My Purple World in 2019

What will happen to My Purple World in 2019?
The new year is fast approaching and soon we will welcome 2019. 

Blogging has been a wonderful journey for me.

It is full of ups and downs, fun time as well as stressful one!
There are times when I feel like quitting and there are moments when I feel like this is my true calling.
Yet, it’s a colorful and enriching indeed.
And I intend to keep it that way!

Then 2019 is coming pretty soon.
Many of us get super excited when it comes to new year, taking it as a turning point to start things out again and close the old chapter.
Works are reviewed, targets are made and resolutions are determined on everything,
Not only life in general but also in blogging.

The last question of #BPN30dayChallenge2018 is about that.
What is or are the target(s) for your blog?

I do need to take some time to answer it and by the time I draft this I'm in Kuala Lumpur.
Do I want it to be fully monetised?
Do I want certain level of DA/PA?
Do I want to be a celebblog and become a full time blogger?
Do I want to learn more SEO?
Do I want to change my template?
Do I have to put more infographic pages?
Do I need to promote my blog more?
Do I have to write more in Bahasa Indonesia?
Do I need to come to more blogger gatherings?
Do I need to join more blogging communities?
Etcetera. .. etcetera..

Well, now that I'm thinking about it, I guess I don't really have much to share on this as I myself still need to learn more from our blogging masters when it comes to blogging.  
I'm also a type of person who is going with the flow. 
Not that I have no goals or target but I learn that going with flow sometimes produce better result than being strict to certain goals and targets!
But one thing for sure, my target for 2019 is to make blogging even more fun!
Making sure that I do have the pleasure of writing and sharing stories that will be useful for others and enjoying the process of it.

Then the one million dollar question is : HOW?
How can we make blogging more fun?

Here are some food for thoughts on how to make blogging more fun.

Write what you love

Blogging is a labour of love. 
Something that you do because you love it.
Well, ideally, everything we do is the labour of love, but of course, life is not always that fair, right.
I always like to start with something I love.
Something that gives me extra energy to work on it, fight for it.
Something that makes me ALIVE.
Since I love traveling so much, I write a lot about it.
And when you love what you do, nothing is hard or burdensome.
Well, not that much :).

Happy blogging!

Go out and meet other bloggers

I love meeting people, mostly friends, colleagues and family.
And blogging does not stop me from craving for meeting new friends!
Many of us just know one another from one's blogs and comments, but believe me, meeting them directly is much, much more fun!

Saya selau mencoba untuk bertemu dengan teman-teman blogging di mana pun berada. It was fun to meet then like that and it make me love blogging.

Be realistic

Sometimes, we are so busy fulfilling the  deadlines and obligation, coming here and there for numerous events, but we forget the raison d'etre from blogging.
Spreading the goodness for others and still having fun with it.

Of course you are welcomed to do everything you like in your own blog but never forget that our readers might have other things in mind. For me, being myself and being happy blogger is the ultimate goal for always.     

Never stop learning

There are sooo many new things that we have to learn in order to ensure our website is interesting, informative and engaging at the same time. 
Learning them from the masters will help opening our horizon and giving us new skills required to stay updated. Discussing problems with friends will give us solutions and other perspectives. And I guess when we are learning together, it will be much more fun and effective. So, whenever you have the opportunity, never stop learning!

Now, how about you?
Do you have any specific targets for your blog in 2019?
Feel free to share it with me yaaa.


  1. The first time come across this blog... Waaa keren pake bahasa inggris... Setuju banget sihhh.. Write what you love... Kalo ga suka ga jadi menyenangkan soalnya.. Dan goal yg muluk2 nanti malah jadi beban

    1. Indeed.. kalau kita suka, segalanya jadi terasa menyenangkan and not burdonesome

  2. When will you be in KL? Wanna meet up? You can contact me via my email - clickr62[at]gmail[dot]com.

    1. My dear.. I was there for 3 days and full of meeting. Next time I will be in KL will contact you before..

  3. Sepakat, terus belajar sepanjang hayat, akrena belajar itu seru dan asyik. Semoga tahun 2019 semuanya menjadi lebih baik ya mba

    1. Aamiiin YRA mba.. hope all is well and even better in 2019!

  4. I do agree
    Like steve jobs said
    Stay foolish stay hungry

    1. Never stop learning and remember that knowledge is powerful

  5. Write what you love, dan branding agar memaksa orang lain membaca apa yang kita sukai tulis, lama2 mereka familier dengan apa yang kita suka tulis :D

    Kalau saya ga muluk2, cukup terus menulis, targetnya lebih dari yang saya capai di 2018 ini, dan bisa monetisasi blog dengan penghasilan yang juga mengikuti usaha saya.

    Eh itu lumayan muluk ya, hahaha

    Keep in spirit :D

    1. That’s a great start mba.. Big dream and you will be surprised to see what yoy can achieved

  6. Yes, setuju Mbak Indah. Menulislah yang disukai itu beda rasanya kalau nulis sesuatu yang asing bagi kita.

    1. Bangeet mba.. akan terasa mana yang dari hati mana ya dari sponsor hehehe

  7. I like your passion mbk... Keep moving forward and never stop to learn :)

  8. So many questions to be answer, ya mbak, hehe...
    Kalo saya tahun-tahun kemarin ya gitu, suka bikin resolusi lah, target lag, apa lah, tapi begitu tahun berganti eh udah lupa semuanya. Malah rasanya apa yang saya dapat lebih dari target atau resolusi yang saya bikin di tahun sebelumnya.

  9. Kalau kata blogger Semarang, ngeblog ben rak ngganjel hehehe... Btw, one of my target in blogging is to write blog in English. Tapi kok bahasa Inggrisnya masih payah, masih butuh banyak belajar apalagi soal grammar #duh.

  10. Benerrr banget semua poinnya Mbak.
    Tulis aja ya apa yg kita inginkan, realistis dan tentunya jangan pernah berhenti untuk belajar. Klo cepat merasa puas biasanya kita jadi sombong ya Mbak, gak mau lihat ke bawah lagi atau gak mau tingkatkan ilmu lagi, hohohoh.

    Moga thn 2019 lebih keren lagi ya Mbak.
    Kapan yaaa bisa meet up dengan Mbak Indah juga ;)

  11. Mbaa, ku tahun 2019 pengen banget tingkatkan pv aku mba. Jadi nggak stagnan aja seperti sekarang. Doakan ya :)

  12. Setuju banget. Aku pun saat ini masih tetap belajar menulis dan tentunya hal-hal yang aku suka maka aku tulis di blog. Semoga tahun 2019 akan tetap semangat menulis.

  13. 2019,semoga kita bisa kopdar ya mbkkk kk... ^^
    2019 masih tetep terus menulis, yang pasti nulis sesuai pengalaman sehari hari. Karena kalau nulis tentang A B C tapi hati di E akan nggak enak dibaca. Terus, sama harus rajin lagi nulisnya hehehe. Ini resolusiku^^

  14. Jangan berhenti belajar begitu juga dengan ngeblog. Kudu update ini itu. Dan aku juga ingin kopdar sama blogger lain dari berbagai kota

  15. Memang kita ga boleh berhenti belajar ya saat ngeblog karena banyak ilmi barunya

  16. Sejujurnya, saya kangen dengan suasana blogging zaman dulu. Bukan berarti saya menganggap DA/PA, GA, monetize, dll itu gak penting. Penting banget malah. Tetapi, dulu banyak blogger yang menulis memang untuk bersenang-senang dari tulisan. Ketemuan pun gak sebatas karena event. Tapi, memang pengen ketemuan aja :)

    1. Beneer banget mba.. aku juga kangen bangeet! Inget jaman dulu sebelum 2014an yaaa kalau ngg salah.

  17. Setuju deh mba, menulis lah karena cinta. Karena kalo semua dilakukan atas dasar cinta, semuanya bakal lancar pasti

  18. target bloggingku sih lebih banyak tulisan organik tentang parenting dan homeschooling juga pembahasan 'Parenteen'

  19. Sampai saat ini saya masih harus banyak banget belajar mengenai blogging kak terutama menaikan PV blog huhu.

  20. I hope someday i can meet you. My blogging target is nothing. Just write and earn some money to pay the hosting and domain. ��

  21. Bismillah semoga terus menulis dengan istiqomah ya kita mba Indah, apalagi ada blogwalking semakin seru dan saling dekat dengan silaturahmi ini

  22. Semoga semua rencana Mba Indah dapat terealisasi dan blognya makin kece di tahun 2019

  23. Hopefully 2019 will be more fun and happy in Blogging ya mba. Sesuaai apa yang mba inginkan. Semangat ya

  24. Yang penting hati selalu senang saat nulis yaa mba.. thx sudah mengingatkan :) Tahun depan Aku pingin naikin PV nih.

  25. Yap, never stop learning! Saya ngeblog ini juga jadi belajar banyaak banget hal2 baru :D

  26. aku rencananya mau mengoptimalkan blog tahun 2019 ini

  27. Wahhh...sama mba Indah. Selain pengin meningkatkan kualitas konten blog, aku juga pengin membuat blog itu lebih fun.

  28. I like this, mba Indah...
    We must look inside what we love and write it.
    Share it.

    Hope can spread yhe happiness too...

  29. Indeed... Mba setuju bnget.. sayapun kadang suka pusing klo mikirin DA/PA maunya nulis feel free aja

  30. Setuju, aku pun kayaknya bakal gitu di tahun 2019. Kepengen banyak kopdar. Ningkatin skill juga. Terutama bikin video. Masih gapteeek :D

  31. Never stop learning, bener banget ini mam. Kita harus terus mengasah kemampuan kita dalam ngeblog dan terus menjaga silaturahmi antar blogger. senang sekali bisa berkenalan denganmu, Mam.

  32. Wah senengnya, semoga target bloggingnya di tahun 2019 tercapai ya mbak. kalau aku jg pengen blogku jd tambah asyik, makin rajin nulis organik hehe

  33. Targetku pingin lebih banyak content organik, hihihi tapi aku mudah tergoda nih. Semangat

  34. I lost sight of where I wanted my blog to go in 2017 and it started to feel more like a job. I took a little breather in 2018, turning down many monetized posts because they aren't where my heart is at. I think I've got a good plan going forward in 2019 to bring joy back to blogging for me, so fingers crossed we both find a good balance!

  35. Blog ini termasuk favoritku, semoga terus produktif ya mbak biar aku punya bahan bacaan. Hehehee


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