WW: Whimsical Parc Güell, Barcelona

Some lovely mementos from our road trip to Spain, including the amazing city of Barcelona.

And Parc Güell is indeed one of the highlights (of so many incredible landmarks we visited here) of our 3-day trip in Barcelona.

Gaudi, parc Guell
some mosaics at the Greek Theater, Parc Guell, Barcelona
With its whimsical, out-of-this-world design, Antoni Gaudi is indeed genius!
And even when we came down here quite early, the park was already packed by admirers and tourists like us, taking pictures in many corners of this lovely park.

I love this gingerbread house :)

Near the Gecko statue..

some details from the Greek Theater roof

more details from the park
looks like the hunch back of a dragon


Happy Bo at Parc Guell

I have written more stories and details on our half-day visit to Parc Güell, Barcelona on the next post. So don't miss it :).

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Amazing photos as always, Indah.

  2. Jadi pingin makan ginger beard house nya mbak

  3. Itu gingerbread house unik banget, sukaa!
    Eh ini Bo masih kecil ya? Imutnya.

  4. Wahhh... mirip cerita di dongeng hansel n gretel ya si gibgerbread housenya.

  5. beautiful park indeed..I love to see the colorful mosaics and the dragon

  6. I enjoyed your fun photos I love Barcelona haven't been for a while :-)

    Have a catalantastic week :-)

  7. I want buildings like that here. How cool!

  8. Wah, lucu banget itu gingerbread house nya. Pengen gigit ,:D

  9. Seperti berada di negeri dongeng ya, Mbak Indah...

  10. Wow, that is a beautiful place. I love all of the details and bright colors!

  11. ginger house-nya bener2 kayak kue jahe ya mba... hehehe

  12. Itu mozaic nya lucu2 banget bentuknyaaa.. Mana warna warni :) . Sukaaaa ih ngeliatnya. Kayak pengen dipasangin di rumah, supaya cerah mba :)

  13. Everything looks so bright and colorful there! How could you not be happy surrounded by all of that color and beauty?

  14. So colorful and unique! I believe people are flocking here to see this place

  15. Ya ampun mozaicnya niat banget ya. Bagus, warna warni. Menginspirasi perabotan rumah2 jaman dulu juga.


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