung

Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia
Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Sunset at Kelagian Besar Island, Lampung, Indonesia

As we planned to catch the sunrise, we traveled in the afternoon and stayed there till the sun set. It was simply beautiful.

Check out the photos we took during our visit here.

And the video as well about our little adventure in Lampung.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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WW: Klara Beach, Lampung

How I miss going to the beach!

Now that we are implementing social distancing and independent isolation in the attempt of curbing Corona virus outbreak, we took the liberty to stay at home and try to be as productive as can be. For traveling lovers like us, it is quite painful to stay at home for quite some times. But for the benefit of our very own health and safety, as well as others, we dutifully stay at home and implement distance learning as well as work from home.

Nevertheless, with the extra time we have, I try to manage the photos and videos I have.
most of them are coming from our trip in 2018 and 2019. Even before that!
One of them is our trip to Klara Beach in Lampung
Klara is actually an abbreviation in bahasa Indonesia, that is Klapa Rapat.
Literally klapa means coconut (tree) and rapat  means close. So, basically it's the beach where the coconut trees are planted close to one another.

We went here during the weekday and  that is why the beach was empty.
It was just us and we definitely enjoyed it.
My kids and my niece as well as my mom who joined us had so much fun swimming on the deserted beach.

Here are some pictures taken around this place and I sincerely hope we can go back here again soon.

The traditional jetty

Clear blue sky!

the 'floaters' :p

My happy Nadine..

view from the humble shack provided

So, that's our last visit to Klara Beach, Lampung.
Hope this Corona Virus will soon be gone so that we can revisit this lovely beach.
Here's the map for its exact location.

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WW: Dago Highland Resort, West Java

We are welcoming ourselves back to Bandung.
As you have probably been aware of, my sister-in-law just got married a week ago and we are now taking her to Bandung to meet her new family.

It was my hubby's family who are traveling from Lampung, stop by in Jakarta for one night then travel together to Bandung. It was the 9 of us in total. Good thing we didn't experience traffic except by the time we reached Pasteur toll gateway, the entrance of Bandung. In less than 3 hours, we have arrived in this Paris van Java city.

Welcome to Dago Highland Resort
This time, we decided t stay in Dago Highland Resort.
We visited the house of our sister-in-law new family house in Dago and therefore we chose this area to stay the night.

The view from the cafe near the lobby
The resort is located at the top hill of Dago Pakar.
As you can imagine, the resort is okay, just average unfortunately, but the view is amazing.
The joy of listening to the sound of birds chirping, inhaling fresh air, and enjoying wonderful vista is priceless!
Here are some photos I took during our 2-day stay in this place.

Swimming session by the hill..

Fresh flower for you all..

Good morning..

Let's just relax here..

My kids and their cousin enjoying the pool..

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WW: Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung

The last time we visited Lampung, we decided to visit Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung.
Has anyone been to this lovely place?

Welcome to Butterfly Park Gita Persada

We were wondering what the butterfly park looks like and what activities we can do there.

It took us around 45 minute-drive from our house in Kota Sepang, Bandar Lampung, to this park. Located in Wan Abdurrahman Forest, this place is pretty much located in a preservation area. The good thing about this park is that it functions as conservation as well. It also has a mini museum , showing you some results of the conservation done down here 
Taman kupu-kupu gita Persada
I love this blue one!

Here you can see various types of butterflies, including around 100 types of Sumatran butterflies. We managed to see a few, when those butterflies were freely roaming around. We also visited the special area where It’s so beautiful and peaceful here.

We walked down the tracks to the surrounding forest and river.

There are many playgrounds and cute photo spots here including tree houses, so you can definitely have a lovely picnic with your family and friends. Some spots are pretty much Instagramable, as millennials love it.

The hand-made souvenirs

one corner of the museum..

Here is the exact location of Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung.
The entry ticket is only Rp 10.000,- per person or less than a dollar!
Will share more stories and details about this place obviously.

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WW: Tegal Mas Island, Lampung - continued

Here are more photos from our excursion to Tegal Mas Island, Lampung, Indonesia
I am still drafting the full story of it, so stick around yaaa.

the 4 of us enjoying snorkeling..

one of my underwater shots..I mean my hubby :)

cute turtle for the kids

cheers from me and Bo :)

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5 Tips to Follow when Traveling with Kids

5 Tips to Follow when Traveling with Kids

Photo credit/site

Traveling with infants comes with its challenges. But, parents know their child, and if they keep them on their schedule and try to limit their exposure to excess activity, they usually manage well. Let’s face it. If you can find a quiet bathroom, you can usually get a 2 month old to take their bottle and drift off to sleep.

When you child is over 3 or 4, traveling is an entirely different experience. They want to see and do everything. They get bored in the car, train, or plane. They will test their (and your) limits. But, with some preparation, you can have a successful trip with your child. We will give you some tips to help you accomplish this. These are tips written not by doctors and professional child therapist. These are tips from real life moms and dads who love their kids and know the reality of raising them.

Photo credit/copy

Even the odds
You will find that the minute you board a plane you child becomes the spawn of a superhero. They are like Spiderman. They can climb to places that you would think are impossible. They can reach an object that you are sure they cannot possibly get. This is why we suggest you never travel with less than one adult for every two children. When you have three children, it is very difficult to take them to the bathroom at the mall. Traveling to a place you are unfamiliar with is asking for trouble.

Hunger and thirst is your worst enemy

An adult gets cranky when they are hungry and in a situation where they cannot eat. A child does not know they are getting hungry. Their bodies surprise them. They are happily playing one minute then in a second, their expression changes to one of near panic and they shout, “I’m hungry!” It is important that you take snacks and drinks with you.

Bonus tip: this is one trip. They will not die if they are allowed to eat a little extra sugar or drink soda if that is what you can get. Sometimes giving them a sugary treat gives them the burst of energy that holds them over until you can feed them.

Take their favorite shows with you

No matter where you go, there will be extended periods of time when your child needs to be entertained. If you are going to another state or another country, take the shows they like along. Take a tablet or use your smart phone (don’t forget the chargers), and download or access the shows electronically.  

Make it an adventure

Before you leave home, tell them about where you are going. Tell them stories of what they will see and what they will do. Check to see if there are any Children's Theatre and Dance Festivals or costume balls you can take them to. But first make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment, such as dance costumes and accessories, so they can dress up for that occasion. You can also print coloring sheets of the sites and take them along with crayons so they can color them. If you make the adventure exciting for them, they will be easier to manage while on the way. You can talk to them and ask them questions afterwards to see how much they remember.

Take their security

It doesn't matter what it is. Maybe they have a blanket they have always slept with. It may be faded and have mystery stains, and maybe you would rather not take it on a plane. You will be glad you did when they cuddle up with it and fall to sleep. Remember, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks You will probably never see those other passengers again anyway. So who cares if they think your 5-year old would give up his stuffed monkey with a missing tail.

The key to traveling with kids to make them as comfortable and involved as possible, The only thing you have to do is keep your focus on them and enjoy the memory you are creating as a family. So, whatever the challenges might be, never forget to enjoy the trip with your kids and your loved ones. Have fun!

Have fun!

This is a guest post from Ashley Lipman, The Blog Frog. 
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The Amazing world of Dr. Seuss, Springfield, Connecticut

Oh the places you’ll go!
The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, Springfield, Connecticut is indeed amazing.


"So, I'm going to pick-up the bike at Worcester." My hubby said that night, while we were having dinner.
"Where is it exactly? Still in New York?" I concentrated on my sashimi plate which was so good. I was thinking of getting more.
"No, it's almost three hours drive from here. It's in Massachusetts."
"What? That far?." I stopped dipping that piece of  salmon and paid more attention to my hubby.
"Yuuup...we'll stay overnight in one of the surrounding cities. Either Hartford in Connecticut or  Springfield in Massachusetts. They have Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield." He checked on the map at his phone. "Bo and Obi will love it", he added.
"I 'd love that, too! So, let's go. Get everybody ready! It will be our early Thanksgiving trip."  
Springfield, here we come!


It was one cold weekend when we decided to drive to Worcester, stayed overnight in Hartford,CT and visited Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield, MA.

We booked the car and the hotel (thank God I have extra points to use in Starwood Group hotel) and packed our bags and some food for the trip. It would only be one night stay and already we planned so much including some swimming and trips to the museums.
I still have my mom here so it was a great opportunity to take her out and see more of the country as well. 

When I head Springfield, my mind directly goes to the Simpsons place.

You know, the cartoon :).
But this city of Springfield is the one in Massachusetts, which happens to be the hometown of one of the most beloved kids-book authors, Dr. Seuss.

The Amazing world of Dr. Seuss.

That's the name of the place.
Familiar with Dr. Seuss and his books?
I do love him!
And so do my kids.
I have to admit I read those books as an adult.
Well, foreign books are expensive so I kind of getting to know his works a bit late.
But I love his books. I really do.
I have been teaching Obi, my daughter, how to read using One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish from Dr. Seuss.
Bo was enjoying the Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Happy Birthday to You, ABCD, Oh the Places you'll Go, and more.
So, when we found out that Dr. Seuss' hometown is not too far, only approximately 3 hours drive from New York City, off we went!

We stayed the night at Hartford, Connecticut after visiting Yale, New Haven on Saturday and continued driving to Springfield, Massachusetts for about 20 minutes.
The museum opened at 11 AM on Sunday and we went directly here.
The ticket is USD 25 for adults, USD 16 for seniors, and USD 13 for kids.
And we can visit 5 museums with one ticket.
Amazing, right!

say hi to the Lorax :)

As we didn't really have much time, we first visited the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss.
Perfect choices indeed, as the place is very interesting.
It's like pages from the books.
Colorful and entertaining as well, with all those characters and quotes from the books.

Obi literally grew up with this :)

The amazing world of Dr. Seuss is uber awesome! 
My kids, love it so much and so does mama Bo et Obi 😇😇😇
We got soooo excited when we met our fave, the Cat in the Hat :).

We are exploring the colorful world of the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Horton the elephant, Thing 1 and 2, Thidwick the big hearted moose, the Grinch who stole Christmas, Yertle the turtle and more  at Dr. Seuss’ hometown Springfield, Connecticut.

On the first floor, we have drawings and excerpts from the books, while the second floor has the exhibition about Dr. Seuss' stories and life.

Then we got out to Dr. Seuss’ National Memorial Sculpture Garden 💜

Say hi to all these famous characters from Dr. Seuss’ great books! 

Dr. Seuss
Again, here we met the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Horton the elephant, Thing 1 and 2, Thidwick the big hearted moose, the Grinch, Yertle the turtle and more!
Those bronze sculptures are incredible.

The Grinch is here :)

Looking at the details, it feels like those characters just spring out of the books.
Well, for us, Dr. Seuss was not only telling us the children stories with his unique imagination, but there are so many important messages about love, life, friendship, respect, harmony, and more on each and every story.
And we are so blessed to have the opportunity to know that :).

So, what's your favorite Dr. Seuss' favorite character?
Do you like them as well?