WW: The Halal Guys

Meet one of the best, most famous and yummiest food carts in New York City.
The Halal Guys!

The Halal Guys

I have been enjoying their food since my early days here in the Big Apple back in early 2014.
They don't have many options but what they have is the best!
I am talking about chicken and beef gyro as well as falafel over rice or in sandwiches.
With only USD 8 for chicken and beef gyro as well as falafel over rice, and USD 6 for the same thing in sandwiches, no wonder the Halal Guys has become a hit since I don't know when :).
Besides, you can also enjoy baklava for USD 2 and pita & hummus for USD 3.
So affordable.

Long line indeed

I love the food because it is halal (obviously) and delicious.
I have to say the Halal Guys is one of the pioneers of the American halal food and now they have become an international restaurant chain.
I know that the Halal Guys is already open in Indonesia as well.
For us moslems living in a country like the US, finding halal food is not always that easy.
Sometimes we eat everything but the pork and anything that has pork on it, but the best is to  eat halal food which is prepared in a special way.
Nowadays, we have halal food in many parts of NYC, be it food carts or restaurants.

And as Ramadhan is here, my family and I truly enjoy this delicious and halal plates for our ifthar.  Alhamdulillah.

Here's where you can find the Halal Guys on its original spot.
On the corner of 53rd st and 6th avenue.
Make sure you don't miss it!

Do you like chicken and beef gyro?
Have you tried halal food? 
Do you like it?

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  1. LQQKS appetising can you send me some over please LOL

    Have a delicioustastic week :-)

  2. That's great they have a food stand. Here they only have taco ones that I've seen on a regular occasion. Sometimes pizza ones. I wish they had more variety!

    1. We have so many varieties down here, Alissa. Too many it confused me sometimes haha

  3. Alhamdulillah... Semoga makanan halal semakin mudah di dapat ya. Semoga daerah lain yang minoritas muslim juga semakin dimudahkan. Insyaallah amin...

  4. Kalo udah ada lebel halal gini, makannya jadi nggak khawatir ya Kak.
    Semoga semakin banyak halal guys di daerah yang, dominan bukan muslim.

  5. Loved these. Gyros are our fav..
    Happy WW!

    1. Indeed. We love gyro as well, Ingrain. Super delicious

  6. Kalau begitu nggak susah buat nyari makanan halal ya mbak...

    1. Sekaraaang udah jauh lebih gampang carinya, Cheila. Dulu sempeet susah

  7. Mendadak laper...hehehe
    Bdw, jajan kalau ada label halalnya gt jadi ayem yah, apalagi di negeri orang

    1. hehehehe iyaaa..soalnya liat makanan enaaak ya hehe

  8. Porsinya banyak banget ya mba. ntungnya makin banyak ditemukan makanan halal disana ya mba. Nama tempatnya juga to the point banget :)

  9. Mbak Indah jadi Halal Guys ini sekarang ya resto/ kedai gtu, tapi ya msh ala2 food street ya?
    Senang ya makin mudah menemukan makanan halal di sana. Makanan TimTeng ya kalau liat2 menu2nya :D

  10. I tried it and I love it. The Halal Guys really great indeed

  11. Baklava... aku pengen banget nyobain baklava :D .. btw kayaknya aku pernah lihat sekilah halal guy di bilangan moestopo senayan deh mba. Samakah? Soalnya ada halal halal nya juga dan dijual pakai truk hitam kuning

  12. I haven't heard of them before, but I would love to try them if we are in NYC. The food looks really tasty!

  13. Alhamdulilah, dah dapt tempat rekomendasi makanan halal di New York, emang kapan dakuw kesana? hahahha Rapopo, sing penting ada niat, Semoga semesta mendukung.

    Wah, The halal sudah ada di Indonesia ternyata.


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