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Lemper - Indonesian Sticky Rice with Savory Chicken

Always happy to go back to my cozy kitchen and cook some more Indonesian food.

Lately we have been going out more frequently. With warmer weather, being outdoorsy is one of the best choices for me and the kids. And picnic is usually a pack-and-parcel with that. Therefore I need to have a good stock of yummy, healthy snacks for our adventure outside.

lemper :)

And Lemper - or Indonesian Sticky Rice with savory chicken filling (such a long name because we have no exact translation for that) is one of the yummy Indonesian snacks that my kids love so much. And it's easy to prepare it as well :).
Perhaps, to those who haven't tried lemper before, it's like a rice ball.
With savory filling.
But not really a round ball, as the shape is more like an oval one :).

Originally, it's wrapped with fresh, green banana leaves.
How I miss that!
Because besides the great and fresh looking from the leaves, it gives you extra appealing aroma while the sticky rice and the savory chicken are steamed.

But, as I am low in fresh leaves department here in NYC, I, unfortunately, have to change it with aluminum foil.
Not as pretty as the original version, but it's not that bad either.
Here's how it looks..

Wondering how to make it?

Let's check on the ingredients first:

Sticky rice - 500 gr
Coconut milk - 1 can, a half for the sticky rice and a half for the chicken
Lemon grass - 2 pieces (1 for the sticky rice, one for the chicken) slightly crushed
Bay leaves
Minced chicken - 500 gr
Shalot - 1 piece, thinly sliced
Onion - a half, ground
Garlic - 3 cloves, crushed
Coriander - ground
Candlenut - ground
Salt and sugar as desired
Veggie oil - 1 tablespoon

Banana leaves or aluminum foil for wrapping

And now let's cook.

First, we get the sticky rice ready. After you clean the sticky rice or glutinous rice in a pan, put water, coconut oil, lemon grass, bay leaves and salt and mix it together. I usually use a traditional way of determining how much water I need, by using my finger. Yes, my finger. One part of the finger's phalanx (that's the name, right) on top of the rice, that's the height of water I use. It might not be scientifically proven but it works for me. I always manage to get a well amount and balances steamed rice, not to dry, not to runny. So feel free to try my centuries-old-techniques :). After we mix it all, bring it to boil, use low heat to dry the excess water then put the lid on for about 20 minutes. I prefer using my steamer to get a better result. 
start with the sticky rice

Once the sticky rice is ready, set it aside and let's prepare the filling.
Put the veggie oil on a non-sticky pan, saute shallot, garlic, onion, coriander, and candlenut until fragrant and put the minced chicken. Cook it well and add lemon grass, bay leaves as well coconut milk. Cook it with low heat until all is well mixed and tender.

excuse my old pan :)

Now, time to wrap it!
Take a spoonful of sticky rice, spread it on the aluminum foil and add a bit of the chicken filling. Put a half spoonful of the sticky rice to cover the chicken and shape it as you wish, but perhaps oval is the easiest one as we will then wrapped it with the aluminum foil. Steam it for 15 minutes until the rice is well cook and well blended with the chicken.

Hope you enjoy it and have fun this summer!

Sayur Labu - Spicy Chayote Soup with Coconut Milk

Hello, everyone.

Back to the kitchen and let me introduce you to another delicious Indonesian food.
It's still a few mere days from Lebaran so it's only appropriate if I share some of our traditional lebaran day culinaries.

I know perhaps you're familiar with rendang, opor or sambal goreng ati. I shared some of those recipes here before. But one that we cannot miss is the soup. 

Sayur Labu for you :)
This time, I have sayur labu - or as I freely translated as spicy Chayote soup with coconut milk.

Chayote cut in half..

Have you tried chayote before?
By trying I mean trying to cook and eat it.

Chayote is one-of-a-kind veggie that belong to the gourd family. Its exquisite  cruncy taste makes it perfect for Indonesian typical spicy, heartie soup. Although I read that it's known as Mexican origin, but I have known it back home in Indobesia since I was a little. Be it sautéd with cruncy carrots, simply steamed, mixed with sweet and sour soup a la Indonesia or sayur asem, and sayur labu, the one that I am about to share with you, chayote has become a familiar sight  on our table.

some ingredients we will need :)

Here in the US, I can easily find chayote in oriental market. Perhaps not many of us know what to do with it as whenever I buy it, there will always be a question from a lady queuing up behind me asking what I can do with that vegetable! 

it's good to steam it as well.

For Lebaran day, we usually have sayur labu accompanying ketupat or rice cake. With or without ketupat, sayur labu is tasty. Wanna try?

Here are the ingredients for it:

Chayote - 1-2 pieces, clean and take out the core and cut into rectangular shape
Carrots - peel and cut into rectangular shape as well
Tomatoes - cut in halves
Shallots - thinly sliced
Fresh shrimps - clean and cut the tails
Chilies - hoarsely ground
Garlic - 2 cloves, minced
Coconut milk - 1 can
Lemongrass  - 1 piece, cut, slightly pressed
Galangal - clean and slightly pressed
Salt and sugar - as needed
Vegetable oil - 1 spoonful, for sautéing 

How to cook

Clean and take out the core of chayote,?then wash it with salty water. You will find that it might be a bit slimy but it washes off easily. Then prepare the cooking pot, put 1 spoonful vegetable oil and sauté chilies, shallots and garlic for a while until fragrant. Put the shrimps, cook it for a while, then add the clean and cut chayote and carrots as well as lemongrass and galangal, sauté it for  approximately 5 minutes. Add water, salt and sugar as well as tomatoes then bring it to boil. Add the coconut milk and bring it to boil while stirring the soup to ensure that coconut milk is well mixed. Once it's boiled and chayote as well as carrots are soft and well cooked, your sayur labu is ready.

hearty soup we got here :)

Eat it together with rice cake or a bowl of steamed rice, sprinkle with fried onion.

Bon appetit!

Perkedel Kentang - Potato Croquettes

It's been a while since I post some easy-to-cook recipe that becomes my family's favorite.

Ramadhan has been a perfect time for me (and the kids) to spend some time at the kitchen. As we are preparing for ifthar,   I usually venture those simple but yummy recipe that will fit my family's appetite for a lovely dinner.

This time I have Perkedel kentang, or loosely  translated as potato croquettes. Indeed you will find many variations of it over the internet, but the one I will share with you is my family's simple version.

My son Bo is a big fan of potatoes. He loves everything you do to potatoes so I usually try to mix it with veggies and other ingredients.

Here's the ingredients we need:

4 pieces of big potatoes - I use Idaho potatoes because its texture is nice and perfect for it.
Salt - as desired
Pepper - as desired
Ground nutmeg - as desired. I love using it because it gives you different aroma
Spring onions - thinly sliced
Egg - beaten, for dipping before frying
Oil - for frying

Sometimes we mix corned beef or ground beef with this perkedel. You are free to do so of course but This time, I prefer to mix the potatoes and spring onions only.

Here's how to cook:

Boil all the potatoes until they are soft enough but not too soft. Some people love to fry it instead, but since we will fry the final product later, I try to minimize the oil by boiling it. Using potato masher or like me, using traditional mortar and  pestle, mash the potatoes together with garlic, salt, and pepper. Add thinly slice spring onions for extra flavor, color and aroma.

My kids helped me out by shaping it into small, bite-size balls of potato croquettes. 

Beat an egg, add a bit of salt, then dip the croquettes into it before frying it until it's beautifully golden and well-cooked. And... That's it. Super easy, right :).

Perkedel kentang will be a perfect companion for a bowl of steamed rice and chili sauce. But it's perfect to munch it just like that.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Bon appetite!

Tempe Bacem - Javanese Sweet Marinated Tempe

Have you tried tempe or tahu bacem before?

tempe bacem

In this lovely Father's Day as well as the blessed holy month of Ramadhan, allow me to share one of my hubby's favorite recipes.

Tempe Bacem or Javanese Sweet Marinated Tempe, if I may freely translate it :).

Those who have been to Indonesia, particularly to Java,  might be familiar with this famous dish from my country. Owing to its exquisite sweet and bold taste, tempe and tahu bacem are surely loved by most of us, Indonesians.

Remember tempe?

I have passionately shared about this vegan food. Made of fermented soybean, tempe has surely stolen the hearts of Indonesian. You will definitely find various dishes using tempe in Indonesia. But even abroad, whenever you have Indonesians, there will always be ones who produce and sell tempe. Including here in NYC. Some of the tempe being sold here are made in New Jersey or Philadelphia. Every week, we have our own schedule at the nearest Indonesian groceries stores in Elmhurst, Queens. 

When we were in Melbourne, we have a steady suply of tempe as well, produced by some of the students there. In Geneve, we have a very nice and yummy tempe made in the Netherlands and somehow delivered to Geneve, Switzerland, every 2-3 months. 

So, that's a little story about tempe and now let's try our simple recipe today.
Usually, we cook tempe together with tahu or tofu, and even chicken, using the same spices and marinating sauce. But this time, I skip the tofu (and the chicken) and only have tempe.

it can be yummy snack, too :)


Spices to be ground:
Palm sugar
Shallot or red onion, thinly sliced
Kemiri or candle nut
Bay leaves - set it aside
Galangal - pressed 

How to cook:

There are several steps to go through while cooking tempe bacem.
First, we prepare the spices. As always, I enjoy grinding it manually using my traditional mortar and pestle that I brought from home :). It was actually my mom's and I cherish it dearly. Using it is like cooking in my mom's kitchen, so warm and cozy. 
So..back to the cooking.
let's grind it..
Once the spices are all ground, then we marinate and cook tempe together with all the spices. Put them all in a pot, add a half glass of water (or more if deem necessary) and bring to boil until all the spices are well absorbed by tempe. Some use coconut water to add the extra bold flavor but to me, water is enough.

Use low heat to avoid overcooking or burning the tempe because the marinate sauce is sweet. To have a bolder taste, I usually add sweet soy sauce. My favorite Indonesian brand is Bango and luckily, we can easily find it here in NYC. Cook it until the water is dried and the spices are well mixed.

And finally, once tempe is well cooked and looks brownish from the spices, we can deep fry it or bake it to make it crunchy. If you don't fancy frying it, you can eat it as it is, because it is basically well-cooked already.
Eat it together with a bowl of steamed rice and some fresh chili, if you like :).
Hope you enjoy it and till next recipe.

Check out more of my stories at #Steller :)

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Hello everyone..
Enjoying spring so far? Me, too.
NYC is blooming beautifully with balmy weather.
I was strolling around the Rockefeller Center in one of my lunch breaks and how I love to see the tulips there.

beautifully orange :)

We have several colors as well there...

I also manage to visit some Museums here. Including Museum of Modern Art..

And the American Museum of Natural History, for the third round, as the kids love this place so much.

I just can't wait to stroll around the city during this wonderful season.
Spring is certainly brightening up our days.

And now, we are soooo ready for another Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls....

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