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How is your February so far?
I know Valentine's Day is here and to those celebrating it, enjoy it!

First flight from Jakarta - Jogjakarta 🌅
We still have euphoria (and holiday) from the the celebration of the Chinese New Year, but I am already working on so many things for February and March. I might have some long trip to Germany and Switzerland for works. It will be great but it requires tons of preparation as well. Last week I managed to visit Jogjakarta again.

Meanwhile, I have been spending more time with my munchkins. We swim a lot here in Indonesia. The weather is pretty much warm and hot all year long, especially in Jakarta. So whenever we can, we just plunge ourselves to the nearest pool. Always lovely to do that.

And now, let’s join me in our weekly link party with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and so many other co-hosts ♥️♥️♥️♥️. Feel free to join us!

"Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday" began 146 weeks ago and this week we are sharing new features that our Co-Hosts have chosen from the previous week's links. I am sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with bloggers from around the world through our party and appreciate your visit today! We are honored to have visitors from the USA, Spain, Australia, Europe, UK and more!!!

With Valentines this week, what are your plans for Valentines, a staycation, a quiet romantic dinner, a date night, spa night, share with us in comments.


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But Now Lets Party!!


  1. Iya ya... skrg udah pertengahan februari --"
    aku seneng kalau setiap bulan ada hari selebrasi nasional atau internasional karena biasanya banyak promo, hehehe

  2. Wah asyik sekali mbak Indah mau jalan2 ke Jerman & Switzerland, have fun yah mbaaak!

    Bandung malah hujan terus nih mbak, boro2 mau berenang hehehe.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Thank you for hosting.

  4. Happy valentine mbaa..
    Aku sama anak2 batal renang hari ini karena badanku rontok ��

  5. Here we are buried under snow *sniffles* Enjoy your warm temps and take an extra dip in the water for me!

  6. Sama mbaaa, maunya nyemplung aja. Anak2ku sampe beli kolam plastik yg 2 meter biar bisa nyebur tiap hari hahahaa

  7. Gak ada perayaan khusus dg Valentin, bahkan di hari ultah. Hujan mulai sering jadi banyakin santai di rumah. Sesekali nyemplung di pantai

  8. Februari ini malah saya dan suami pisah kota, wkwkwk...Tapi sebelumnya udah diajakin dolan dulu sih di Bogor. Jadi ya sisa bulan ini nyantai aja di rumah di SEmarang

  9. Suami aku lahir dibulan feb, tepatnya beberapa hari menjelang val's day.. ngga ada perayaan khusus sih di hari valentine.. tapi ya bulan feb sangat dinanti karena suami aku bertambah usia hehe

  10. The temps have been in the 90s for the past couple of weeks. Great weather for a swim!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Indah!

  11. Udah pertengahan Februari, saya baru sekali staycation. Itu juga karena adik lamaran :D

  12. Saking panasnya ya maunay jadi renang trus. Tapi aku skr lg menghindari renang pagi mbak, maunaa sore menuju magrib :)

  13. Blum jalan n stay nih dibulan February ini keingin bngt kumpul sama keluarga kecil y trus seru2an kyk mba indah

  14. Emang kalo cuaca lagi hot hotnya itu yang paling enak adalah berenang. Happy slalu ya, Mbaak :)

  15. Anak-anakku banget niih.. Pokoknya yang paling bikin mereka hepi itu kalo ketemu kolam renang.

  16. Hujan sedang ramai turun mba Indah, biasanya sama mas suami kalo abis ngerjain tugas kemana gitu suka mampir ditempat wisata yang deket-deket hehehe feb ini padet ga jalan-jalan hiks

  17. Waah ke Jogja main kemana aja nih mba? Pasti seru yaa bisa liburan bareng ama anak2 :D ngga mampir ke Bali juga?

  18. Banyak moment menarik ya di bulan Februari, di antaranya perayaan imlek dan valentine day, walaupun nggak merayakan, semarak aja jadinya dan ikut senang

  19. After lots of holidays in February, I should back to "reality", working some things as well. Lol. ��

    Anyway, my son and I swim every weekend. We love swimming.

  20. I like the picture of ur sons kak, its like the cover of any movie i ever watch. Btw im so curious abt ur grup, all of them are blogger from other country right?

  21. Semoga februari mba Insav menjadi bulan yyanf penuh kebahagiaan ya mba. Aku pengen ketemu mba insav kapan yya kira2

  22. Wah mbk indah udah terbang kemana-mana aja nih di bulan februari. Kan aku jd pengeenn*hahay. Doakan aku bisa pergi ke ln seperti dikau ya mbk.

  23. Uuwwuw~
    Kak Inda have lots of fun on holiday with the children.

    Take care yaa, kaka...

  24. My February is as usual as other month, Mam :)) Masih enggak kemana2, nguplek aja di rumah. Untung masih bisa ngeblog, jadi bisa stay insane :))

  25. Happy valentine's day y mbk,meski udah telat.Hiks.btw inget mbk Indah yg suka serba ungu eh inget sodaraku yg maniak purple juga ketimbang pink.hehe

  26. Aku di rumah saja sakit apalagi sakit yang dulu kambuh lagi mba huhuhu sedih deh


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