Halloween Night 2017


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is way back couple weeks ago but I feel like I have to write it here in My Purple World :). 

This Halloween, NYC was celebrating it in a somber mood.
On the very same day, the city has another terror attack in Lower Manhattan, causing casualities and another wave of anger towards this cowardly act of terror.

But the spirit was soaring high!
#NYCStrong and the annual NYC Halloween Parade continued.
We didn't joined it this year as it was school night and with the kids, I preferred staying near our safe neighborhood.  Besides, it would be our last Halloween here in NYC. Next year we will be back to Indonesia. I know, I know...we don't really celebrate Halloween back home because it is not part of our culture nor religion values, but we just enjoy the moment for fun. Nothing more :).

So there I was, running from the office at 6 PM and went straight home to meet my kids and my cousins who happened to be staying in our house. We all were so excited to see the Halloween and I have seen some houses were going all out for the ghostly decoration, including ours!

the scary doll I bring back home for Halloween :)

I took sometimes to dress my self up and got some make-up done.
I really wanted to do those cute mermaid make-up but I guess I was not that skilfull hahaha.

So I ended up having those teal and purplish eye shadow painted on my face and got the burgundy lipstick, my favorite as  always. Put on my purple wig and purple cape, like the one I have for the New York Comic Con and voile, I'm all set.

Obi just wanted to be the cat, just like last year, although I have got her a popcorn dress and a unicorn! While Bo was pretty much too 'cool' to dress up (Mom, I'm in IS already!)  and he just put that giant blue squid hat on his head and bundled up with his matching fleece jacket. Well, that would do :).

We got ourselves ready, walking around the neighborhood   

Some of the decorations were indeed super serious!

I bet they have spent so much money on those giant jack-o-lantern,  flying dragons, skeleton bands, laughing witches, cemetery setup, the smoke and lighting, and more.
See some of the snaps I took during that night!
Creepily cool. 
The kids love them for sure.

We ended up feeling hungry after walking around 10 blocks (so ambitious) and get ur pumpkin buckets filled. So we had our Halloween dinner at our favorite Greek Taverna. Perfect Halloween night indeed.

How was your Halloween?
What's your costumes?
Do you like spending money for the decorations and costumes as well?


  1. kenapa ya ada halloween? kalo ada org yg penakut kayak saya, gimana ya? hehe.. betewe mba indah cantik :)

    1. tapi Haloween di sini banyak lucunya juga kok mbaaa...ngga selalu sereeem hehehe

  2. Look who's enjoying this scary night! You :)

  3. You guys look great in your costumes! I think it's lovely you all did one last Halloween hurrah before heading back to Indonesia.

    1. Indeed Theresa... we were enjoying our last Halloween in NYC

  4. Bonekanya itu serem bangettt...aduh..aku gak berani deh beli boneka kek gitu

  5. What a fun Halloween. Do they celebrate in Indonesia?

    My work gets crazy into it.

  6. Kalau liat kostum hallowen mbak indah mah gak takut, kalau yang lainnya kok serem ya yang boneka itu hehe


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