WW: Asian Games 2018

Indonesia is the Host of the Asian Games 2018

The whole nation was super excited indeed.

We have Asian Games fever here and there.
We are welcoming the delegates and displaying Asian-Games -related displays.
Like these colourful led display at Ancol, North Jakarta. 

Meet Bhin Bhin, Atung and Kaka

I personally love the mascots, Bhin Bhin, Atung and Kaka
They are cute, as you see here.

We also have Bhin Bhin, Kaka and Atung beautifully displayed in my office.
And we keep posing in front of it :).

As part of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018, our one and only President, H.E. Mr. Joko Widodo or famously known as Jokowi, gave a surprise to all the audience.
Watch the video I attached here from YouTube :)
And google it for the whole Opening Ceremony for top-notch performances which stayed at no. 1 trending topic in Twitter on August 18, 2018.

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  1. Asian Games memang kereeen banget ya! Kita yng di daerah juga semangat liatnya di TV

  2. What lovely photos enjoy the Asian Games and keep posing heheh! :-)

    Have a gamestastic week :-)

  3. Wow, that is pretty cool. Looks like that there is excitement in the air.

  4. Those mascots are very cute, Indah!

  5. Maskotnya lucuk-lucuk, pengen bisa nonton langsung tapi jauuuh

  6. What an excvery colorful and charming.iting time there! The decorsations look

  7. Those illustrations are so cute! I love them.


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