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Ayam Kecap Masak Mentega - Butter Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce

Hello everyone.
I sincerely hope you have a fabulous weekend.
It's a bit cold in this neck of the wood. NYC, as always, never cease to amaze me with its moody weather. And this week, it's cold again.

So, as curling up in our sofa is the priority, I have prepared simple food for this weekend :).
Let's get ready for Ayam Kecap Masak Mentega - Butter Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce

Kalau lagi males masak yang persiapannya lebih lama dari gambar alis dan ngerol rambut, biasanya saya memasak apa saja yang ada di kulkas. Standar kulkas kami biasanya selalu ada sayuran dan buah segar serta ayam di freezer. Mumpung udara masih belum mau beranjak dari settingan winter, kita buat ayam kecap masak mentega yuk. 

eat it with steam rice and fresh cucumber..yuuum


Chicken breast or any parts of chicken - cut as desired
Onion - thinly sliced
Garlic - crushed
Sweet soy sauce
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper - as desired
Palm sugar - as desired. I love plam sugar because it gives extra flavor on it.
Nutmeg powder
Coriander - hoarsely ground
Worcestershire sauce - as desired
Sesame oil - as desired
Butter - a spoonful or as desired. If you don't really fancy oily food, you can skip it. of my favorite spices...

these sauces will help boost the flavour :)

How to cook:

Prepare the chicken, clean and cut it. I like to marinade it for a while using Worcestershire sauce, sweet soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper and coriander. Mix it well and  set it aside. Have I told you that I'm a big fan of coriander? This incredible spice just makes everything smells good. In my opinion :).

Then prepare the pan, put a bit of the vegetable oil and cook the onion and garlic till fragrant. Put the chicken and cook it for at least 10 minutes. mix all the salt, pepper, nutmeg, palm sugar, coriander as well. Don't forget to add the  sweet soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, and butter. As I said, if you don't want it to be too oily, you don't have to add the butter. Cook it all well for a while and once it's ready, eat it together with a bowl of steam rice or a big plate of fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.

Bon appetite ...