WW: Cable Top Cafe at Kelburn, Wellington

We have been enjoying some good, sunny days lately here in windy Welly.
Well, spring should be around the corner although I have to admit that September is here and still we have freezing days.

When the weather is friendly, I really enjoy strolling around the city or Kelburn area, near my office. We have the Cable Car here and there's a cafe too called Cable Top. When time and work load permit, we sometimes walk up and have a quick breakfast here in the cafe.

It is really a good walk up to the hilly street to reach this cafe. The last time I came here with some friends, we had a good walk from the office and it took us around 10 minutes to reach the Cable Top eatery.

One of the brunch time we had here, I ordered their signature vegan shake. Well, shake with no milk and they put Feijoa, a unique fruit from New Zealand. Mixed with other fresh fruits, it's very filling indeed. 

the shake

In addition to that, we also ordered the cheese scone. I really love it as it's very creamy. 

If you want, you are more than welcomed to order gelato or ice cream and cookies as well pastries as they also serve many delicious flavours for that.

Well, all in all, I really enjoy this place and happy to go back here again next time.

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  1. Pasti akan menjadi pengalaman menyenangkan kalau bisa makan di sana. Nama makanannya lucu, tempatnya juga asyik.


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