Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide

"Bang, can you read what’s written on my t-shirt? Obi asked her big brother.
“My mom is a blogger. Why, dek?” Responded Bo, my son.
“I though mama is a diploma... , aren’t you, Ma? Obi smiled at me as she said that.
“Well, what do you think, kiddos? What do you want me to be?” I teasingly answered their question with question.
“I think you are both.. like working as a diplomat at the office then blogging from home, right, ma?” Bo tactfully answered my question.

Well, this is not the first time my kids ask about my job.
And they got 2 answers
A diplomat and a blogger.
Sounds cool, right?

Now, which one is your real job?
Can I be both? 

I haven't really thought of the answer to that question as my kids haven't bombarded me with that one. 
But what intrigued me is that whether I want to be a full-time blogger or a part-time one.

Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide!

Let's see what I have in mind about that question from #BPN30dayChallenge2018.

When I declared myself as a blogger, back in 2013 (or even before that), I never thought life will be so much different afterwards.
Starting it as my digital digital diary and photo albums, my blog has taken me to places and events I never imagined begore, meeting cool people along the way.
I get to learn so many new things from bloggers from every corner of the globe.
My horizon is widening and my knowledge is far deepening.
In short, blogging is so much fun!

But I love my job as well!
Being a diplomat is also fun!
It's not always a rose-colored glasses experience and frankly speaking, there are tons of tears, sweat, heartburn (literally) and pain along the way.
You might have seen us traveling around to different parts of the world, meeting people of all walks of life and visiting awesome places.
But behind all those wonderful achievement, smiley faces and cool pose, we must go through endless meeting, tough negotiations, sleepless night, early morning phone calls , tremendous pressure and airport trip in the middle of winter, just to name a few.
Nevertheless, seeing our national flag proudly stand along with others and knowing that you have contributed, no matter small, to the betterment of your people and other citizens in this world surely make you feel good.  
That, my friend, is half work and more like dedication, as my hubby put it.
And for that, I have to dedicate my time, my energy, my attention, and my heart of my work. 

So, back to the question again.
Full-time of Part-time Blogger? 

I guess I have to go with the part-time one considering the priorities and time management I have. I have to be realistic as well. As much as I want to be a full-time blogger, I know I still have to wait. It's not fair to sacrifice my hard-earned job as this point. At least not for now. 

But hey .. I have to say that blogging is way beyond a hobby, as I DO dedicate some time and energy to it. And even though I am not a full-time blogger, that doesn't mean I don't blog wholeheartedly. I pour my heart out when I blog. Well, not all the time, but most of the time I take it seriously. Because I love my blog and I want people to love it as well.

So, then perhaps, it's not about the question of being a full-time blogger or a part-time one. More importantly is how serious you are in blogging. How much you love your blog and what you are willing to sacrifice for your blog.

Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide!

How about you?
Which one are you?


  1. I don't know how much I'm willing to sacrifice because it doesn't seem to be moving forward, although I know if I slow down it moves backwards pretty quickly. It's great that you're both.

  2. I'm glad you found a balance that makes you happy. When I started, I wanted to be a full time blogger, but over the years I have steadily shifted to part-time. I always saw this with an end date though, and have lately been thinking of when the right time would be to stop blogging altogether. It won't happen next year, but eventually I want to go back out into the working world (outside of the home) and try something new. We'll see what the future holds, but right now I am content at part-time blogging.

  3. I'm a teacher, a mother, a blogger, a designer, a painter, a cleaner, a baker, a cook and sometimes more.

  4. As a grandma and having a hobby as taking care of my plants at my home sweet home so of course for the time being I have to choose the later not the former. Being a part time blogger make me feel a little bit able to take a deep breath because nobody will push me to finalize job or anything in relevant to blogging. I can refuse accepting content placement, for instance if I am not wanting to do it. No one will give us punishment. I am resposible to myself. So, if somebody ask me do you prefer to be a full time blogger OR a part time blogger my my answer will be positively: being a part time blogger is the best choice for me.


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