Lovely Stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba

Lovely Stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba

Hi everyone

Welcoming August, my birth month, I am still sharing the joy of my trip to Havana, Cuba. As I have warned you before, I still have so much to share indeed.

After writing about Hotel Nacional de Cuba , Floridita Cafe, Obispo Area, Santa Maria del Mare beach and Museo de la Revolucion as well as Mesquita Abdallah in Havana, Cuba, I now have NH Capri Hotel to share with you.

For our 4-day-3 night trip to Havana, Cuba from New York City, we decided to stay at NH Capri Hotel. The hotel is strategically located  I love this place because it is not far from many interesting landmarks in the area, including the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the famous promenade Maleçon where we can enjoy the lovely view of Havana Bay.

Frankly, before flying to Cuba we read a lot of references and tips & tricks from other fellow travelers. Many have suggested some things, including the importance to choose the right hotel, the special international currency for tourists, as well as the fact that we might need to bring some basic supplies, like toilet papers, because simple things like that can be very rare and expensive. It all is caused by the prolonged embargo by one of their immediate neighboring countries. I did read it with mixed feelings, between not (or perhaps cannot) believe it and do not want to take any risks. So, we did bring enough supplies for our stay.

Welcome to NH Capri Havana

Well, as we arrived in Jose Marti International airport and went to the hotel directly, we were happy that we made the right choice. We really wanted to stay in Hotel Nacional de Cuba nut as it's the biggest hotel in the country and very famous as well as historical, the room rate is also fantastic. We prefer to use the money for other experience, like our Salsa class and walking tour with the local guide.

So, when we arrived, we waited at the lobby and the check in was very smooth. NH Capri is part of NH Hotel chain adn as I have used their services many times while in Europe, I know they have a good standard and affordable prices as well. 

the sleek, elegant lobby

They had everything ready and we just have to wait for a while. The hotel is nice although it is not that big or 'modern'. I am not saying it's a classic hotel but more like an art-deco one. 

In the lobby, they also have the cigar corner, where you can get many brands of famous cigars here. Perfect for souvenir! They have this small corner selling all those famous cigars, which we have put on our long list from our NYC bosses and colleagues LOL. So it immediately attracted our attention and we certainly bought some. Speaking about impulsive buying.

When we get to the room, we now that hotel's facilities are nice. 

The room is lovely and clean, not too spacious but it's enough for 2 people staying comfortably. I have no issues with the bed, linens and the pillows, which are crucial indeed.

The amenities are complete, like NH Hotel standard. It has free shampoo, conditioner and the bath gel. You also get free tooth brush, lotion, shower cap and tissues. We also have bathrobe and slippers. So, the amenities is complete.
The bed is comfy. The pillows are nice as well. 

The room is beautifully decorated in mint color. It is very cool and calming. 
And we had free wine, as a welcome gift for us! Not to mention free coffee, tea, and water bottles. 

The staff is very friendly and they are very helpful indeed. It has pool, rooftop and the breakfast is nice. I do enjoy the warm food they have for breakfast as well. 

the pool is packed!

in front of the hotel, there will always be classic, beautiful taxi is waiting

We spent around USD 360 for 3 nights of deluxe room with breakfast for 2 people. Not bad at all! It is only 5 minutes walk to the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba and 10 minutes to Maleçon, where you can take pictures with the big Cuba sign on the hill.

I flew to Havana from New York City, using direct flight from Jet Blue. The flight was smooth and at that time, really packed with tourists like us. 

Here's my little video about our trip to Havana, Cuba, day 1!

Obviously, since our trip was taken in 2018, we stayed here before the pandemic hit the country and the world. So, I guess a lot of arrangement are changing nowadays. But that's my little review of our lovely stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba. 

Will you stay here as well if visiting Havana, Cuba? Tell me what you think about the hotel and what will you do if you visited Havana, Cuba!

Cheers and stay save, happy and healthy, everyone!


  1. Aku gagal[okus sama cerutunyaaa, bisa buat souvenir juga ya MAak.
    jadi inget waktu ke pabrik cerutu di Jember niih.
    Waah, NH CApri Hotelnya nyaman banget, itu tampak pemandangan dari jauh juga kece.

  2. Interior hotelnya nggak jauh beda dengan hotel Indonesia Mbak In. Sampe swimming poolnya dan kreteknya juga mirip lah soalnya pernah lihat di Jember ada pabrik kretek. Yang menampakkan hotel NH ada di luar negeri adalah bentuk mobilnya yang bodynya panjang-panjang��

  3. Jadi pengen nyanyi, Havana oh nana...
    Cantik banget hotelnya ya, elegan banget.
    Viewnya juga kece.
    Senangnyaaaa bisa trip ke Havana, terus menginap di hotel yang elegan :)

  4. viewnya dari hotel cakep banget ya mbak. duh itu langit biru banget. masyaAllah. makasih mbak, aku suka banget baca pengalaman mbak selama di cuba. dikupas sedikit demi sedikit jadi asyik bacanya

  5. Lihat review hotel gini jadi kangen mau liburan ya, mbak. Semoga pandemi ini cepat berakhir jadi bisa liburan lagi.
    Btw, NH Capri Hotel ini bagus dan sederhana juga ya, desainnya, mbak.

  6. Kalo untuk sarapan di hotel ya. Nah di sekitar NH Hotel ini, mudah mendapatkan makanan, gak Mbak Indah? Utamanya yang halal?

  7. Kuba terkenal sama cerutunya ya, Mbak. Kayaknya saking terkenalnya, udah auto ingat ke cerutu kalau ingat negara ini.

  8. USD 360 for 3 nights is still affordable ya, Mam.. Apalagi jika mengingat semua fasilitasnya, juga lokasinya yang cukup strategis.

  9. Nyobain juga gak cerutu. Kata sih kalau tidak terbiasa bisa batuk-batuk. Tembakau pembuatan cerutu memang jempolan kalau dari cuba

  10. Seneng banget ya pengalaman Mba Indah itu sudah bisa ke Cuba juga, kaya pengalaman nih Mba keren yang satu ini. Barokalloh ya Mba...pengen juga sesekali bisa traveling lagi hehe...

  11. aku lihat gambar Cigarette jadi inget waktu aku ke Jember terus ke pabriknya.

    hotelnya bersih banget, aku suka aku suka

  12. Lobi hotelnya cakep. Pemandangan di sekitar hotel juga cakep. Ada fasilitas kolam renang juga. Jadi pengen ke kolam renang setelah baca postingan ini.

  13. lengkap fasilitasnya ya mba. view nya juga bagus. aku gagal fokus sama cigar/cerutunya kayak astor.. auto pengen dimakan.. 😅

  14. Auto fokus ke cerutunya karena ingat dulu boss di kantor suka koleksi wine dan cerutu yang gedenya wow, heheh. Ini hotelnya sederhana ya mba, tapi klasik. Aku suka model taksinya hahah..sama mobil pink itu

  15. Rapi dan bersih deh hotelnya, pelayanannya juga pastinya oke ya mam, sudah standar internasional. Itu yang mobil pink bikin galfok deh hehehe... kece banget ya.

  16. Lihat suasana di hotelnya keliatan nyaman, ya, Mbak. Fasilitasnya cukup lengkap. Apalagi lihat kolam renangnya, jadi pengen nyebuur hehehe

  17. Wah beli cerutu mbak? Buat oleh2 atau gmn tu? penasaran kalau beli cerutu di sana masuk Indonesia kena cukai2 eh atau pajak atau gmn ya?
    Hotelnya mirip2 kek hotel di Indonesia ya utk pengaturan interiornya

  18. Selalu envy sama yang bisa traveling ke havana, Cuba.
    Impian banget buatkuuu

  19. Jadi ingat pas main ke Jember ada cigars segede itu juga. Beberapa teman nyobain dan cuma bisa takjub. Hotelnya sederhana tapi mewah ada semua ya mbak.

  20. Suka banget lihat pemandangan hotelnya . Cakep dan berasa pengen staycation di sana,hehe eh saya juga salfok nih lihat cerutunya

  21. Waaw..berasa di film-film, kak Indah.
    mencicipi berbagai hal baru, yang kalau di hotel Indonesia, engga ada.
    Kaya free wine. Hehhee..

  22. The hotel looks nice and comfortable as well. I like the fact is is close to other landmarks

  23. Hi Indah, I'm so glad you able to visit before the pandemic, I hear it is terrible there now, I wish things could be different for the Cubans that they may have freedom. THanks for hosting #omhgww
    Have a safe week!

  24. Another very nice travel blog. Love it. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at #omhgww. See you next week.

  25. It's good that you were aware of the supplies you needed to take with you. And the hotel looked to be nice as well. Cuba was on my bucket list for many years but I think it has been replaced by other destinations. :) Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting at #omhgww.


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