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WW: Hello, New Zealand


Kia Ora!

Finally, our journey to Wellington, New Zealand started.

We took off from Jakarta, flying to Christchurch through Singapore with Singapore Airlines, one of my favorite airlines. 

After waiting for the approval from Border over Crossing authorities and teary eyes from our till-we-meet-again moments with dearest family and friends, we managed to board the flight on time to Singapore and had a brief transit there. 

with my mom, niece, and aunties... missing my brothers and sister - in - law here. Hugs & love!

with Pak Direktur and my division at the office.. will miss you all terribly!

Christchurch is our entry point to New Zealand, which hopefully will be our home for the next 4 years. We will have 7-day quarantine here and hopefully all is well.

Along the way, we have been mesmerized by amazing view from above. Here are some of the snaps we took.

such a breathtaking view...

Getting closer to Christchurch...

in the middle of somewhere...

as we landed...

Can't wait to explore more of the beauty of New Zealand and share it with you all here. Wish us, the Frakarsa, luck!

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