floating breakfast at the Royal Pita Maha Resort
floating breakfast at the Royal Pita Maha Resort

Hi everyone.. Hope all is well and you are always safe, happy and healthy, wherever you are. 

The end of the year is so near and I am lucky to have the privilege to spend some days in the most beautiful place on earth. BALI.

Perhaps you have read previous posts on different parts of Bali where I traveled to Ubud, Kuta, and Nusa Dua since October 2020.  Now I would like to share more stories about my recent stay in Ubud, Bali, especially in the Royal Pita Maha Resort. I first came here in October for meeting, then I came back again in the beginning of December with my family. We celebrated our anniversary and my hubby's 45th birthday. and before, we celebrated my daughter's 10th birthday in Nusa Dua. Well, December is indeed special for the Frakarsas!

breakfast at the Royal Pita Maha Resort, Ubud, Bali

By the way, as I have shared in my post about Luxurious Stay at the Royal Pita Maha Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, there are so many lovely things to do and many spots to explore here in this resort. You can see the details of the villa, especially one-bedroom villa with private pool, in my previous posts and my YouTube channel. Check out the video down here! 

So, this time I will show you the floating breakfast!
Yup.. floating breakfast!


I have to admit I have been so envious looking at so many Instagram feed showing gorgeous photos of floating breakfast in many lovely hotels, villas or residence. So when I got a chance to experience it myself at the Royal Pita Maha, I didn't think twice LOL. 

Actually the breakfast is similar to what you have in the restaurant. During our first stay in this place, we have choice for the breakfast. Not as many or fancy as the buffet breakfast before the pandemic but I love the choices of Indonesian breakfast and the American one. 

So I enjoy nasi goreng complete with egg, fried chicken, crispy crackers, chili and pickles. Not to mention fresh fruit and fresh juice. Then 2 staff came to my room to help me setting up the floating breakfast by putting everything on the rattan tray. then voila.. put it on the pool and you have your floating breakfast. As easy as that!

Now, the challenge is hot to enjoy your breakfast in the pool. It's not that easy as it seems. In my case, I took some times to take photos and videos on the pool while enjoying my nasi goreng.  Ribet LOL! But all in all, I do appreciate the help if the staff in preparing the breakfast and the lovely ambience we have at the Royal Pita Maha Resort. 

So, what do you think? Will you enjoy the floating breakfast as well?


  1. ga pernah ngerasain floating breakfast begini aku tuh mba, kayaknya seru ya bisa sambil foto2 hehee

  2. Waaa envy banget sarapannya kayak gituu uhh jadi kangen mau ke Bali... :)
    Enjoy your vacation in Bali mak insav :) Your Desember is full of love :)

  3. Aku nggak pernah seperti ini menikmati sarapan pas nginep di hotel, villa atau sejenisnya. Jujur aku mupeng banget mak

  4. waaa suka banget sama view kolam renangnya, makin asik lagi breakfast pool ya mbak hihihi, pemandangannya juga cantik banget deh

  5. look delicious breakfastnya, hope someday will be there mba Indah. Nasi Goreng with egg, one of the the most delicious food ya mba

  6. Unik ya breakfast begini. Bikin breakfast bisa sekalian berenang dan menikmati pemandangan alam. Tempat yang asyik buat honeymoon 😁

  7. sering banget seliwera floating breakfast kayak gini diinstagram Mba Indah. Tapi aku sendiri belum pernah ehhehe gemes banget ya sambil nyemplung.

  8. Hahhaha....buat para pecinta visual, makan ribet itu keren yaa, kak.
    Aku suka banget kak Indah ceritain pengalaman berlibur tipis-tipis ke Royal Pita Maha Resort Ubud, Bali.

  9. Mupeng maksimal. Hahhaa. Aku tuh dari dlu pengen ngerasain ala ala floating breakfast ini. perasaan pas buat bulan madu. Tapi pas begini ya asik juga ya

  10. duhhh bahagia banget mba liatnya akuu. Akhirnya ya bisa ngerasain floating breakfast dan fotofotooo hihi


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