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Botok Tempe - Steamed Spicy Tempe

Ready for another Indonesian delicious home cooking?

I am back with easy breezy Indonesian food for you to try. This time, I am still using tempe as the main ingredient.

Botok tempe, everyone?

Tempe is surely one of the most popular ingredients back home in Indonesia. This fermented soybean cake is famous for its exquisite taste and unique texture. And I have to say it's addictive! That is why I was super excited when I found that tempe is easy to find here in NYC. And I am not only talking about buying it in Asian market or shops, but I can also find tempe in many big chained supermarkets in NYC like D'Agostino and Trader Joe's. Apparently it becomes quite famous as vegan staples here. Great! So I can introduce you all with more Indonesian food using tempe as one of the ingredients.

Siapa yang tidak suka tempe?
Rasanya jarang saya menemukan orang Indonesia yang tidak suka dengan makanan sederhana namun sehat ini. Yang ada malah ketagihan seperti saya. Ke mana pun pergi, selalu menyempatkan diri (dan berusaha keras :)) mencari tempe. Rasanya kalau bisa mendapatkan tempe seperti memenangkan undian berhadiah lipstik setahun #eeeh. Dan bahagianya, di New York City tempe bukanlah bahan langka. Asal hapal jadwal tempe-tempe ini didrop di berbagai toko bahan makanan khas asia, maka tempe segar yang biasanya dipasok dari daerah Philadelphia dan New Jersey pun bisa kita nikmati. Bahkan dengan bonus bahan makanan khas tanah air lainnya seperti sambal pedas, bumbu-bumbu masakan, sampai teh kotak :).

So, what do we have here today.
I'd love to introduce you to Botok Tempe - steamed spicy tempe.
A la mama Bo et Obi :).

Kali ini saya mau berbagi resep sederhana a la dapur Astoria. 
Botok tempe :).
Botok itself is a famous dish in Indonesia and it has many varieties. It can be mainly composed of tempe, tofu, mushroom, and other vegetables. Some use grated coconut and dried fish as well. Originally, it's wrapped in banana leaves, which make it somehow more delicious, before you steam it. But for the practical reason, I just put it in the steamer without wrapping it with banana leaves. Back home, I just need to go to the backyard to fetch some banana leaves. But surely not here in NYC :).

And here we go.

Tempe - one pack, cute in cubes 
Red onion or shallots - thinly slices
Garlic - peeled
Coriander - one tea spoon, seeds of powder 
Kemiri or candlenut - 2 pieces
Fresh chili - if desired
Cilantro - sliced
Salt - as desired
Sugar - as desired

Bahannya sederhana dan relatif mudah didapat, bahkan untuk teman-teman yang sedang tidak berada di Indonesia. Tempe, bawang merah, bawang putih, cabe, dan bumbu-bumbu khas Indonesia seperti ketumbar dan kemiri. Kemiri juga relatif mudah dijumpai di sini karena ternyata banyak yang menggunakannya untuk memasak. Di sini saya juga menggunakan cilantro, bukan daun bawang, karena wanginya yang khas. Berhubung tidak ada kemangi, kebanyakan adanya daun basil, maka cilantro is a good substitute.

How to cook:

Put all the spices - garlic, red onion/shallot, coriander, candlenut and chili in the grinder. I usually use stone grinder because it feels authentic, like cooking it at home (I do bring my stone grinder from Indonesia :). But you can of course use your usual grinder or food processor for this. Once it's well grounded, add tempe, coarsely grind it and mix it well with the spices. Add salt and sugar as desired. 

using the stone grinder, we mix all the ingredients

If everything is well mixed, put them in a bowl or steamer and steam it for 20 minutes. Once it's ready, it will be best to eat it with steamed rice.

ready to steam :)

You can certainly substitute or add the ingredients with tofu or mushrooms. These are two of my favorite ingredients.

Gampang kaaan buatnya. Kalau di tanah air, botok tempe biasanya dicampur dengan teri asin atau sayuran lainnya seperti pete cina ya. Tapi berhubung di sini mencari bahan-bahannya perlu perjuangan, jadi memasaknya memanfaatkan bahan yang ada. Dapet tempe aja bahagianya sampai sejagad raya :).

Bon appetite!

Java Village Restaurant, NYC

Looking for yummy Indonesian food here in New York?

I am indeed..
Almost all the time :-).
An I have one favorite spot to satisfy my craving for Indonesian food.

If you miss nasi gudeg, ketoprak, mie ayam, nasi goreng, pempek and bubur ayam while you are in New York City, come to Java Village.

happy me with my plate of Ketoprak, Indonesian mixed vermicelli, rice cake, bean sprouts, chips and spicy peanut sauce :
Authenticity guaranteed ;)

complete Gudeg!
Sudah bukan rahasia kalau kuliner Indonesia memang tiada dua. 
Selalu bikin kangen. 
Mau lagi dan lagi. 
Di mana pun berada :).

Termasuk saya...yang asli doyan makan #danbanggalagi :)
dan safe haven saya di New York City untuk urusan kuliner Indonesia adalah Restoran Java Village.

Bersama Bella et Mama Bella in front of the resto..muka bahagiaaa abis makan enaak :)

This is the place where you have the real Indonesian food!

Enjoy its chicken porridge, Indonesian fried rice, Indonesian salad with peanut sauce or gado-gado, ketoprak or Indonesian dish with rice noddles, fried tofu, steamed beansprout and peanut dressing. Not to mention nasi gudeg, a traditional mixture of sweet young jackfruit stew, egg and chicken, or nasi empal, marinated fried beef and also nasi uduk.

It won't be complete if you don't try pempek or Indonesian fish cake with its sweet and sour dipping sauce. I guess I will definitely share the recipe later :)

Don't miss its ready to eat food as well.. 
With choices of meat and vegetables like kale in coconut milk, chicken and fish curry, and many more. They also have some ready-to-eat cookies, cakes and dishes for you to take home :). More Indonesian food for everyone.

do you all the choices in there...a lot to try and taste :)

A lot choose from and everything is tasty.
You won't regret it! 
And another important thing here is that everything is halal ;).
Perfect for us who are craving for homey food and halal as well.

Truly my fave :))

The restaurant is small but clean and decent. Best to have the food for take away :).
So, Indonesian food lovers, come and grab your favorite plate here.

Bon appetit :)

Java Village
86-10 Justice Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens
Phone: 718 205 2166
Open from 10 AM to 11 PM
Metro: R line, stop at Grand Avenue - Newton