WW: New York Comic Con 2017 - Pink (and purple) Heroes

Super excited to come to New York Comic Con 2017!

And we have the pink heroes, who will be joining Making Strides against breast cancer.
I stopped by at Chevrolet booth, one of the proud sponsors of Making Strides against Breast Cancer in Central Park, next week.

 We took picture as well for sure!

Together with Bo et Obi, we had a blast wearing our favorite hero costumes.

Obi and I decided to be Raven from Teen Titans and guess what..it's all purple (surprise, surprise :)). Bo was a bit reluctant so he was wearing his Captain America t-shirt only.


Will be back with more stories on #NYCC2017 for sure!

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  1. You're a cool mom. I've never been to a comic con. We have one here.

    1. You are as well, dear... Comic Con is soo much fun, Alissa..and they have the artists' corner for sure!

  2. Fabulous idea for a family trip - I know he must have enjoyed himself when he saw everyone else in costume.

  3. Haha! brilliant and looked so much fun love the costumes :-)

    Have a comiccontastic week :-)

  4. Love these fun shots. Great frames for sweet memories.
    Happy WW!

  5. Now that looks like a whole lotta fun!!! Great costumes for sure!! Thanks for sharing your fun photos!

  6. lovely, can't wait for Mipcom next week here in Europe too! Lots of new TV programmes will be presented there

  7. How fun that you got to go. My 2nd oldest wants to go there!

  8. Alamaaak .. cucok meong yaaaa mbak Indah itu mobil pink and purple costum .. Ckckckck

  9. Fun! I love dressing up for things. The costumes in your post are awesome!

  10. Very cool. Love it. I went to the SF Comic Con a month ago and loved it. I bet the one in NYC is even bigger.

  11. Love it so much! purple hair suit you fine!

  12. Lovee it so much especially your purple long hairr Mbakk.
    The Pink car is fabulous.. I want a car like thatt...

    Hope someday Indonesia will have Comic con like that..

  13. Super fun! I wish we had a Comicon closer to us, but I do love it when bloggers share their photos of the event!

  14. Suka deh lihat foto Obi yang pakai kostum ungu. Ekspresinya cool :)

  15. Its on this weekend here in Hyderabad..I am all excited to attend it yet again this yr!


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