Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba - Home of Daiquiri

Shall we continue our fun, virtual trip to Havana, Cuba? 

Come and join me here and let's go to Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba - Home of Daiquiri! 

Maybe many of you have been to Havana, Cuba before and stopped by at this lovely place as well. But some are probably not yet have the chance to come and visit, or even tried Daiquiri before.

Mungkin ada teman - teman yang sudah pernah mampir ke kota Havana, Kuba, sebelumnya. Biasanya, kalau berkesempatan mampir ke Havana, banyak yang mampir ke restoran dan bar yang terkenal karena minuman khas yang diciptakan di sini, Daiquiri. Tapi kalau belum pernah, atau juga belum tahu apa itu Daiquiri, mari kita simak ceritanya di sini.

Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba

To those who had a chance to come and visit Havana, they might be strongly advise to visit Floridita Restaurant & Bar. Not only that it is uniquely known as the original home of Daiquiri, but also because Ernest Hemingway, one of the famous American novelists, who spent his life for around 10 years in Cuba, was a regular here. This restaurant is being well-known as one of his favorite hangouts, it has his life - size bronze statue on Hemingway’s corner. 

But besides that, the interior design of the restaurant is also beautiful. Its classic murals depicting incredible view of Cuba as well as elegant upholstery and accents make you feel comfortable dining or hanging around here. Not to mention delicious food they serve here, along with the refreshments.

When we first passed this lovely pink restaurant, my dear friend Erma and I just started our walking tour + salsa class session. That was on the second day of our visit to Havana, Cuba. As our tour already included lunch in the local restaurant, we planned to come back here again on the next day. As it is situated in a popular area of Obispo calle, you will see many antique cars in various make, colors and types. Interesting to watch indeed.

When we first passed this lovely pink restaurant, my dear friend Erma and I just started our walking tour + salsa class session. That was on the second day of our visit to Havana, Cuba. As our tour already included lunch in the local restaurant, we planned to come back here again on the next day. Besides, we had to walk around the old square or Plaza Vieja, and there are so many things we had in our itinerary, including having salsa dancing class. Yeaaah! 

As it is situated in a popular area of Obispo calle, you will see many antique cars in various make, colors and types. Interesting to watch indeed. Before I share more, let’s enjoy some of these photos first.

Floridita is also known as ‘la cuna del daiquiri’ or the cradle of Daiquiri. Here’s the famous bar, initially open back in 1817. It was used to be called La Piña de Plata and still famous till now. As you can see in the photos below, the bar is very vibrant indeed. The bartenders and the waitresses are very friendly indeed! The statue of Ernest Hemingway is located in one of the corners near the bar. It was a long queue when I tried to get there so I didn’t really go near.

Busy bar.. this is before the pandemic, though

When we came here for our late lunch (I was super hungry at that time), after visiting Santa Maria Del Mare beach and Musee de la Revolucion, this place was packed, especially the bar. Well, we came here before the pandemic so you can imagine many tourists were flocking at the same time.

As you can see, the bar is very festive! Big mural in the background showing pictures of sceneries from the past, with majestic ship sailing in the bay. It was busy and vibrant, with a lot of happy chatters and giggles when we arrived. Some were even dancing to the music being played in the background. Again, the waitresses were very bubbly and smiley. 

The cradle of the Daiquiri

At one corner, you can see a special stand selling merchandise of this famous restaurant, like t-shirts, aprons, glasses, mugs, ashtray and more. Perfect for those collecting memorabilias.

As for the dining room, as I mentioned above, you will be transported back to the golden era of the 40's and the 50's. Big round tables with comfy chairs for family or group as well as table for two are available. 

the ambience of the restaurant

the busy bar seen from the dining room

the menu... noce the Gran Plate Hemingway? His favorite!

it has soups and entries as well


How about the famous Daiquiri?
Let’s see how it looks!
Looking fresh indeed right.. no wonder this is one of the all-time favorite beverages of the Cubans and many others. With hot and humid weather Cuba, this drink will be perfect.


Daiquiri itself is originally a cocktail, composed of rum, lime juice (or any fresh juice.. and I chose strawberries. Super fresh!) and super fine sugar. As it originally has alcohol on it, good thing is you can still order the ‘virgin’ one or the one without the alcohol. That’s what I got here 💜.

The original Daiquiri (the white one) and the virgin one 

Of course besides Daiquiri, they have other choices of  food and beverages as well. Don’t worry.. they also have many non-alcoholic drinks for us to choose, like soft drinks, juice and shakes. 


Can you guess what we ordered?  For sure I ordered the soup and I chose the Sopa Noche de Paris. Soup of the night in Paris! Sounds very intriguing right. It is basically broth with onion, cheese and baguette on the side.

delicious salad with fresh dressing and veggies

For sure, Erma and I really enjoyed our food and drink after spending some times on the beach and in the museum. As we walked out, we joined other visitors who were dancing in circles. What a day indeed!

Well that was one fine afternoon we had in Havana, Cuba. Enjoying fine dining in such a vibrant and historical place surely becomes one of my unforgettable experience. As we continued walking around the area, we found more attractive alleys and friendly people. 

And the story is to be continued..


  1. Alhamdulillah bisa pesan Daiquiri tanpa alkohol, ya, Mbak. Jadi aman buat muslim yang berkunjung ke situ. Btw, warna pink dari restorannya soft banget bikin adem mata.

  2. Never been to Havana, Cuba. It seems interesting to try when Covid is gone. Hope Covid disappears soon...

  3. Makanan dan minumannya enak semua itu ya, Mbak. Gelasnya cakep banget itu. Jadi pengen beli gelas yang seperti itu setelah baca postingan ini.

  4. Wow Cuba city so lovely, i love the classic style especially the car in blue and red white ones, seems like the restaurant always full of visitor

  5. Aaakk, pengin deh suatu saat nanti menginjakkan kaki di sini
    Aku sukaaa colorful ambience dari kota ini dan elemen2 cafe/hotel/dll-nya

  6. Never been there but reading your blogpost i could really imagine what Cuba look like. The old cars,the interior of the restaurant it seems that you have brought us to some old lovely place. And along the way i could hear tango and mexican style kind of music

  7. Wah aku sedikit banget pengetahuan tentang Kuba nih Mba... baca2 ini jadi sedikit tahu tentang Kuba terutama minuman khasnya... Menarik nih.

  8. Wah, itu mobilnya lucu, apalagi yang warna kuning itu.
    Minuman dan makanannya terlihat enaak, yang digoreng bentuk lonjong itu sekilas mirip kroket :D

  9. Wooww...so gorgeous!
    Kak Indah so stunnin'!

    Aku pengen tau belajar salsanya donk, kak Indah..
    Dance yang super sexy menurutku, karena tap-tap nya cantik sekali.

  10. Fortunately Indonesian citizen can go there without visa, I believe someday I can visit that place, aamiin. Jadi inget lagunya havana o nana pacarnya shawn hihi.

  11. Pantesan terkenal ya, sudah sejak tahun 1817.
    Daiquiri non alkohol bisa dipesan ya rupanya. Kepo, kalau berkesempatan ke sana lagi, Mbak Indah bakal pesan menu yang sama? ^_^

  12. Duh, minumannya seger-seger. Makanannya juga keliatan so delicious..Hm, bikin ngiler dan kemecer ini mah..

  13. Cantik banget kota Cuba yah, liatin fotonya aja berasa ikutan traveling. I wish someday bisa ke sana jg

  14. Serasa ikutan keliling Havana deh baca artikel ini. Ikut menikmati suasana di sana, juga dengan berbagai hidangannya yang menarik.

  15. Ramai juga ya kak restonya... Kayaknya disana gak ada pandemi hehe.. Kesan vintagenya kuat banget pula..dan memang aslinya kuno gitu ya kak... Ah seru juga ke tempat2 vintage gini

  16. Wah asik banget interiornya, classic gitu ya. Makannya juga keliatan enak.

  17. Aku belum pernah ke luar negeri sama sekali, apalagi ke Kuba. Senang banget deh kalau bisa dinner di Floridita Restaurant and Bar, tertarik sama saladnya dan pengin ceuba Daiquiri.

  18. I guest your home is all over the world not Indonesia wkwk thank u for taking us with you

  19. Lovely pink restaurant ya mba..suka liatnya belum pernah tahu seputar Cuba beruntungnya bisa baca pengalaman mba In ke sana :) enak yah

  20. wahh suasana di Cuba sangat menyenangkan ya mbak
    arsitektur kotanya desainnya vintage ya mbak
    terlihat klasik, tapi cantik

  21. langsung ingat sama tony montana pas baca tentang cuba ini. kalau dipikir kayaknya nggak banyak ya, mbak yang menuliskan perjalanan ke negara yang satu ini. jadi penasaran nih sama tempat wisatanya

  22. Cuba ternyata cakep ya. Hahaha. Kok aku jatuh cinta sama tulisan-tulisanmu tentang Cuba mba. Hihi

  23. Wah Havana Cuba, pasti keren banget bangunannya, aku paling suka Arsitektur bangunan cafenya keren banget, apalagi makanannya terlihat enak...hehehe

  24. Makanannya tampak lezat deh. Saya kok salfok sama gorengan yang mirip kroket itu, apakah bahan dasarnya dari kentang juga? Kok jadi ngiler ingat kroket hahaha. Alhamdulillah ada minuman tanpa alkohol ya jadi aman deh buat para muslim.

  25. Wow.. mantap mba.. baca tulisan ini rasanya ingin segera jalan-jalan lagi. Sayangnya kita masih tertahan pandemi yaa. Bacanya aja sudah terbayangkan bagaimana menyenangkan kembali jalan-jalan.

  26. Aku jadi kepikiran kak Indah, kalau ingin menjadi novelist, gak boleh hanya puas tinggal di rumah yaa.. Kudu perbanyak riset seperti Ernest Hemingway.
    Karena ternyata, sebuah perjalanan bisa menghasilkan beragam cerita yang dituangkan dalam sebuah karya.

  27. Mantap banget mbak... Foto-foto makanan dan minumannya menggoda... Seru pula ada kelas salsanya...

  28. Daiquiri tanpa alkohol itu pastinya kabar baik buat mbak dan temannya ya... kabar baik juga buat para pengungjung yang muslim. Apalagi minuman segar gitu. Hm, pasti makin suka.

  29. unik banget ya kuba mbak, emang mereka itu pakai mobil mobil model lama begitu ya mbak? atau emang sengaja di daerah itu aja karena banyak wisatawan datang ke tempat itu? curious banget aku mbak hihihi

  30. wah asik baget tempatnya ya. menurutku tetap cozy walau terlihat ramai. karena luas juga yaa.. btw lihat bonekanya mba Indah dari masih baru sampai sekarang diajak jalan kemana2 gitu. seru jg

  31. Aku baru tau tentang daiquiri ini loh mam. Seneng deh kalau baca cerita perjalanan di sini, ada aja pengetahuan baru yang kudapat. Hayuuk ditunggu kisah dari negara lainnya yaaa..

  32. Masya Allah ternyata Havana sangat colorful ya Mbak. Jauh dari dugaan bahwa negara komunis itu selalu suram dan warna-warnanya sama semu.

  33. Wah jadi inget lagunya camilla cabello~ Cantik banget ya Havanaaaa. Bar floriditanya juga aesthethic amat sih ituuu

  34. Pasti ngangenin banget main ke Resto ini lagi, dari tembok tembok yang sudah memanjakan mata sampai sejarah yang luar biasa, berasa bangga bisa msuk dan menikmati hidangan khas milik mereka. Ah.. menyenangkan :D

  35. Dari luar kayaknya kecil ya bangunannya, tapi setelah melihat foto-foto bagian dalam, ternyata luas juga. Rame banget pula.

    terus itu yang melintas di jalan kan mobil model lama ya, antik dan keren

  36. Duh mbak bikin mupeng. Bagus and unik banget, onesay semoga


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