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Bear Mountain Bridge from afar

One lovely weekend with clear blue sky is sometimes the only thing I need to boost up my spirit. Because that means we can go out and have fun. Right, kiddos?

Bear Mountain Bridge from afar
After being bombarded by on-et-off subzero weather in NYC, we have the urgent need to go out and feel the sunshine on our face. It might sound exaggerating, but I truly need to feel the fresh air with getting myself pneumonia or cold. So, as we have one sunny day and slightly warm weather, off we go to Bear Mountain State Park. I know that this place has great trails for hiking but apparently by the time we arrive, the weather is not that friendly. So then we choose our favorite sport ever, taking pictures here and there :). Besides, Udi has a new 'baby', Phantom 3 Professional, that he likes to try. All set and here we go. (It was really fun playing the drone outdoor. Will get back with more stories on that :). 

P3P ready for action :)

First destination, Silver Mine Lake, Orange County, NY. 

welcomed by cloudy Silver Mine Lake..
First thing the kids say is that "we've been here before, Ma.". Indeed we have and we're happy to be back here again. When we arrive at Silver Mine Lake, it was cloudy and windy. Ten minutes outside and my hands are frozen already. Bo et Obi are still running around near the lake while Udi set his P3P for her maiden voyage. It was indeed fun playing with the drone but after a while, I think it's just to cold for all of us.

so peaceful indeed..

But before we leave, I manage to take a selfie with Obi.

in purple and pink :)

Udi got us taped as well through his drone. It was lovely to see the short video he made :)

Then we decided to go across the Bear Mountain Bridge. We visited Bear Mountain and Perkins Memorial Tower last year but we haven't really passed this famous bridge. Without further ado, we went through the bridge and parked in Bear Mountain dock, by the Hudson River, to get the full view of the bridge. And here's what I have, some snaps taken by my iPhone 6 plus and ztylus.

Bear Mountain and the surrounding

And Udi was enjoying his new toy for sure :).

Look who's enjoying the day..

More videos from our stroll in Bear Mountain State Park :)

At the end of the day, everyone is happy.
Under the blue sky, we are indeed blessed with our Rabb's love and blessing.


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Bear Mountain and Perkins Memorial Tower, NY

If you are longing to enjoy beautiful green scenery while staying in NYC and the surroundings, Bear Mountain can be a perfect alternative :).

Yuuup...Bear Mountain

The first time I hear this place name, I imagine bears are freely roaming around in this area. Well, at least they used to..perhaps :). 

For sure, Bear Mountain Park is one of NY state parks along the rugged mountain near Hudson River. Providing its visitors with large playing field, swimming pool, an inn with spa, resto and souvenir shop, and a fascinating merry-go-round (only a dollar per ride :)), you can also take its famous path heading to the summit of Bear Mountain to enjoy spectacular view from above. Ow, and they have installed an ice rink during winter as well for all to enjoy! SOunds like fun, right...

Located near the Harriman Park Estate in NY state, it took us around 1.5 hour drive from New York City. Taking the Palisades route, we visited this place together with some friends, Nona and Nara. It was a fun ride with a quick stop at the scenic view spot along the way, overlooking Hudson river from another part of the city. As it was a nice and war day, we planned to have picnic as well with nasi uduk on the menu (don't get bored, this nasi uduk or Indonesian rice with coconut milk is indeed my favorite :)).

We somehow made some wrong turns and end up taking the path to Perkins Memorial Tower. 

the tower...
It was in the same area as Bear Mountain and getting lost here proved to be a blessing in disguise. We found another perfect spot for photo session, hahahaha. Lucky us :). 

After parking our car, we made a little hike and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery from the top. 

the parking lot...

It was lovely...
You can enjoy the view of Bear Mountain, with its lake, bridge and river from above.

around the Tower...

Even Bo was fully enjoying the warm day with his scooter :) 

Bo and his scooter...

careful Bo....

Then of course, Obi was soon joining us and more pictures are taken :)

Look at Bo fierce face and Obi's smile :)....

View from the top...

the three of us...

Near the Perkins Memorial Tower, we found this gorgeous rustic bench which was the perfect spot for another pose under the blue sky.

My smiley Obi :)
all of us, except Udi :)
Bo et Obi...

Apparently, Perkins Memorial Tower is beautifully adorned its natural beauty. And we just can't get enough of it...

After being around the tower for about an hour, we finally drove down to Bear Mountain. 
It was pass lunch time so everyone was hungry :). But as laid our eyes on the beauty of Hessian Lake, we took some pictures first before enjoying our picnic.

Hessian Lake...

lunch timeeeee....
After our quick lunch, we explored the area and headed to the merry-go-round. Bo, Obi et mama were having fuuun here :)

round round in merry-go-round...

The Inn...

Well, quite a lovely journey to Bear Mountain and Perkins Memorial Park. 
Maybe next time we will try Bear Mountain Inn as well :)
Get more information on its website and have a great day in Bear Mountain :)

Into the woods..

No, this is not about that movie :)

It's just me sharing my photo while exploring the Bear Mountain area here in NY and love the ambience during the twilight hour.

The sky, the sun, the trees, the lake....

Truly a great creation of the Almighty.

I'm joining Skywatch Friday :)

WW: Perkins Memorial Tower

Under the blue sky at Perkins Memorial Tower, Bear Mountain...

Come and join us on Wordless Wednesday :)