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Annecy, France in Half a Day

So, where will you go when you only half a day to explore one beautiful town?

Last trip to Geneve, Switzerland, this February, I had a half day on weekend as I arrived in Geneve at 10 in the morning.

The first place I had in mind was Annecy, a beautiful town in the border of France and Switzerland dubbed as the Venice of the Alps.

When we were living in Geneva back in 2007 - 2011, Annecy was certainly one of the most visited towns. Driving less than 1 hour from GE, we usually took families and friends coming to Geneve and staying with us to this wonderful town. Spending a day or slightly a half day here is marvelous, especially for those who enjoy traditional French food, beautiful landscape, and other wonderful vista mother nature can offer.  

Annecy is also famous for its annual Venetian Carnival. 
Le Carnaval Vénetien à Annecy.

Le Carnaval Vénetien à Annecy in 2009

Yup, like Carnevale Venezia, the one being traditionally held in Venezia, Italy, but this time it is conducted in Annecy, the Venice of the Alps. 
Now, you know why this wonderful town is nicknamed likewise.

Carnevale Venezia 2009

As we went to Carnevale Venezia in 2009, we were excited to see some similar costumes and grandeur environment during the Carnaval Vénetien at Annecy, held approximately 1 - 2 months after the one in Italy or around March - April.

My hubby and I at Carnevale Venezia
Well, what would the Carnevale and le Carnaval be without those glittering masks, glamorous costumes and great pose?

In green...Venezia, 2009

You can compare these photos, taken in Venezia, and the ones up there and down here taken in Annecy during the Carnaval.

The difference is of course the background.
But the fun remains the same!

My hubby and friend were happy to pose with these cute ladies and their puppy!

Now, of course there are so many interesting things to do and places to visit in Annecy.
Including the annual Carnaval I was talking about before.
But since I last visited Annecy in February and only have a half day, merely 5 hours, here are a shot list of places and things you might want to consider for a half-day itinerary.

So, ready to explore Annecy, France in Half a day?

Let's start it with its famous lake, Lac d'Annecy.

Lac d'Annecy is beautiful and huge.
As the third largest lakes in France, the lake cover around 28 km square surface of clean water. Super clean so you can see the bottom of it when you are strolling around its bank.
In fact, this lake is coined as the cleanest lake in Europe, as I read in Wikipedia.

No wonder it becomes everyone's favorite spot.
From the romantic  Pont des amours and walking along Quai Napoleon III, you are more than welcomed to enjoy Jardin de l'Europe

On the other side of Jardin de l'Europe, you will find the Hotel de Ville or Mairie d'Annecy, the city town hall. 

Annecy in Half a day

This charming city hall is of course a beautiful photo spot.

Hotel de ville..

Or you can also walk on Canal du Vassé, slightly off the lake but heading to the same direction, pose a while and immortalize yourself in one lovely picture!

at Canal du Vassé, back in 2009 :))

Just simply strolling around, sitting on the grass or in one of the many benches there, or reading your favorite book will bring you peace and joy!
As for me, I keep taking pictures (you bet!)

Next, we have Vieille Ville Annecy, the old town.
As many old town in Europe, Vieille Ville Annecy is indeed charming with its petit restaurants, shops, boutiques, churches and lovely old apartments. 

Saint Franćois de Sales church in Annecy

All those centuries old shops and petit alleys are cute.

ready to shop?

For me, just walking around its cobbled alleys and enjoying every corners of this old city is a pleasure. Whenever I found some lovely corner, I just take a snap or pose :).

One corner of the old town.
The old part of Annecy is also famous for its Palais de l'Îles, the old mansion as well as prison now turned into museum, built on top of Le Thiou, the river outflowing from Lake Annecy. The last time I went here it was under maintenance.

the Palais is the petit one above the water

And of course, don't forget lunch time!
There are so many restaurants and cafes scattered around Quai de l'Îles or Quai Perrière, near Le Thiou and the old town. My favorite delicacies here are the crepes a la Savoyard, but as we were super hungry after arriving from NYC, we chose full blast menu at Le Sarto (go check for more info), au bord du Thiou

There we ordered the creamy mushroom soup, salad savoyard sans jambon, fondue Savoyarde - the cheese fondue with speciality from this region, 'Cafe des Paris' - the famous steak with special butter sauce, cocotte des mules marinières - the pot of clamps with butter and herbs, and creamy chicken and musroom a la Savoyard.
They tasted marvelous!
Please feel free to enjoy the photos of those lovely food.

And last but not least, Château d'Annecy, the Castle of Annecy.
A little hike up the hill at the back of the Old Town of Annecy, you will find this lovely Château. It's another beautiful castle built around the 12th century, with its famous Queen Tower. Wiki said it used to be the residence of the Counts of Geneve.

Too bad when we arrived there it was 15 minutes before closing time and being Swiss, the lovely guard didn't let us in even when we plead as we came a looong way to this beautiful place. So, if you happen to be here, make sure you check the opening hours and the last entrance. I could only take a few pictures from outside.

From the Château, we just simply walked back to the Old Town and enjoyed the beautiful weather and lovely atmosphere

And last sweet touch, don't forget to get your favorite gelato in one of the ice cream and waffle kiosks at the Old Town!

And finally, as the sun set down, we were heading back to Geneve.

Here's the map to give you clearer direction in this beautiful city of Annecy.

So, that's Annecy, France in half a day.
How do you like this town? Do you like it as much as I do?
Do you also enjoy exploring little town?
What's your favorite?

WW - glorious Indonesian food at NY Indonesian Street Festival 2016

They speak for themselves :).

Glorious Indonesian food at the recent New York Indonesian Street Festival 2016.
Starting from rendang jengkol (I don't even know what's the translation of Jengkol in English :)), to bakwan, martabak daging and combro, from sate padang to lemper and arem-arem. So many choices, all makes me drool.

Most of them are precooked and packed, some are freshly prepared on the spot.
One thing for sure, they are super delicious!

Here's the complete story of New York Indonesian Street Festival 2016 

rendang jengkol for you :)

Sate Padang...and all the long lining up just to get a portion of it :)

es teler..perfect for hot NYC day..

so many choices indeed :)

And finally, at home, I was inspired to make my own sate padang :)
Mari makaaaan 

home-made Sate Padang :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and enjoy bloghopping

Hard Rock Cafe NYC, anyone?

I like Monday...

I know,  it might sounds like an old magic I'm-feeling-good-mantra you need to say to yourself everyday.

But I'm talking about something else. Other "I Like Monday" :).
It is actually one of programs we have in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta where you can enjoy great food, cool band and obviously fabulous music (otherwise we gonna go back to our lovely Monday blues).  I think they still have it until now down there. 

Okay, I miss it.., I miss HRC Jakarta, I miss the city and its never-ending-madness that you totally get yourself into.
I gotta admit that :).

But now as we're talking about Hard Rock Cafe... here comes another confession.
I have a thing for this global-chain cafe. I have been collecting many memorabilia from Hard Rock Cafe from different corners of the world :)...

I know, I know...don't give me that look.
It might be a lame hobby but I just love it! 
So far I have some from Bali, Jakarta (of courseeee...), Venice, London, Rome, Sharm El-Sheikh, Melbourne, and NYC.
Not that many but I'm starting :).

And how thrilled I am to know that Hard Rock Cafe New York is just one-subway away :).
Again, don't give me that look.

It might sound very touristy, but I have to admit that I really enjoy my visit to Hard Rock Cafe NYC. Whenever I have some friends coming to NYC, most of them want to see Times Square. And since Hard Rock Cafe is located at the heart of this "intersection of the world", then I frequently take my friends here as well.

So nooow, I'd like to share my experience dining in HRC NYC. Again, many of my friends always love to check in in this cafe :), enjoying the food as well as shopping for some merchandises.

By the time you are in there, you will have enough time to look around and take pictures with all those cool memorabilia and the famous wall :)

They even offer you to take pictures and provide the big prints, HRC photo frame and keychain for 25 USD. Great souvenirs :).

Sometimes the line can be quite long as this place is famous and many people from many parts of the world come specially to have dinner here. But, I know how to handle it. Simply by applying for Hard Rock Cafe Rewards Card and you'll be good. The privileges are awesome, including rewards point, priority line (so you don't have to spend too much time waiting for your table), free voucher and the free nights at HRC hotel. With HRC spread in many corners of the world, it will be great to have one :).
You can apply here easily. I had my free voucher already :)..

And now, let's talk about the food...
A lot to choose from in terms of food. 
The Home of Legendary Burgers is the tagline of Hard Rock Cafe :).

My favorite is the mixed platter of starters, Jumbo Combo, like nachos, onion rings, chicken wings, with cheese and spinach and artichoke dipping. Like the name suggested, it is jumbo enough for your dinner or lunch :). It costs you around 23US. You can also choose the sauce and the hottest one is called heavy metal. Oh yeaaaah...
And this is how it looks :). Yuuummy, indeed...

Jumbo Combo...
For more entree, you can definitely enjoy the classic nachos, chicken tenders or the rocking' wings separately :)

They also have a variety of steak and grilled menu. 
The Angus steak or barbecue chicken are available.
Or you can also tried the Original Legendary Burger, with a combination of smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, golden fried onion ring, crispy lettuce as well as tomatoes. Since I don't eat pork or bacon, I chose the veggie burger :). Look how big the portion is...

For the kids, there are several choices. Bo love the chicken tenders while Obi is a big fan of the hot dogs. Both love that french fries or mash potatoes and choco milk. Happy meals for happy kids, for just around 8 USD :)

They have certainly many to choose from, starting from salads, entree, smokehouse, sandwiches, and of course dessert. 

Cocktails and beverages are abundant, with or without the alcohol, served in their lovely shots, tumblers and glasses. Even you wanna have them, you only have to pay extra 5 USD and you can get a new set of HRC glass to take home :).

here's what I got..

If you wanna check the complete menu, you can get it here.
And of course, the interior of this cafe is soooo Hard Rock..
One of a kind...
Too bad I always come here in the evening and most of my photos are blurry :)

Steven Tyler, my fave...

Kids will definitely be entertained as well, as they will have "an entertainment package" once they are here. Bo loves drawing himself and Obi plus the house and the clouds on the blank sheet they have there :).

the kids' set..

seriusly drawing :)

So, what do you think? Interested to come and enjoy Hard Rock Cafe in NY?

Hard Rock Cafe New York
1501 Broadway, New York City
Opening hours:
Friday - Sunday  from 8 AM - 10 AM for breafast
Monday - Sunday from 11 AM - 12.30 AM
Monday - Thursday from 9 AM - 12.30 AM
Friday to Sunday from 8 AM - 1.30 AM