WW: Annecy, France, revisited

Happy to be back here!
As a big fan of pristine nature and blue sky, Annecy is indeed one of my favorite cities to visit around Geneve, Switzerland. It took around 1 hour to go to this beautiful city by the lake.

Lac d'Annecy

Coming back to the city of Lac Leman for the UN Human Rights Council meeting, I spent my Sunday strolling around Annecy and its famous lake.

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  1. I love the boat in the photo. I hope you had fun! It looks like a wonderful spot to stay.


  2. It's soooo peaceful down here, Alissa..

  3. Woww... that mountain and boat under the blue sky are so fascinating! I can imagine my self sitting by the lake and enjoy my lunch while staring at that beautiful view. :D

  4. Love banget mbaaa....
    Kayak di negeri dongeng mbaaa, pengin ikuuf

  5. What a beautiful place that last photo is my fave :-)

    Have a waterytastic week :-)

  6. mbak , kasih bocoran dong fotonya pake aplikasi apa siiih? cakep2 melulu foto2nyaaaa...

  7. beautiful pictures, kak Indah
    love it!

  8. Beautifull Pict :) keren kak heheh :D bisa ya dapat jepretan keren gitu @.@ pengen dong diajarin

  9. Selalu suka sama tulisan mba Indah, dan foto-fotonya keren banget

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  11. Lucky you! It must be peaceful to be down there..

  12. It does look like a gorgeous city! I love the mountains and water!


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