WW: Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day

To all those great fathers out there!

And especially for my hubby and  my late Papah,  the most wonderful fathers 
we can ever hope for. 

Their senses of humor, warm hugs, unconditional love and continued strength 
have supported our family...always. 
And here's what my kids prepared for their beloved daddy, Bapak Rudi :)

Tons of love!

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  1. What a lovely post :-)

    Have a fathersdaytastic week ;-)

  2. To all awesome dads, happy fathers day.

    What a sweet daughter, Obi. :*

  3. There is nothing better than a homemade card from a child!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Indeed, Karren...always love what my kids prepare for all those special days..

  4. Your kids made a great gift for dad. They are quite cute.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Alissa...my kids love writing and drawing their own stories now..Love them..

  6. That should find its way into the treasured family mementos!
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/06/tidying-up-nest.html

  7. Dad is a daughter first love :)
    Love the book

  8. great job, kiddos..


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