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What a month we have here!

December is special for my family as we celebrate 3 birthdays and an anniversary. So pretty much a celebration for everyone in the Frakarsas! As always, we have three celebrations done, no matter how we planned to have one altogether. 

Well, for Nadine’s, we were watching Guns n Roses concert at Sky Stadium Wellington. For Udi’s and our anniversary, we had a nice dinner outside and for Bo’s, which will come soon,  we’ll go out to the beach. Sound like a plan, rite! 

We have been craving to strolling around the country again now that the kids will soon have their summer break. The North island of Aotearoa is vast and we haven't explored many parts of it. Looks like we might use our end-of-the-year break to do so. So many places to visit, so little time!

on our way to Paekakariki.. missing our road trip again!

From the office, I still have delegation coming from Jakarta. More meetings are in the pipeline, right until 23rd of December, which marks the last working day for our counterparts in New Zealand. As for us, since Christmas will be celebrated on Sunday, we will have days off for two days on December 26 and 27. So far we have some plans but don’t know whether we will work it out or not. Frankly, sometimes I just want to stay at home and rest LOL. But hey, we only live once so whenever we have great opportunity to travel around, let's seize that!

But now, let me invite you all to join us on our Wonderful Wednesday and go check out the links to get all those lovely tips, recipes, DIY, fashion and more.

the weather has been quite friendly

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  1. wow langitnya super cantik, bersih dan keliatan indah banget, yang satu keliatan gelap tapi tetap cantik menurutku

  2. seruu banget roadtripnya pastinya yaa mba, keliatan banhget pemandangannya cantik pol. saya kalau ke sana juga udah pasti betah dan ngga kepengin pulang :D

  3. Menjelang natal banyak kue dengan hiasan warna merah, hijau dan putih.

  4. Kalau di keluarga aku bulan Desember ada dua perayaan Mbak ulang tahun aku dan suami hanya berjarak 2 minggu, jadi kalau ngerayain di rafel biar irit budget hehehe

  5. Desember jadi bulan yang sangat spesial buat keluarga mbak Insav, ya. Semoga selalu bahagia, Mbak. Aamiin

  6. Subahnallah, langitnya cakep bangeet. Bisa jalan-jalan di alam yang cantik begitu pastinya seneng ya. Duh iya, kangen juga nih aku jalan-jalan. Sehat-sehat selalu Mbak Indah :)

  7. Mumpung libur 2 hari pas natal, jalan-jalan ke tempat yang belum pernah dikunjungi di New Zealand, Mbak. Seru baca cerita perjalanan orang di luar negeri.

  8. Waaahh kalau summer breaks itu biasanya berapa lama mbak? Apa nyampek 3 bulanan atau cuma sebulan aja?
    Seru banget nonton konser Guns & Roses pasti happy banget Nadine :D

  9. Cookies make me curious about the taste, because they look attractive. It's great there. May you continue to be happy always

  10. Wah ada libur tambahan klo di NZ ya
    Seru bgt mba Indah.
    Di sini kyknya ga ada liburan tambahan

  11. Selamat berlibur, kak INdah..
    Senang sekali merayakaan berbagai hari kebahagiaan bersama keluarga di bulan Desember. Dan wow, ada konser Guns n Roses concert di Sky Stadium Wellington. Really excited!


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