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WW: Breathtaking Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Super excited to go back to Bali!

Well, following all the heath protocol, including taking swab test, I braved myself to fly and go back to Bali again. 

This island of paradise is indeed as beautiful as ever. Although pandemic has really impacted all of us and I feel so sad to see how Bali is suffering a lot from Covid - 19, I have to admit I do enjoy Bali more with less flocking tourists. 

This time, I stayed in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. 

The Royal Pita Maha, Tjampoehan Relaxation Resort in Ubud is where I stayed for 3 days. On my break, I managed to visit Tegalalang, a UNESCO World Heritage site of paddy field, and explored the areas near the hotel.

I hope you so enjoy the photos. I will get back with wore stories and photos for you. Don’t forget to stay safe, happy and healthy!

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Throwback Tuesday: The Many Beautiful Faces of Bali

The Many Beautiful Faces of Bali.

Throwback Tuesday will take us to Bali again.
For me, Bali is a never-ending love story.
I just can't get enough of its ageless beauty, warm-hearted people and serene ambiance I got in certain spots of the Island.

Well, I guess I will come back with more stories.
Here are some views I got from Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud, Bali.
The green plush heaven on earth.
Subak, the famous water management system used in Bali since the 9th century and beautifully shaped this landscape, has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012.

We stopped at Tirta Empul Temple and spent some times joining those who did their rituals, including cleansing their body and soul.
It was quite an experience!

Then of course, we took photos of Bo et Obi (and us :) near the temple.
Great souvenirs we have here!

That's my #ThrowbackTuesday in Ubud, Bali
What's your memory today? 

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).