Cloudy Wintery Day

After series of double digit subzero days, finally NYC gets slightly warmer days.
Well, we call 32 - 40 degree Fahrenheit, or 0 to 4 degree Celsius warm now after being hit by minus 20 C and colder.
It's obviously a new standard for us, Indonesians, who are so accustomed to tropical weather!

Anyway, as the temperature gets warmer, we have cloudy days.
And this Friday, I just went out to the UN Rose Garden before having an early meeting.

The rose garden was obviously missing all those colorful roses already as winter is coming
But the whole UN 'backyard' remains my favorite place.
The sky sure was cloudy but I loved the breeze.
This is something I can enjoy.

the gift from Russian, if I'm not mistaken

typical wintery scene :)

How's the weather in your knack of the wood?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky wherever you are.


  1. Cool shots. I like that green sculpture.

    1. Thank you...the sculpture is great indeed, and the background is perfect!

  2. Freezing ngeliat gambar nya mba, aku ga kuat dingin. Di ruangan ber ac lama lama aja aku bisa masuk angin apalagi ke america ya hahaha norak

  3. How interesting, even without the roses! It's been a hot summer here in New Zealand and I am enjoying the wonderful sunshine! Of course, I will be cold when your summer rolls around!

  4. that Russian monument is so amazing! Their art always has epic life in it!

  5. Woaaah, aku langsung ter-wow banget baca minus 20 derajat. Kek mana itu rasanya ada di suhu minus 20derajat mbaaa, hehe.
    Duh aku ingin banget pan kapan bisa ke NYC. Tapi mau benerin bahasa inggrisnya dulu deh hehehe

  6. even in the snow the backyard looks nice!

  7. I agree with Dezzy. The Russian monument is a real eye catcher!

  8. even in cloudy day it looks nice!

  9. The statue and the background are amazing.


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