Hello Moscow, I am Coming

Welcome to Moscow, Russia

The sky was blue.
You can see high-rise buildings and didn’t see it I’m honestly super sad eyes underground. We are here we are in Moscow. I smile as I recorded moments before we landed in Alaska from the capital city of Russian Federation.
One of my dreams comes through.


“We will be meeting with the Ministries on August 21st and be leaving the country on the 22nd evening. So, let’s get everything ready and keep in touch with the Embassy in Moscow.”
We just finished our regular meeting gearing up to all the activities and events scheduled for our office. I was beyond excited when I found out that I would visit Moscow, the Capital city of the Russian Federation. Although it's going to be an official working visit for two days, but I know I will at least be able to see the famous Red Square and Kremlin, and complete my collection of Matryoshka.

The famous Matryoskha
I remember almost 9 years ago, back in 2010, when we were about to visit this magnificent city. Known as one of the most beautiful capitals, Moscow has long been captivating our hearts for its beauty, history and more. We planned our journey meticulously in Geneve when suddenly we heard the news that bombs exploded in Moscow's famous subways. We cancelled the visit as we had young kids traveling with us. Since then, I haven't got a chance to visit or even plan to visit the city again. Now, in 2019, my dream comes true! This visit is truly like an answered prayer. 

We flew from Jakarta through Istanbul and reached Moscow the following day at 2 PM.
The weather was beautiful and it's just a lovely summer where people can comfortably go out just wearing t-shirt, short and sandals. Perfect for me as I don't have to bring too many jackets and stuff. 

As we landed in Vnukovo International Arport, I know the adventures start.

Anyway, what do you have in mind when you hear Moscow or Russia?
Tsar? KGB? Red Square? Kremlin? Putin? Borsch? 
Or all of them?

In my case, it's all of them!
As I have mentioned above, we were so ready to visit and explore Moscow before so I have spent sometimes reading and understanding the enigma and the rich history of this country. Moreover, while I was in New York City, one of my very best friends, Andre, was raised in Moscow and speaks Russians fluently. So we used to spend times in Veselka, the famous Russian - Ukrainian 24-hour cafe in Hell's Kitchen that becomes super famous after being one of the scenes for Ocean 12 (Go check it out!).

A view in Red Square

Come and watch my YouTube video welcoming myself to the heart of this iconic city.

Wait for more details and stories here as I'm coming back with more.


  1. I have a few stacking dolls. I have a good friend and a student from Russia. How cool you got to go there.

  2. those building are so unique.. when it comes to Russia, i think about great boxer and fighter who compete in MMA :D

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

  3. anakku tuh demen banget dgn hal2 berbau Russia :D
    Dia pasti puingiiiin nih traveling kayak Mba Indah

  4. Woowww Moscow.
    Suka banget ama foto mba Indah di atas yang pegang kamera itu, apalagi bajunya soooo mba Indah hehehehe
    Bangunannya juga keren-keren ya mba :)

  5. Moscow selalu terkesan dingin buat saya. Ya orangnya maupun negaranya. Tetapi kalau lihat boneka dan gedungnya itu malah terkesan bertilak belakang. Warna-warninya kelihatan ceria

  6. Wow...you always bring such interesting travel stories. TFS and for co-hosting at #omhgww

  7. I don't know must be happy or sad, because when someone ask me what in my mind if i heard about Russia? I just remember putin and also Marsha andthe Bear

  8. ahhh matrioshkanya lucu banget btw teman ku bilang di moscow ads yang jual matrioshka presiden indonesia lho Mba

  9. Moscow dan Alaska lebih dingin mana kalau musim dingin, ya? Tapi sekarang lagi bulan-bulan musim cerah, ya.

  10. Lihat Matryoshka-nya jadi ingat salah satu drama Korea kesukaanku, hehehe ��

    Bahagianya Mba Indah, melaksanakan tugas sambil jalan-jalan ��

  11. Saya kalo dengar nama Rusia disebut, ingatnya selalu Masha and the bear, Mba��

  12. One of my big dream, bisa jalan2 ke Moscow, unik banget yah i on negaranya kayak di negeri dongeng2 ��

  13. Wow.. .Congratulation for your visit in Moscow sister..
    I know very well when our pray has finally answered :D

  14. Wah eksotik bangungannya & warna2 bagus, terang. Nunggu lebih banyak lagi cerita dari negeri penuh misteri ini.

  15. Pengen banget merasakan dinginnya Moscow mengingat Tangerang sekarang lagi panas-panasnya, haha kayak dekat aja ya Moscow harus nabung dulu nih :)

  16. Asyik banget sih kak bisa ke moscow... aku jadi pengen banget deh jalan jalan ke situ, doakan ya aku cepat menyusul ke sana...

  17. Cakep-cakep bangunannya unik mbak. Matryoskha terkenal banget ini ya dari Rusia. Nanti kalua ke sana lagi aku diajaklah mbak :)

  18. Papaku juga koleksi Matryoskha, tapi dulu aku takut sih soalnya gambar mukanya serem.

  19. Duh, indah ya Moscow. Bangunan-bangunannya khas banget. Dan itu Matryoskha-nya gemesin banget. Bikin kepengen dibawa pulang aja :D

  20. Cantik banget deh bangunan-bangunan di Moscow. Nilai historisnya just yah. Makanya sering jadi setting novel atau film.

  21. Amazing nih mba lihat bangunan-bangunan megah di Moscow.....pasti bersyukur bgt ya mba bisa berkesempatan kesana dan menikmati pemandangan yang ada. Kesempatan berharga yang mengesankan.

  22. Moscow tu unik banget khususnya bangunannya dan juga boneka matriyoskanya itu ya mbak. Semoga kelak bisa melihat Moscow juga aamiin😁

  23. Kak Indaah...
    Ada sejarahnya gak siih...kenapa Moskow itu bahasanya banyak pengucapan huruf v gitu..

    Bandaranya aja namanya Vnukovo International Airport.

  24. Duh jadi baper, tempatnya Keren banget. Semoga perjalanannya lancar ya mba

  25. Ak lom pernah keluar negri mba tapi kalo dengar kata mosko jadi ingat tempelan kulkas yang di kasih temanku oleh" dari sana hihihi.. Pengen minta ajarin foto mba ak gagal fokus sama fotonya


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