WW: Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Happy 71st Anniversary of Independence to my beloved country, Indonesia.

17 Agustus 2016

Back home in Indonesia, we have so many events and activities during the celebration of the Indonesian Independence Day
How I miss those sports and traditional tournaments, flag-raising ceremonies, performances and so many more.
Here, we have the commemoration for the 71st Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence at the Indonesian Consulate General here in NYC.

One thing for sure, wherever we are, even far away from home, the love for our country will remain strong and resolute.

Happy Independence Day!

with my Ambassador and colleagues from the office :)

And we also have a special golden gift, as Indonesian badminton athletes won gold medal at the Olympics on the same day! Yaaaay..

Photo is taken from twitter.com

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku
Maju terus dalam karya nyata.
Happy Independence Day Indonesia
#RI71 #KerjaNyata


  1. Dirgayahu Republik Indonesia ke 71 dan selamat untuk tim bulutangkis ganda campuran Indonesia yang berhasil meraih emas Olympiade Rio Brazil 2016. Alhamdulillah :)

  2. Happy Independence Day and congratulations to your athletes at the Olympics. I came over from WW.

  3. A happy independence day to you!

  4. Nice post and photos

    Happy Independence day to you :-)

  5. Bahagia bgt ya mama boo.di moment kemerdekaan, indonesia dpt hadiah medali emas ^_^

  6. Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your celebration.

  7. wow.. proud to be Indonesia ya mama booo <3

  8. Dirgahayu RI yang ke-71 th! Salam merdeka :)

  9. Dirgahayu RI Ke 71, merinding ihhh pas banget dapet emas di olimpiade Rio :')


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