WW: Cooking time during the Quarantine

What is your favorite pastime during the quarantine?

Besides finishing my assignments (not really my favorite, obviously) and helping the kids with their Zoom meetings, home works and more assignments (frankly, it's a bit burdensome indeed), I do spend so much time in the kitchen.
Well, it's my favorite spot at home after my purple-infused bedroom.

Another simple cooking video at my YouTube channel :)

I have been back to my old 'backyard' which has been quite abandoned since I was pretty much occupied with works and traveling.
Super happy to create various dishes that my family and I love, although some of them are pretty simple.

My brownies cooked with rice cooker :)

I do miss my big oven in NYC though. I don't have one here in Jakarta as it costs us a lot. So I'm trying to work with what I have, cooking at the stove, microwave and rice cooker. I even made brownies in rice cooker and it worked fine! You can watch it in my YouTube channel here.

Let's cook!

During this blessed month of Ramadhan, I also cook simple yet delicious munchies for our Ifthar, breaking time. My kids have been fully observing the fasting month as well and they have been eating a lot lately. That becomes sort of a motivation for me to cook all those delicious food. Well, at least for us LOL.

Here are some photo and videos I took form my cooking session during this pandemic. Some recipes will be shared on separate posts.

Most of the time I was helped by my kiddos, Bo et Obi.
They both love to eat so they are quite adventurous and helpful in the kitchen as well.

the famous premixed brownies

Can you guess what it is? Sambal terasi :)

Our favorite chicken noodle!

Freshly squeezed oranges

preparation for our mini omelette..
 Some cooking processes have been shared in my Instagram Stories as well. 
Check out @insav and @hiddentreasure081 at the Instagram, 

Stay safe, happy and healthy during the pandemic!

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  1. Wooow aku mau chicken noodle nya Mam :)
    Btw bisa juga ya bikin brownies di rice cooker, mau coba juga ah kapan2.

  2. Aku ngiler liat masakannya..
    Kalo di rumahku banyakan si kk yang masak. Beruntung masukin dia di jurusan tata boga. Beneran cinta masak banget. Mamanya bisa ngerjain yang lain :)

  3. Ada mie ayam segala. Belum kesampaian mau bikin mie ayam di rumah. Pengen bikin mienya juga dari awal. Ambisi. Hehe. Saking sukanya mie ayam.

  4. Mbak Indah ternyata jago masaaaaak,
    Itu brownies-nya boleh lempar ke Bandung sepotong hahaha

    omelete biasanya jadi menu andalanku kalo lagi ada nasi sisa semalam mbak, jadi telurnya dicampur nasi dan bawang daun hehe

  5. BHuaaaaaa..yess untung bwnya malem2, jadi ga menggoda imaan.

    Ahh, itu browniesnya mauuuu..
    bisa di ricecooker yaa, aku baru tahuu, iya ovenku juga entah kmana, dipinjem ga dibalikin.
    Nanti aku mo nyobain ahh.

    Mamak nih yaa, beneran hebriing sempet masak2an.

  6. Aih Mba Indah keren nih ternyata jago masak juga hehe...aku ngiler sama brownies dan mie ayamnya ..makanan kesukaanku tuh..:D

  7. Wihh it's so interested to bake brownies in rice cooker. Is the taste like steamed cake or baked cake?

  8. OMG these foods are so yummy. I was looking for a brownie recipe and I think I found it! I've watched your video on your youtube channel. Thanks mba Indah.

  9. Wow, ternyata pinter masak juga ya mbak Indah hehe btw aku lagi pengen buat cake tapi susah juga ga punya oven, jadi kau nyontwk cara buat brownies pakai rice cookernya. Thanks

  10. aku penasaran dengan brownies pakai rice cooker hihi belum pernah nyobain :)

  11. Chicken noodle menggiurkan banget hehehe. Tapi, semuanya juga, ding. Jadi banyak yang kreatif masak ya sata pandemi

  12. Praktis tapi tidak kalah lezat dari buatan yang aslinya. Beberapa pernah saya buat praktik juga meski dengan bahan seadanya hehehe

  13. Dah berapa lama ya ga makan chicken noodle. Jadi kangen. Tapi nggak punya kulit pangsit he he

  14. Aduh harusnya komentar malam hari biar gak ngiler hahaha. Yummy banget ya mbak indah masakannya.

  15. Wah wah, boleh-boleh nih cara bikin brownies pake rice cooker-nya aku contek. Anak-anakku suka dengan brownies. Kebetulan di sini tukang brownies gak jualan lagi. Huhuhu...

  16. Selama di rumah, jadi sering masak-masak ya, Mbak. Saya juga senang buat makanan yang praktis-praktis, seperti buat kue dengan rice cooker.

  17. mbak seger bangeet jeruknya yaa.. aku juga selalu nyetok jeruk lokal ama jeruk baby pacitan. lumayan eh buat bikin jus jeruk untuk berbuka hehe

  18. Aku juga sekarang masak yang simple aja mama Bo buat berbuka dan sahur

  19. Walah mulai baking dan cooking lagi ya Mbak. Keren banget waktunya tetap produktif, tetap bisa berperan di frontline dan juga di backyard.

    1. Alhamdulillaaah mba...masih belajar aku, mumpung masih ada waktuuu

  20. kak Inda bisaaan...masak dari main course sampai dessertnya.
    Pasti anak-anak makin happy dirumahaja.

  21. Brownies in a rice cooker? I'm going to have to try that myself!


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