Strawberry Field and More Winter Sky from Central Park

Winter loves NYC this time.
Its freezing weather is lingering and white frost are popping up here and there.
And somehow, it doesn't dampen our spirit to stroll around the Central Park, the west side this time, and enjoy the famous Strawberry Field with the one and only Imagine, John Lennon's legendary song, mosaic tiles covered in snow.

central park west

Yoko Ono will narrate the story.

Central park West
Strawberry Fields forever.

And here are more winter sky,- or rather winter scenes, from Central Park, snapped with my phone :).
It was cloudy and cold, yet we enjoyed our brisk walk.

oh yes, it's cold down here :)

the frozen pond

Stay warm to those engulfed in winter right now and have a lovely weekend!

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy those magnificent skies from all over the world.


  1. Fabulous winter photos! Thanks for taking us along on your tour.

  2. Mbak, saya nyari buah strawberry, qiqiqii. Central Park yang biasa Mbak Indah jalan-jalan sama kelaurga, ya, Mbak

  3. Aku suka foto kedua dari bawah, seperti lukisan. Cakeuuuup.

  4. Duuh, jadi pingin megang salju. Hahaha. Ssemoga bisa ngerasain winter.

  5. Great post, I have a new bucket list item to see when I get to New York City.

  6. Itu foto yang ada patung warna gold bagus, ya. Patungnya jadi kontras gitu dengan suasana sekitar

    1. Iya mba..itu General Sherman..dan patungnya asli warna emas :)

  7. Oh, how I missed winter. So much. 😢😢

  8. Aku alergi dingin tapi suka banget dengan winter.

  9. Winter can be very annoying yet beautiful when all is white :)

  10. I hope someday heard Yoko Ono narrate the story at Strawberry Field

  11. brrrr... looks so freezing but all pics are amazing

  12. I love The Beatles. Strawberry Fields Forever! A great song! Last year I listened to Sean Lennon a lot. Mica said, "Mom can you turn down The Beatles? I'm trying to do my math." He sounds like a combo of his Dad and Mom.

  13. Winter is so beautiful, but I would enjoy it more without the cold that comes along with it ;)


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