Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another beautiful week for all of us here in NYC.
The weather is getting friendlier now and we pretty much enjoy it.
As we are not making any summer trip this time, we manage to stroll around the city and the neighboring city in the quest of beautiful beaches and parks.
Last Saturday, we had so much fun at Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY.

The weather was just perfect as it was not too hot nor cold. Bo et Obi had a blast down there :).

Then on Sunday, we explored Socrates Park in Long Island City.

Quite a unique park with interesting exhibitions this year.

And now, let me invite y'all to our merry, weekly linky party!

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Chicken Potato Chowder- Honey and Birch 

Feature Was Chosen by Ashleigh // Wright Simply Blog Chicken Potato Chowder // Honey and Birch "This chicken potato chowder is great for using up leftover grilled chicken breasts. It is easy to make and super tasty thanks to added bacon." (Re-Pin It )
  Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts //Inspirations For Moms 

Feature Pick Was Chosen by Donna // Two Chicks and a Mom Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts // Inspirations For Moms "Baked version tastes like a moist, apple cake. The glaze on top is a treat as well with its tender kiss of apple cider. Trust me, it’s a challenge to stop at just one!" (Re-Pin It)
The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set! // Grandmothers House DIY 

Feature Pick Was Chosen by Maxine // Niagara Furniture Painting The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set! // Grandmothers House DIY Furniture from Tarah's grandmother stored in a garage, she started finishing all of it, one piece at a time. (Re-Pin It )
Guesthouse Lost River- A Mountain Getaway // The Frugal Foodie Mama 

Feature Pick was Chosen by Joanne // Our Unschooling Journey Through Life Guesthouse Lost River- A Mountain Getaway // The Frugal Foodie Mama Carrie and her husband took a nice vacation that was hosted by Lost River Mountain Getaway (Re-Pin It
DIY Desk Organizer and Homework station // Anika's DIY Life 

Feature Pick Chosen by Indah // My Purple World DIY Desk Organizer and Homework station // Anika's DIY Life Realizing they needed a place to store homework Ankia created a cute storage with supplies. (Re-Pint It )

DIY Coastal Candle Holder Centerpiece // Anikas DIY Life 

Feature Pick Chosen by Evija // Evija With Love DIY Coastal Candle Holder Centerpiece // Anikas DIY Life Created with blocks of wood, this project turned out wonderful with a coastal feel. (Re-Pin It)

Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover Reveal – Before And After // Worthington Court 

Feature Pick by Christine // Must Love Home Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover Reveal – Before And After // Worthington Court A major makeover in the home of Suzy of Worthington Court, It is bright and beautiful! (Re-Pin It)

DIY Patriotic Door Sign //The Johnson Plus A Dog 

Feature Pick by Karren // Oh My Heartsie Girl DIY Patriotic Door Sign // The Johnson Plus A Dog This is a wonderful sign Chelsea has created a great American Flag with wood and paint. You need to see how she works-with her baby
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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday
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  1. It's nice to hang around the city to do things. You have a beach nearby...I don't have that. Has school started yet?

  2. all the links look interesting, especially the food :)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Homework station and candle holder! All the features are amazing too!

  4. amazing ama gambar boat dan foto ombaknya yang bergulung *gimana cara memfotonya tuh mbak? hehehe

    1. Iyaa mba.. Yang bagus tempatnyaaa hehehe.. Tinggal cekrek ajaaa

  5. Lovely picture, I love the angle of the boat :)

  6. I am glad the weather is starting to feel nice. It really did look like a nice beach day!

  7. foto-fotomu selalu keren sekal pengambilan gambarnya... nggak ngasal.. nyeni dan indah

  8. walking around the park is always nice..


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