5 Beautiful Spots at Luzern, Switzerland

Welcome to Luzern

"Bonjour...are we heading to Saillon or Luzern today?"

My phone buzzed with series of messages through Whatsapp group that morning.
After 5 long days filled with intensive, back-to-back meetings and negotiations, I guess I was ready to enjoy the endless beauty of Switzerland, one of my favorite countries in the world.

And frankly, I do have so many choices!
So many beautiful places to visit and revisit.
Originally, my dearest friends and I planned to go to Saillon for some deep-in-water relaxing time.
Then as not every one was fancy soaking in the warm water, we were thinking about heading to Sion (famous for its chateau) or Gstaad.
But at the end of the day, we chose to enjoy our beautiful Saturday at Lucerne.
And indeed we made a great choice!

Lucerne, or Luzern in German and Lozärn in Swiss-German, in simply beautiful.
There are many ways to reach this beautiful city, notably by taking the Swiss Train (which is very comfy!), by bus or by driving. As we were heading there together with my friends and family in Switzerland, we took the car.

After approximately 3 hours driving the world-famous scenic roads of Switzerland, we arrived at Luzern at almost lunch time. 

We parked the car at the Zentralbahn or the Central Station, the hub of the Swiss Federal Railways as well as buses. Packing up our food, drinks, camera and stuff, we were so ready to explore.

Luzern, as I read in the wikipedia, is in fact the first city to join Swiss Confederation. 
No wonder it is so rich in history! 
Luzern has also been well known as well as the gateway to Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus, the famous mountains in the Swiss Alps. For sure, this town is getting more famous as Mark Twain mentioned it in one of his writings.

So, are you ready to see Luzern closer?

Now let's see these 5 Beautiful Spots at Luzern, Switzerland, that I highly recommend to those visiting this beautiful city. Again, there are of course so many interesting spots that you can visit here, but you only have, let say, a half day in Luzern, these 5 spots will be manageable. And believe, those 4 spots are so Instagramable!

1. Welcome Gate or Wilkommen in Luzern Gate at Bahnhof Luzern

As we arrived in Luzern, we were heading out to city through  Bahnhof Luzern or the main station. It's right in the middle of the city and only 5 minutes walk to the famous Lake Lucerne. As you stepped out of the main entrance of the station, you won't miss the welcome gate. It's a classic tower gate adorned with sculptures, big clock and columns. Too bad I didn't have the complete story of this frontage. 
Stopping here for a while and take pictures? Why not!

2. Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstätter See in German

I can say that those enjoying the city of Lucerne with spend some times at the bank of Lake Lucerne. It's just too beautiful to miss!

Lake Lucerne Vierwaldstätter see

Lake Lucerne is the fourth biggest lake in Switzerland, covering the area of approximately 114 km square and bordering 4 canton, or state/province in Switzerland, namely Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, and Nidwalden.

A far you can see Mount Rigi and Bürkenstock as well as the charming city of Vitznau.

We were having our lunch by the lake.
Having specially prepared rice bento packed with delicious Indonesian food (Merci, tante Nur! Love your food sooooo much :!), I daresay I had one of the most delicious lunches surrounded by the beauty of nature!

lunch by the lake? Super yuuuum!

If you have enough time, go stroll around the Lake as it's beautifully doted with sculptures and rustic benches where you can peacefully contemplate.

3. Kapellbrücke or the Chapel Bridge

After finishing lunch, we went to one of the famous landmarks in this town, Kapellbrücke.

Chapel Bridge is a long wooden bridge elaborated by paintings on the ceilings, depicting some scenes and drawings about the story of the City in the 12th century, some from the Bible I guess and about the history of Switzerland as well. 

one of the paintings in Chapel Bridge

It was built in the 14th century and believed to be one of the oldest wood bridge in Europe.
How cool is that!

Although it's quite old, this bridge remains strong and has always been packed with people visiting the city and wanted to see the various drawings on it.
The tower you see in this picture is still in its original condition as it was built centuries ago.

4. The Dying Lion Monument

On the other side of the city (not too far though), you can enjoy another famous landmark of the city, the Dying Lion Monument or Lowendenkmal.

Designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen, this mournful monument was made as the remembrance of the fallen Swiss Guards, massacred during the French Revolution in Paris, France in 1792.

After walking around for a while, we stopped at one of the cafes near the Dying Lion monument to rest for a while and enjoy Fritz Cola :).

5. Old Town Luzern

If you fancy exploring the petit boutiques, shops, restaurants and galleries, the Old Town of Lucerne will be the best part. 

I love to see the display and the windows of those shops.
When we were there, most of them were featuring various dolls and masks of wizards and witches. I guess it's because they just celebrated  Fasnacht, the carnival just before Lent. 


The further you walk into the Old Town, the more antique murals, fountains and statues you will find. 
Truly a feast for my eyes..and my camera as well.

We finally called it a day after the sun set in the horizon.
It has been a wonderful day indeed.
And for sure, I had truly enjoyable time strolling around and enjoying these 5 beautiful spots at Luzern, Switzerland.

So, what do you think about Luzern/Lucerne?
Do you like old, classic and well-preserved town like Luzern/Lucerne?
What is your favorite part?

Stick around for more stories from my itchy feet here in My Purple World!


  1. Luzern, Switzerland seems like it has a lot to offer for tourists. I'd love to go for a stroll around the lake.

    1. It is one of tourists' favorite, Theresa...not too big yet beautiful..

  2. Mbak, kenapa sih lihat foto2 dari luar selalu tempatnya, pantai, laut, kolam bahkan tempat2 apapun itu selalu bersih? bagusss banget. andai di sini kayak gitu, pasti nggak kalah oke ya Mbak :) Hehehe, semoga ke depan negeri tercinta ini makin bersih ya

    1. aamiiin mba...betul! Indonesia itu cantik bangeeet lho...hanya perlu kita pelihara kebersihan dan kerapihannya

  3. makan sambel sama timun di pinggir danau, atuhlah enaak banget ituuuh

    1. hahahaha...bangeeet mba! Serasa piknik ada deeeh kita nih

  4. this is a fairy tale...wooooow

  5. city by the lake and rich in history... nice!

  6. Selalu aja suka sama foto-foto nya mama Bo, mudah-mudahan suatu saat bisa berkesempatan kesana aamiin. Asli mupeng banget :)

    1. Aamiiiiin YRA mak Iruuuul..insya Allah kesampaian ya! Aku pun alhamdulillah banget diberi kesempatan sama Allah SWT untuk balik lagi ke sini :)

  7. hufft, cakep bangetttt... :D suamiku yg udh pernah kesana.. dia mah eropa udah puas kliling bareng ortunya dulu sekaligus penempatan tugas... akunya yg makin kepengin harus bisa kesana nanti :D..

    1. semoga bisa bareng dengan suami dan keluarga ke sini ;). Waktu kita tugas di Jenewa memang enak banget keliling Eropa, terutama Eropa Barat. Soalnya deket dan relatif murah untuk traveling around..

  8. kenapa aku jadi inget film narnia ya liat dying lion gitu..

  9. Switzerland is always that beautiful..

  10. Aaw...old townnya bikin pingin mabur ke situ. Hihihi

  11. Aku jugq suka kota tua, seperti mengintip kemegahan peradaban masa lalu yaa. Btw, smoga aku bisa ke Luzerne jugaa

  12. woww... itu foto yg paling atas mba, sooo.... beautiful :D

  13. Aw! So pretty! Wish someday I could be there... By the way, piknik di bawah birunya langit dari pinggir sungai kayaknya seru ya mbak :D

  14. as always mbak, awesome views ... Yg plg menarik buat saya the Dying Lion...

    1. aku juga suka...dan dibangun untuk mengenang mereka yang gugur berjuang ya mba

  15. I really love the tower! What a great trip!

  16. It's really beautiful place. I wanna go there, oh god call me in order that can go there. Please visit my blog sis www.yellsaints.com

  17. Keren ya mba, aku pernah lihat di foto-foto temenku, jadi kepengen deh.

  18. Eksotik klasik so beautiful. Kayak arsitektur jaman2 renaisance gitu ya?

  19. woow ckup menarik untuk dikunjungi

  20. very interesting when I see it. so wanted to get there, and taking pictures is excellent and unique.

  21. Their buildings are so pretty. I bet it's better to live there than here.


  22. beautiful country. when i can go there???

  23. Keren-keren banget tempatnya. Saya suka dengan danau Lake Lucerne, indah sekali.

  24. Geneva is viewed as the global city and amid the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union had numerous summits there.

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