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nya sky indahnuria.com
Clear blue sky..

How time flew and we are now entering the 15th days of Ramadhan.
The Holy Month really provides more time for self-contemplation and spreading more kindness and compassion.
We are again blessed to be able to enjoy Ramadhan here in NYC.
Although we really miss the unique ambience of Ramadhan back home in Indonesia, we have interesting days as well here.

disney plush toy
Isn't he cute..

We continue packing, making progress with boxes and big stuff.
It is surprising that my hubby and I fight less this time LOL.
But we all know what to bring and what to toss away, and after moving around the globe 3 times, we kind of get a knack of it.

Feels like going out for vacation again..
I have been doing some last minute shoppings and I have to say, I'm weak when it comes to cute things :).
I keep grabbing all those cute stuff and toss them to my boxes.
You're coming to Indonesia, dear tea towels, pouches and plush toys.

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Last week I traveled to my granddaughter graduation from High School,my first, it was wonderful. She is very ambitious, she has a part time job while going to school and Beauty School. She will graduate in June of 2018.
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  1. It must be difficult moving so far so often but it sounds as if you have it down to a science.

  2. I am sure you are getting excited as the move date approaches. It will be wonderful to go back home, I'm sure. Good luck with your packing!

  3. Really miss you, Mama Bo.
    But if you are in Indonesia, you just will stay at Lampung or Jakarta, right? Wish you can travel to Surabaya soon.

  4. tahun depan ramadhannay ga di sini lagi ya mbak

  5. The sky is a pretty blue! I’d love to go on vacation too.

  6. Packing is exhausting and exciting in the same time.
    Thank you for hosting.

  7. Aku jadi pengsn berliburr jugaaa Mbakkk 😁😁

  8. I guess it would be both sad and exciting to go back home. Good luck with your packing!

    Selamat berpuasa, Indah.

  9. The clear blue sky made me feel like going on vacation, too. I’m not sure which are going to go Indonesia with you but I’m so attracted by such cute things. Happy flight, happy landing!

  10. Beda tapi tetap magis, ya, Ramadan itu.

  11. Kapan bisa Ramadan di tanah air? Kita ngabuburit dan buka puasa bareng hehehe

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Kalau mpo lihat barang barang lucu jadi ingin beli . Tapi bayar pakai dollar, tetap aja mahal untuk kantong Mpo

  14. Ramadan Kareem, Mba Indah. Walaupun ga sama tapi tetep punya kesan tersendiri ya, Mba. :)

  15. Aku juga ga tahan buat gak beli yg cute gitu, tiap liat kosmetik yg cute bawaannya mau beli terus.

  16. Mbak Indah, senang ya bisa packing packing dengan penuh kebahagiaan. Aku jg seneng packing, karena kalau packing mau gak mau harus rapi dulu biar packingnya lancar

  17. Subhanalloh mba bisa merasakan Ramadhan di negeri orang, pasti jdi pengalaman yg tak terlupakan ,semoga lncar perjalanan pulngny y mba

  18. Yang di luar kangen Indonesia, aku yang di Indonesia kangen keluar hahaha. Apalagi lihat foto menarik gini


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